Texas represents the Big 12 this year against the Bears of Cal. The Longhorns have a stingy defense led by defensive end Emmanuel Acho and tackle Alex Okafor. Cal counters with a defense led by linebacker Mychal Kendricks who leads the Bears in both tackles for loss and interceptions. This game will feature several talented underclassmen on both sides of the ball like Cal receiver Keenan Allen and Texas running back Malcolm Brown.


Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
2nd Keenan Robinson OLB 1 4Sr Aggressive weak side linebacker prospect that goes sideline to sideline. Solid against the run and pass. Good prospect with starting potential in the NFL.
3rd Kheeston Randall DT 91 4Sr Quick, explosive defensive tackle that plays with good leverage, strength and is tough to move off the point. Must develop more moves and disengage from blocks quicker. Solid tackle prospect for a conventional four-man line.
3rd Kenny Vaccaro S 16 3Jr Terrific safety prospect with a large upside. Hard hitting, physical against the run and always working to get involved in the action. Shows better than average ball skills and the ability to play over the slot receiver.
3rd Alex Okafor DE N 3Jr
6th Emmanuel Acho OLB 18 4Sr Nifty and agile linebacker that plays sideline to sideline and covers a lot of area on the field. Not a big strong sturdy defender. Often struggles in coverage.
6-7 Cody Johnson FB 11 5Sr Power ball carrier for the Texas offense rated as a fullback by a number of teams. Battering ram on the inside that moves the pile and picks up the tough yardage. Occasionally asked to block.
5-6 David Snow C 78 4Sr Explosive blocker on the pivot that shows good strength, intelligence and intensity. Strong at the point and controls defenders once engaged in a block. Lacks footwork, struggles sliding in space and really better in a smaller area.
7th Blake Gideon S 21 4Sr Fearless run defending safety that throws his body around the field to make plays. Cannot immediately alter his angle of attack without losing momentum, struggles getting outside the numbers and displays marginal ball skills.
FA Foswhitt Whittaker RB 2 5Sr Small, compact runner with an elusive style.
FA Christian Scott S 6 5Sr Large, intimidating safety that is effective defending the run and shows skill against the pass. Limited speed.
FA Malcolm Williams WR 9 5Sr Large, big bodied receiver that easily wins out in battles. Forgoing his final season of eligibility to focus on family matters.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
4th Trevor Guyton DE 92 4Sr Explosive college defensive lineman that fires off the snap with a good first step and gets leverage on opponents. Marginal pass rusher and can be handled at the point of attack.
4-5 Marvin Jones WR 1 4Sr Competitive receiver that fights to make the reception. Lacks great size and does not have downfield speed. Could be a solid fourth or fifth receiver on an NFL roster.
5th Matt Summers-Gavin G 75 4Jr versatile college blocker that lines up at tackle and guard. Explosive, moves well on his feet and shows skill blocking in motion. Developing cornerback prospect for a zone blocking system.
5th Mitchell Schwartz T 72 5Sr Strong, well-built college left tackle better off on the right side in the NFL. Lacks the great upside yet polished in much of his game and considered by the coaching staff as the smartest lineman to ever wear the Cal uniform.
5-6 Ernest Owusu DE 95 5Sr Hard-working lineman with minimal upside.
6-7 Mychal Kendricks OLB 30 4Sr Undersized college pass rusher that lines up in a three-point stance or stands up over tackle. Best making plays up the field as he struggles in reverse.
7th D.J. Holt ILB 3 5Sr Two down run defending linebacker best in the box. Looks suited to play the inside of a 34 alignment.
FA Brian Schwenke G 57 3Jr Explosive college guard that does a great job blocking with leverage and working hard until the whistle blows. Lacks great strength at the point of attack yet has an upside.
FA Anthony Miller TE 80 4Sr Relatively athletic tight end that displays the ability to get down the field. Adequate pass catcher yet lacks top blocking strength.
FA Sean Cattouse S 11 5Sr Tough, smart safety that lacks top size/speed for the next level.
FA D.J. Campbell S 7 5Sr California has a history of non-rated senior safeties coming out of nowhere. Campbell could be next on the list.
FA Michael Calvin WR 11 5Sr Adequately sized pass catcher with no outstanding physical aspect to his game.