Boise State hopes to continue it’s run of success against major conference opponents in this years Las Vegas Bowl. Arizona State’s players just hope to send Dennis Erickson out a winner. The Bronco’s are one of only two teams that have both an offense and a defense ranked in the top 20 this year (Wisconsin being the other) while the Sun Devils rely on a passing attack built around quarterback Brock Osweiler and receiver Gerrell Robinson. Osweiler should he declare projects to the early rounds and could move into the first round. Boise State defensive end Billy Winn, another early round prospect, will get after Osweiler all day. Sun Devil Vontaze Burfict is the highest rated player in this game but his mental lapses have scouts concerned. Quarterback Kellen Moore and running back Doug Martin are playing in their last collegiate games and will also be closely monitored by scouts.

Boise State

Round Name Pos # Yr Comments
2nd Billy Winn DT 90 5Sr College defensive tackle that projects to and at the next level. Fires off the snap with a nice first step, his hands throughout the action and gets a lot of momentum going up the field. Easily changes direction and can pursue from the back side. Lacks bulk and controlled by blocks gets seemingly has potential to grow into a two gap end. Comes with and upside.
3rd Doug Martin RB 22 5Sr Versatile three down back that runs hard on the inside, displays the agility and speed to turn the corner and is a terrific receiver out of the backfield. More of a situational runner for the next level.
3rd Kellen Moore QB 11 5Sr Terrific college quarterback with a great feel for the position and handles under center. Lacks great size, classic arm strength and a radical his downfield accuracy.
3rd Shea McClellin DE 92 4Sr Fierce defender that lines up in a three-point stance or his occasionally stood up over tackle. Quick off the snap, displays ability in pursuit and makes plays in every direction of the field. Lacks top size, strength and really doesn’t cover oh a lot of area on the field.
4th Tyrone Crawford DE 40 4Sr Junior college transfer that made a big impact last season. Intense, chases hard and makes plays. Terrific size/speed numbers.
4-5 George Iloka S 8 4Sr Relatively athletic safety that shows a terrific burst to the action and a lot of quickness in his game. Marginal ball skills and must improve his play in coverage.
5-6 Nate Potter T 73 4Sr Solid college lineman with skills that translate well to the next level. Bends his knees, works his hands and a terrific pass protector. Flashes skills blocking in motion. Not a great athlete a polished in his game.
FA Chase Baker DT 97 4Sr Hard working defensive tackle that chases the action around the field. Stout at the point of attack and tough to move off the line. Lacks natural bulk as well as growth potential. Not effective in pursuit.
FA Dan Paul FB 47 4Sr Tough straight-line blocker that takes defenders from the action. Limited skills around the corner, on the second level or as an offensive threat.
FA Tyler Shoemaker WR 89 5Sr

Arizona State

Round Name Pos # Yr Comments
1st Vontaze Burfict ILB 7 3Jr Dominant run defending linebacker that plays with a violent nature. Explosive, forceful and defeats blocks to get to the ball handler. Also plays with a good degree of instinct and intelligence, staying disciplined with assignments and quickly locating the ball in coverage.
3rd Brock Osweiler QB 17 3Jr
5th Gerell Robinson WR 8 4Sr King sized target that uses his frame as an advantage to come away with the ball.
6th Omar Bolden CB 3 5Sr? Explosive shutdown cover man that opponents rarely challenge. Displays good footwork in every direction, can flip his hips and has an explosive burst to the ball. Not strong and loses out in battles. Could miss the entire ’11 season after suffering a knee injury in the spring, his second such in less than two year. Medical risk.
FA Eddie Elder S 2 4Sr Tough run defending safety best downhill.
FA Aderious Simmons T 50 5Sr Large athletic blocker with a good degree of upside. Moves well on his feet and nimble. Must polish his game and improve his playing strength yet someone to watch.
FA Travis Simpson WR 86 5Sr
FA Garth Gerhart C 52 5Sr Small yet explosive center that moves well on his feet. Outstanding with the shotgun snap. Offers potential in a zone blocking system.
FA Brandon MaGee OLB 8 4Sr Relatively athletic weak side linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline and gets depth on pass drops.
FA Mike Marcisz G 70 5Sr Hard-working position blocker best in a small area.
FA Jamaar Jarrett DE 92 4Sr Hard-working college prospect with no single dominant aspect to his game.
FA Mike Willie WR 1 4Sr
FA Dan Knapp T 69 5Sr