As is the case almost every April, the quarterback position will be driven by underclassmen at the top of the position board.  Andrew Luck aside, there’s a nice lot of prospects that could develop into starters at the next level.  And though several of the seniors have disappointed, they do come with a nice amount of upside potential should they get their game back on track.


Rnd Full Name School Yr Comments
1st Andrew Luck Stanford 4Jr Terrific signal caller that can be a difference maker at the next level. Big, durable and has the ability to withstand the rush or get outside the pocket and throw on the move. Accurate and precisely places throws were only his receiver can make the reception. Tremendous leader on the field always in control of the situation. Lacks a howitzer arm but offers incredible intangibles.
1st Matt Barkley USC 3Jr Accurate quarterback prospect that has the ability to make most of the passes. Lacks classic pocket passer size but has enough ability to start the next level.
1st Robert Griffin Baylor 4Jr Athletic quarterback with a developing game. Has the arm strength necessary to make all the passes, accurate on his throws and also dangerous carrying the ball. Has shown consistent improvement since his freshman season.
1st Landry Jones Oklahoma 4Jr Tough, intelligent signal caller that does a great job commanding and controlling the offense. Always on the same page as his receivers, displays great timing and competitive. Lacks great physical skills and a pocket passer that does not possess classic size or arm strength.
2nd Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M 5Sr Durable intelligent signal caller with a great feel for the position. Sees the field, finds open wide outs and makes proper decisions. Lacks the big-time arm which will limit him at the next level.
2-3 Brandon Weeden Oklahoma State 5Sr Smart, controlled passer that lacks the great physical skills and arm strength for the next level.
3rd Brock Osweiler Arizona State 3Jr
3rd Nick Foles Arizona 5Sr Strong armed quarterback the can make all the passes. Needs to improve his reads and stop staring down receivers. Has potential but needs a big senior campaign.
3-4 Kellen Moore Boise State 5Sr Terrific college quarterback with a great feel for the position and handles under center. Lacks great size, classic arm strength and a radical his downfield accuracy.
3-4 Sean Renfree Duke 4Jr Tall, strong armed pocket passer who plays a smart game. Comes with an upside must be monitored.
4th Kirk Cousins Michigan State 5Sr Physically gifted passer that can make all the throws and does a great job commanding the offense. Needs to improve his reads but has a lot of next level potential.
4-5 Russell Wilson Wisconsin 5Sr Athletic passer that also has a future in professional baseball. Athletic, easily gets outside the pocket or picks up yardage with his legs. Effortlessly gets the ball downfield. Makes good choices under the rush but must improve his overall game. Transferred from North Carolina State and will play at Wisconsin this season.
4-5 Chandler Harnish Northern Illinois 5Sr Underrated quarterback that makes terrific decisions in the pocket and effectively leads the offense. Lacks classic size but has an arm. The pass/run option offense of NIU has hurt his development.
5th Brad Sorensen Southern Utah 3Jr BYU transfer with all the physical skills to play at the next level. Accurate and makes plays. Does throw to many interceptions.
5th Ryan Lindley San Diego State 5Sr Underrated signal caller with a lot of skills for the next level. Possesses a solid intermediate arm, an adequate deep arm and accurate with all his throws. Makes good decisions in the pocket. Should only get better as he physically matures.
5th J.J. McDermott SMU 5Sr
5-6 Chester Stewart Temple 5Sr Owl back-up that showed flashes of skill previously as the starter. Has the physical skills to play in the NFL but must improve his reads and decision making.
5-6 Bryon Coleman Tenn-Chattanooga 5Sr Tennessee transfer that shows terrific awareness, pocket presence as well as accuracy throwing the ball. Lacks great physical skills but has an outstanding feel for the position.
6th Ryan Nassib Syracuse 4Jr Accurate college passer with a live arm. Outstanding ability throwing in motion and loses nothing getting outside the tackle box to make the pass in the move. Nice upside but needs to pull it together.
6th Geno Smith West Virginia 3Jr Developing quarterback with top physical skills. Must improve his timing and decision-making but offers a nice upside.
6-7 Jordan Jefferson LSU 4Sr Big armed quarterback that’s also a threat carrying the ball. Powers the ball through the tight spots and easily drives passes downfield. Must significantly improved his reads and overall pass placement.
6-7 B.J. Daniels South Florida 4Jr athletic quarterback with a big arm yet an undisciplined passer that must develop into an NFL signal caller.
7th Case Keenum Houston 6Sr Highly rated percentage passer that returns for his sixth year of college eligibility. Good prospect that must show no bumps on the road after missing the 2010 season.
FA John Brantley Florida 5Sr Classic pocket passer with adequate arm strength yet marginal accuracy and decision-making.
FA Trevor Sasek Delaware 3So Solid young passer with a big arm and solid quarterback build. Has an upside and must be watched. Suffered a potentially career damaging knee injury this season.
FA Austin Davis Southern Mississippi 5Sr Solid college passer with a live arm. Offers potential as a second quarterback in the NFL.
FA Spencer Keith Kent State 3Jr Smart, accurate passer with an NFL arm. Terrific college signal caller with a good degree of upside.
FA Cody Endres Slippery Rock 5Sr Strong armed quarterback that can make all the passes. Displays a nice sense of timing. Dismissed from the Connecticut program last season.
FA Kyle Padron SMU 3Jr Accurate, quarterback with a big-time arm. Needs to fine-tune the details of his position yet could be a big-time prospect moving forward.
FA Dominique Davis East Carolina 5Sr Athletic passer with the ability to make all the throws. Puts zip on the outs and can get the ball through the tight spots yet needs to improve the details of his game and show better pass placement.
FA Zach Collaros Cincinnati 5Sr Effective underneath signal caller with a great head for the position. Lacks size and top NFL physical skills.
FA Tino Sunseri Pittsburgh 4Jr
FA Zac Dysert Miami-Oh 4Jr Strong armed passer on the sidelines with injury much of last season. Has the physical skills to be a prospect.
FA Alex Carder Western Michigan 4Jr Terrific game manager at the quarterback position. Possesses great wherewithal, a sense of timing and very accurate. Does not own a major league arm.
FA Mike Brown Liberty 5Sr Athletic quarterback with a big-time arm. Mobile and displays the ability to make the pass on the move or pick up yardage with his legs. Potential wildcat signal caller.
FA Bo Levi Mitchell Eastern Washington 4Sr Accurate timing and touch passer with a live arm. Shows great wherewithal and does a terrific job leading the offense.
FA Jacory Harris Miami-Fl 4Sr Terrific athlete with a big arm yet a poor passer that lacks accuracy, incorrectly reads defenses and consistently forces the ball into covered receivers.
FA Dayne Crist Notre Dame 4Jr Big arm passer that offers a lot of upside yet must pull together a complete game.
FA Stephen Garcia South Carolina 5Sr Tough, savvy passer that does a terrific job controlling the offense. Lacks elite physical skills and has a host of off the field issues.
FA Chris Relf Mississippi State 5Sr Athletic college quarterback expected to find a new position in the NFL.
FA Kelly Page Ball State 4Jr One time highly rated passer coming off a disappointing season.
FA Kyle Parker Clemson 4Jr Baseball prospect that comes with a big-league arm yet minor-league accuracy.
FA Dan Persa Northwestern 4Sr fearless college quarterback that is effective running the ball and throwing it. Lacks the measurable’s for the next level yet will get consideration in wildcat formations.
FA Tyler Hansen Colorado 5Sr Solid college quarterback with adequate size but poor passing fundamentals. Marginal next level potential.
FA Patrick Witt Yale 5Sr Effective timing passer with great pocket awareness yet marginal next level size. Potential backup as a timing passer. Began his college career and Nebraska.
FA David LeGree Hampton 5Sr Large athletic prospect with a big-time arm. Unpolished throwing the ball and at times much more productive as a ball carrier.
FA Mike Paulus William & Mary 5Sr North Carolina transfer that possesses all the physical skills necessary to play the next level. Accurate, poised and has a solid game yet must polish his mechanics to become a complete quarterback. In the midst of a terrible season.
FA Nathan Dick Central Arkansas 5Sr
FA Ryan Radcliff Central Michigan 4Jr Smart, high percentage passer that lacks the great downfield arm.
FA Matt Brown Illinois State 4Jr Timing/touch passer with marginal arm strength.
FA Dane Simoneau Washburn 5Sr Nice sized college passer that also has a potential career in baseball.
FA Brian Reader Idaho 5Sr
FA Aaron Corp Richmond 5Sr Mobile and nimble quarterback best in a short passing game. Started his career at USC.