Steve Spurrier has a chance to lead South Carolina to its first ever 11 win season only a year after recording its first ever 10 win season. Unlike Spurrier teams of the past this one is led primarily by defense. Ends Melvin Ingram and Devin Taylor and cornerback Stephon Gilmore could all be selected in the drafts first two rounds. The best one on one match up will be the battle between Gamecock receiver Alshon Jeffrey and Husker cornerback Alphonso Dennard. Both are projected to be first round selections and should battle each other all day.

South Carolina

Rnd Name Pos #Yr Comments
1stAlshon JefferyWR13JrKing sized, game controlling receiver that uses his frame and strength to beat down opponents. Possesses limited quickness and speed yet has the skills to be a number one receiver at the next level.
1stDevin TaylorDE984JrPotentially dominant defensive lineman that can be used in a variety of ways. Effective out of a three-point stance, shows the athleticism necessary to be used in space and has the body type to grow into a two gap end. Coming off a terribly disappointing junior campaign.
2ndMelvin IngramDE65SrRotational defensive end that displays a large degree of athleticism.
2ndStephon GilmoreCB53JrFeisty defensive back with an upside and a prospect that must improve his fundamentals.
4thKevious WatkinsG735SrTough, slug-it-out lineman effective in all facets of the game.
5thDeVonte HollomanS213JrWell sized safety that intimidates opponents over the middle the field. Effective against the run and shows skill in coverage yet must completes his game.
6thAntonio AllenS264SrHard-working defender used at linebacker and the spur position in South Carolina’s defense. Physical yet lacks the next level speed.
7thJason BarnesWR45SrWell sized receiver with reliable hands who was unable to take his game to the next level as a junior. Offers upside.
7thTravian RobertsonDE425SrNifty defensive lineman that plays with good fundamentals yet does not make many plays on the football.
FAAkeem AugusteCB34SrSpeedy defensive back that could be used in dime packages at the next level.
FAKyle NunnT685SrVersatile tackle that’s been used on the left and right side. Fundamentally sound yet stiff and best in a small area.


Rnd Name Pos # YrComments
1stAlfonzo DennardCB154SrStrong, feisty bump and run cover corner with a developing game. Only occasionally challenged by opponents and usually up to the task. Needs to polish his game yet has starting ability at the next level.
2ndJared CrickDE945SrExplosive, competitive defensive tackle that plays with good mechanics, quickness and intensity. Not overpowering and does not make enough plays on the ball. Potential three technique lineman.
2-3Lavonte DavidILB944SrJunior college transfer that came made a major impact on the Nebraska defense upon arrival. Tough, hard-working and instinctive. Lacks great measurables and even a bit small yet a very good football player.
3rdAndrew GreenCB114Jr
4thDaimion StaffordS33Jr
5thMarcel JonesG785SrA lineman we were high on off the 2009 film, Jones struggled with injury last season yet at the top of his game is a big, athletic and dominant lineman with NFL potential.
5thCameron MeredithDE344JrSemi-athletic defensive end that breaks down well, plays with good pad level and works hard to get to the action. Lacks classic size and does not show a great closing burst to the ball. Possesses good size as well as growth potential and someone to keep an eye on.
6thP.J. SmithS133JrNice sized safety that’s tough against the run and displays the ability to cover the pass. Has an upside.
7thJeremiah SirlesT713SoYoung developing lineman with a lot of upside. Used on the left side and has a skill, size and body type better suited to be a strong side tackle.
FABrandon KinnieWR844SrBig receiver that uses his size as an advantage. Not a natural pass catcher yet offers the quarterback and imposing target.
FAJermarcus HardrickT504SrLarge, dominant offensive lineman that was rotated in the lineup last year. Moves well for a big blocker and has a lot of upside yet needs to polish his game.
FAMike CaputoC585SrQuick, explosive center with good footwork and ability in space. Also effective blocking in motion. Possesses limited size and growth potential which will limit him but a solid zone blocking prospect.
FAAustin CassidyS84SrTough hard-working safety with limited speed, athleticism and upside potential.