Defense, we hardly knew ya. If their is a game left this year to rival the Alamo Bowl this should be the one. Both teams have multiple players projected to go in the early round of the draft, all on offense. Everyone knows about Andrew Luck by now, but few people know the names of the two excellent offensive linemen blocking for him. Guard David DeCastro and Tackle Jonathan Martin are both expected to follow Luck in the drafts first round. Neither will go before Justin Blackmon, who should be a top 5 selection. Brandon Weeden has an outside shot at being a first round selection, although his advanced age will likely preclude that. The best one on one match up will be between Stanford tight end Coby Fleener and OSU safety Markell Martin, both mid round prospects.


Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
1stAndrew LuckQB124JrTerrific signal caller that can be a difference maker at the next level. Big, durable and has the ability to withstand the rush or get outside the pocket and throw on the move. Accurate and precisely places throws were only his receiver can make the reception. Tremendous leader on the field always in control of the situation. Lacks a howitzer arm but offers incredible intangibles.
1stJonathan MartinT554JrHighly thought of offensive tackle we feel is slightly overrated. Possesses good physical skills; strong, moves well on his feet and slides out in pass protection. Does not make good use of body positioning and seemingly does not understand blocking angles. Has a lot of upside yet needs a lot of work on his game.
1stDavid DeCastroG524JrTough, strong run blocking guard that dominates the opposition. Gets movement run blocking, easily turns defenders off the ball and opens up the running lanes. Marginally effective in space or in motion.
3rdCoby FleenerTE825SrSolid pass catching tight end that struggles as a blocker. Not a true downfield threat. Loved in the scouting community but we think he’s overrated.
3rdChase ThomasOLB444Jr
6thMatthew MasifiloDE985SrTough, underrated lineman that can be used in a variety of spots upfront. Plays with good pad level, strong at the point and fights hard until the whistle blows. Lacks the great upside yet could be a solid rotational player.
6thDelano HowellS264SrSmart, tough defensive back that’s lined up at safety and cornerback. Very effective facing the action and would be an asset in zone coverage.
6-7Chris OwusuWR814SrTerrific possession receiver that runs solid routes, shows reliable hands and is dependable. Not a downfield threat. Multiple concussions will send up red-flags.
FAMichael ThomasS34SrUnderrated safety that’s not getting the attention he’s due. Smart, quickly locates the ball and constantly around the action. Lacks measureables which will push him down draft boards yet a prospect that should be considered as a dime back/special teams player.
FAJohnson BademosiS274SrHard-working college cornerback that projects to safety at the next level. Relatively effective facing the action but stiff and does not possess a large upside.

Oklahoma State

Rnd Name Pos #YrComments
1stJustin BlackmonWR814JrBig, strong physical pass catcher with the skills to be a number one receiver in the NFL. Displays good focus, concentration and uses his size as an advantage. Reliable hands.
2-3Brandon WeedenQB35SrSmart, controlled passer that played in a pass friendly system. Offers skills yet over-aged.
4-5Levy AdcockT735Sr
4-5Markelle MartinS104SrExplosive safety that flashes skill.
5-6Jonathan RushG705SrPowerful and fundamentally sound small area blocker that easily controls defenders at the point of attack. Ineffective in motion but has the skills to play at the next level.
FAJohnny ThomasS124SrTough and smart defensive back with limited physical skills.
FAJosh CooperWR255SrTough, relatively reliable possession receiver.
FAHubert AnyiamWR845SrSolid receiver we rated highly after his sophomore campaign yet struggled last year with injury. Offers a good amount of skill.