Mohammad Sanu, the record settnig receiver, will be taking the field for possibly the last time for Rutgers as he leads his Scarlet Knights against Iowa State. Sanu is expected to enter the draft and has a chance to sneak into the first round. Iowa State has several impressive victories this season, including Oklahoma States only defeat. The Cyclones are back in a bowl game for the second time under coach Paul Rhodes.


Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
2nd Mohamed Sanu WR 6 3Jr Strong, sure handed possession receiver that does the little things well and consistently comes away with positive plays. Lacks the deep speed yet comes away with the ball in battles. Sources have told us Sanu will enter the draft at the end of the season.
3-4 Steve Beauharnais ILB 42 3Jr Terrific linebacker prospect that can be used in the middle or on the outside. Quick, fast and strong. Needs to improve his play in coverage yet offers a good amount of upside and can play in a variety of systems.
4-5 Justin` Francis DE 91 5Sr Hard working defensive end that does the little things well.
4-5 Mark Harrison WR 81 3Jr Big, possession receiver that easily wins out in battles. Has a developing game and the ability to turn into a solid third or possibly second receiver at the next level.
5th Khaseem Greene S 20 4Jr Hard hitting prospect that moved to linebacker after playing safety his first two years in college. Really best between the numbers are up the field.
5-6 Desmond Wynn G 70 5Sr Athletic offensive line prospect highly thought of in scouting circles. Has a large upside And really improved his game last year.
6th Scott Vallone DT 94 4Jr Hard-working, interior lineman that plays hard until whistle blows. Offers size and adequate strength. Not a premier athlete yet gets the most from his abilities and does an outstanding job.
7th D.C. Jefferson TE 10 4Jr Athletic tight and prospect with a good amount of upside. Catches the ball well and blocks with solid fundamentals but must improve his playing strength.
7-FA Manny Abreu OLB 51 5Sr Defensive prospect we thought highly of in 2009 but a player coming off a very disappointing junior campaign. Has an upside but must get his game back on track.
FA Joe Martinek FB 38 5Sr Smallish yet athletic fullback effective carrying the ball and catching it out of the backfield.
FA Art Forst G 77 4Sr Versatile lineman that can play tackle or guard. Fundamentally sound, strong and a solid run blocker best in confined quarters.
FA David Rowe S 4 4Sr Athletic defensive back that’s lined up at cornerback and safety. Flashes skill. Really best facing the action in a zone system.
FA Desmond Stapleton T 73 5Sr

Iowa State

Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rd Kelechi Osemele G 72 5Sr College tackle we project to guard. Large, strong and easily controls defenders at the point. Moves well for a big man yet may be too large and never improved off the ’09, when he blew us away.
4-5 Leonard Johnson CB 23 4Sr Feisty, hard working cornerback with solid instincts. Lacks the great physical skills yet a good football player.
FA Hayworth Hicks G 75 5Sr Strong, nasty run blocker best in a small area. Worth watching moving forward.
FA Ter’ran Benton S 22 5Sr Versatile defensive back with no outstanding feature to his game.
FA Kurt Hammerschmidt TE 86 4Jr
FA Darius Darks WR 6 5Sr