An odd match-up as Southern Miss makes the long trip to the Islands to take on Nevada.  USM just lost their head coach to Ole Miss, so it will be interesting to see how they respond.  Nevada on the other hand is consistently one of the best coached teams in the nation.  Southern Miss definitely has the edge in talent but never count Nevada out.


Round Name Pos # Yr Comments
5th James-Michael Johnson ILB 52 5Sr Fluid, athletic pursuit linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline. Not big and struggles taking on blocks.
6-7 Brett Roy DT 47 5Sr
FA Rishard Matthews WR 15 4Sr Nice sized receiver that runs solid routes, extends to make the reception away from his frame and wins out in battles.
FA Brett Roy DE 47 5Sr Quick, explosive college defensive tackle that projects to end in the NFL. First move defender that displays a lot of explosion and hustle in his game.
FA Isaiah Frey CB 28 4Sr Aggressive cornerback that must be placed in a system where the action is kept in front of him.
FA Brandon Marshall OLB 33 5Sr

Southern Miss

Grade Round Name Pos # Yr Comments
3.63 5th Jamie Collins OLB 8 3Jr Outstanding athlete that looks imposing on the field and is developing a complete game. Comes with a large upside.
3.30 7th Brandon Maye OLB 20 5Sr Quick, explosive linebacker really best in the box. Transferred to Southern Miss for the ’11 campaign.
3.28 7th Korey Williams OLB 42 5Sr Underrated linebacker that can be used in a variety of positions and makes plays sideline to sideline. Displays good physical skills on tape yet shows questionable instincts at times.
3.27 7th Cordarro Law OLB 49 5Sr Undersized yet effective college defensive end that consistently and continually makes plays behind the line of scrimmage. Disruptive force also very effective in pursuit. Possesses poor measurable’s yet is a very good football player that can be a pass rush specialist in a 34 at the next level.
3.24 FA Austin Davis QB 12 5Sr Solid college passer with a live arm. Offers potential as a second quarterback in the NFL.
3.21 FA Quentin Pierce WR 85 4Jr Sure handed and reliable underneath receiver that comes away with the difficult reception.
3.10 FA Kelvin Bolden WR 17 4Sr Speedy wide out that runs solid routes and shows the ability to make plays downfield. Must be more consistent in his game and start to do the little things well but has an upside.
3.02 FA Kendrick Presley S 26 4Sr Terrific safety prospect with a complete game flying under radar screens. Physical and aggressive against the run while also displaying solid ball skills and the ability to get outside the numbers to make plays. Lacks classic size. Surprisingly has not registered in the scouting community.
3.01 FA Ronnie Thornton OLB 56 5Sr Athletic linebacker that flashes skill yet needs to pick up at tempo of his game.
2.50 FA Jason Weaver G 52 4Sr
2.50 FA Johdrick Morris WR 83 5Sr