The biggest knock on Oregon during the most successful period of their programs history has been the inability to defeat physical teams from the east. LSU, Auburn, and Ohio State have beaten them in recent years by over powering them on the line of scrimmage. Enter Wisconsin. The Badgers are the definition of a smash mouth team that likes to run  between the tackles behind running back Montee Ball and throw play action to talented receivers like Nick Toon. And when the play breaks down Russell Wilson is capable of salvaging something more times than not. Oregon will need a big game out of running back LaMichael James offensively and will need its talented and deep front seven to hold up to the power game of Wisconsin. There could be as many as 7 players taken in the first 3 rounds from these two teams.


Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rd Carson York G 77 4Jr Terrific guard prospect that stands out in pass protection playing with good fundamentals. Also shows skill as a zone blocker.
3rd LaMichael James RB 21 4Jr Quick, elusive ball carrier that creates yardage and makes defenders miss all over the field. Shows the ability to be an effective receiver out of the backfield and down the field. Not an every down back and must improve his ball security.
3rd Josh Kaddu OLB 56 4Sr Hard-working yet undersized linebacker that lacks true pursuit skills.
5th Dion Jordan DE 96 4Jr
5th John Boyett S 20 4Jr
6th Cliff Harris CB 13 3Jr Opportunistic cornerback that consistently makes plays on the ball. Quickly locates the pass in the air and has a nice move to the throw. Lacks underlying fundamentals and speed may be a question.
6-7 Eddie Pleasant S 11 5Sr Solid zone safety that does an adequate job stopping the run or covering the pass.
FA Terrell Turner DE 45 5Sr Fluid college defensive end with good movement skills. Will get consideration at outside linebacker in a 34 alignment.
FA Mark Asper T 79 4Sr Large, right tackle prospect that lacks agility and is only effective in a very small area.
FA John Boyett S 21 4Jr Aggressive safety that sells out to make plays. Fast up the field and attacks ball handlers. Marginal cover skills.
FA Lavasier Tuinei WR 80 4Sr King sized target that goes over the middle of the field for the tough reception. Overall game lacks quickness and he does not possess naturally soft hands.
FA David Paulson TE 42 5Sr Tough tight end that gives a lot of effort yet possesses marginal athleticism and upside.


Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
1-2 Peter Konz C 66 4Jr Developing center with a nice upside. Possesses good size, effective in motion and strong at the point of attack.
2nd Montee Ball RB 28 3Jr
2-3 Nick Toon WR 1 5Sr Like his former All-Pro dad, a reliable pass catcher that runs good routes, consistently gets separation and makes the catch with his hands. Always comes away with the difficult grab. One speed receiver and lacks a second gear.
3-4 Antonio Fenelus CB 26 4Sr
4-5 Russell Wilson QB 16 5Sr Athletic passer that also has a future in professional baseball. Athletic, easily gets outside the pocket or picks up yardage with his legs. Effortlessly gets the ball downfield. Makes good choices under the rush but must improve his overall game. Transferred from North Carolina State and will play at Wisconsin this season.
4-5 Louis Nzegwu DE 93 5Sr Undersized get active college defensive end that is occasionally stood up over tackle. Plays with good mechanics and works hard.
5th Kevin Zeitler G 70 4Sr Strong, powerful small area blocker that does a terrific job controlling opponents and opening up the running lanes. Ineffective in motion.
FA Mike Taylor OLB 53 4Jr Active linebacker that goes hard sideline to sideline but is limited by lack of size.
FA Jake Byrne TE 82 4Sr One dimensional blocking tight end that stands out in that dimension. Bends his knees, strong at the point and easily controls defenders once engaged in a block.
FA Brady Ewing FB 34 4Sr
FA David Gilbert DE 11 3Jr Athletic lineman that flashes skill yet must put together a complete game.
FA David Oglsby T 67 5Sr Big, wide bodied blocker that has shown skill in the past. Struggled with injury as a junior and really does not show a killer mentality on the field.
FA Aaron Henry S 7 5Sr Tough, run defending safety best playing downhill.
FA Patrick Butrym DT 95 5Sr
FA Devin Smith CB 10 4Sr Solid college corner that shows skill in both man and zone coverage.