Notre Dame versus FSU is a rare match up of two national powerhouses usually reserved for BCS Bowl games. Florida State in year 2 of the Jimbo Fischer regime has the second highest ranked non SEC defense in the country (6th overall.) Notre Dame is led by receiver Michael Floyd, a projected first round pick in April. FSU offensive tackle Zebrie Sanders will lead FSU’s offensive line against a talented Fightin’ Irish front seven led by Manti Te’o. Te’o was projected as a first round pick but has elected to return to Notre Dame for his season. At least publicly.

Florida State

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rdBrandon JenkinsDE493JrPrototypical Florida State defensive end; undersized, explosive and fast in every direction of the field. Solid pass rusher that can also chase the action in pursuit or drop off the line of scrimmage and play in space. Likely to move to outside linebacker at the next level.
3rdNigel BradhamOLB134SrPhysically talented defender that runs hot and cold. Shows outstanding speed, quickness and range to his game while also playing with a large degree of suddenness. Not overly physical and can be spotty.
3rdGreg ReidCB53JrOutstanding cover corner with terrific ball skills. Displays the ability to run with opponents anywhere on the field and has an explosive break to the pass out of his plant. Consistently getting a hand in to defend the throw. Also used to return kicks. Possesses enough size to start at the next level though he lacks classic cornerback height.
4thAnthony McCloudDT924JrFiery defensive tackle that explodes off the snap then fires through the gaps between the offensive line. Tough to stop.
4thRodney SmithWR843JrKing sized pass catcher that physically beats down opponents and wins out for the jump ball. Raw in many of his techniques and really needs a lot of work on his overall game.
4thAndrew DatkoT674SrKing sized offensive tackle that easily controls opponents at the point of attack once engaged in a block. Blocks with solid fundamentals, makes great use of blocking angles as well as body positioning to control opponents. Lines up as a weak side tackle but may be better off as a right tackle in the NFL. Loved by NFL scouts a we feel he’s a bit overrated at this point.
4thXavier RhodesCB273SoStrong, cornerback with nice size and potential as a bump and run cover man. Downfield speed may be a concern.
4thZebrie SandersT774SrStrong side blocker that plays with solid fundamentals and controls defenders once engaged the point of attack. Lacks overall balance, blocking range and does not possess the great upside.
5thVince WilliamsOLB114Jr
6thEverett DawkinsDT934JrQuick, explosive yet undersized defensive tackle that makes plays in every direction of the field. Potential three technique lineman for the next level.
7thBert ReedWR835SrQuick, dependable underneath receiver that shows reliable hands. Does a lot of things well and could make it as a fourth receiver at the next level.
7thNick MoodyS104JrIntimidating safety with a large upside. Hard hitting, stops ball carriers dead in their tracks and shows the ability to get outside the numbers and make plays. Inconsistent and spotty with his production. Has the skill yet must take his game to the next level.
FAJermaine ThomasRB384SrOne time highly rated prospect coming off an injury. Undersized yet tremendously elusive with the ability to create his own yardage and make defenders miss.
FATy JonesRB334SrWell-built ball carrier that runs low to the ground, displays terrific quickness and the ability to create his own yardage. Solid prospect with a nice upside.
FATerrence ParksS44Sr
FADavid SpurlockG794SrTough, small area blocker with physical limitations. Lacks balance and on the ground too much.
FABeau RelifordTE884SrAthletic tight end that shows flashes yet a prospect with an incomplete game. At this point more of a developmental player.
FAMike HarrisCB14SrBackup cornerback for Florida State that shows solid ball skills facing the action.
FATaiwan EasterlingWR85SrElusive receiver that shows ability running after the reception yet a prospect that’s runs hot and cold. Looked like a sensational prospect as a sophomore but never really elevated his game. Signed a minor league contract with the Chicago Cubs and no longer with FSU program.

Notre Dame

Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
1stMichael FloydWR34SrBig, dominant game controlling receiver that’s had several off the field issues recently. Not a deep threat yet possesses the skills necessary to be a number one receiver in the NFL.
1stManti Te’oILB53JrTough, in the box, run defending linebacker with a terrific head for the ball.
2ndTyler EifertTE803JrTerrific tight end prospect with a complete game.
3rdCierre WoodRB203So
4-5Darius FlemingOLB454SrUnderrated linebacker with terrific quickness, speed and the ability to go sideline to sideline.
5thKapron Lewis-MooreDE894JrLong, lean college defensive end that should only get better as he physically matures and rounds out his game.
7thRobert BlantonCB124SrAdequate prospect that flashes skill at cornerback yet easily gets beat on occasion. Potential dime back in a zone system.
6-7Gary GrayCB45SrAdequate cornerback that shows skills facing the action. Highly thought of by NFL scouts.
FAHarrison SmithS225SrRun defending safety best playing downhill between the numbers. Highly thought of by NFL scouts.
FADayne CristQB104JrBig arm passer that offers a lot of upside yet must pull together a complete game.
FATrevor RobinsonG784SrTough mauler best in a small area.
FAJonas GrayRB254SrPatient ball carrier that picks up yardage off initial contact and also looks solid catching the ball out of the backfield. A lot of physical skill yet has never been anything other than a part-time player at ND.
FAEthan JohnsonDT904SrHard-working defensive lineman with limited upside.
FATaylor DeverG755SrVersatile blocker that can be used at guard or tackle. Must improve his blocking balance and possesses little upside.