The Western Athletic Conference has consistently put quality talent into the first two rounds of the NFL draft in recent years.  With the departure of Boise State to the Mountain West and the graduation of several talented prospects, those fortunes will change rapidly.  We give just a handful of prospects from the conference draftable grades with just about all projecting in the late rounds.

Fresno State

Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
5th Logan Harrell DT 77 4Sr Hard-working, tough interior lineman that shows a lot of quickness and explosion in his game. Has an upside and could surprise with a big senior season.
5th Matt Hunt G 55 3Jr Explosive offensive lineman that displays good strength at the point of attack. Also effective blocking in motion. Plays with a nasty attitude.
6th Travis Brown OLB 9 3Jr Physical linebacker effective in space or defending the run. Has an upside.
FA Kyle Knox OLB 53 5Sr Quick, explosive linebacker that covers a lot of area on the field and makes plays sideline to sideline. Potential week side prospect.
FA Devon Wylie WR 7 5Sr
FA Jermaine Thomas CB 5 4Sr Skilled cornerback that does a good job in coverage. Lacks a physical nature to his game.
FA Devon Wylie WR 7 5Sr Quick elusive pass catcher returning from injury.
FA Bryce Harris T 70 5Sr Massive college left tackle that completely engulfs defenders once engaged the point of attack. Marginally athletic, not a natural knee Bender and only effective in a very small area. Size prospect.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
FA Royce Pollard WR 81 5Sr Nice sized possession receiver that consistently gets free and makes the reception with his hands.
FA Corey Paredes OLB 41 4Sr Intelligent linebacker with great instincts. Proficient, takes good angles to the action and works hard to get involved. Lacks great physical skills yet relies on smart play.
FA Vaughn Meatoga DT 95 5Sr Quick lineman that makes plays up the field or outside the box. Does not display any single outstanding physical trait in his game.
FA Kaniela Tuipulotu DT 49 5Sr Leverage lineman that plays with good pad level and keeps his feet moving up the field. Struggles getting off blocks and lacks the quick change of direction.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
FA Matt Cleveland T 70 5Sr Solid college left tackle that stands out as a pass protector. Needs to get stronger yet offers potential as a zone blocking guard.
FA Michael Cosgrove DT 93 5Sr Quick explosive one gap tackle on a four-man line.
FA Preston Davis WR 7 3Jr Underrated pass catcher that shows ability running after the reception.
FA Tyrone Novikoff G 67 5Sr
FA Brian Reader QB 14 5Sr

Louisiana Tech

Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
FA Matt Broha DE 91 5Sr Solid college pass rusher that shows speed off the edge, plays with terrific balance and possesses a variety of moves working to get off blocks. More of a first move lineman and easily locked up at the point.
FA Lennon Creer RB 5 5Sr Instinctive ball carrier with terrific vision. Does a great job following blocks everywhere on the field. More of a straight-line runner that loses a lot of momentum when he changes direction.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
FA Rishard Matthews WR 15 4Sr Nice sized receiver that runs solid routes, extends to make the reception away from his frame and wins out in battles.
FA James-Michael Johnson ILB 52 5Sr Fluid, athletic pursuit linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline. Not big and struggles taking on blocks.
FA Brett Roy DE 47 5Sr Quick, explosive college defensive tackle that projects to end in the NFL. First move defender that displays a lot of explosion and hustle in his game.
FA Isaiah Frey CB 28 4Sr Aggressive cornerback that must be placed in a system where the action is kept in front of him.
FA Brandon Marshall OLB 33 5Sr

New Mexico State

Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
FA Sioeli Fakalata G 72 6Sr Underrated lineman that showed a lot of skill before sitting on the sidelines most of last season with injury. Possesses good size, strength and solid movement skills. Will be used at center this season after playing guard most of his college career.
FA Jonte Green CB 1 4Sr Nice sized cornerback with marginal ball skills. Best facing the action in a zone type system.
FA Michael Grady C 62 4Sr

San Jose State

Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
6th Duke Ihenacho S 2 5Sr Fast, explosive defensive back with a nice game. Returning from an injury which kept him on the sidelines last season.
7-FA David Quessenberry T 76 4Jr

Utah State

Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
FA Bobby Wagner OLB 9 4Sr Active linebacker that shows great range on the field. Effective pursuing the action and shows skill in coverage.
FA Kellen Bartlett TE 81 4Sr