After a number of down seasons Colorado changes coaches and conferences in the hopes of recapturing old glories.  These three teams offer a number of solid offensive line prospects and one of the better tight ends in the nation few are talking about.


Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
Ryan Miller G 73 5Sr Tough, powerful mauler that dominates opponents at the point of attack. Better in a small area yet offers starting potential for the next level.
Bryce Givens T 77 4Jr One time highly rated offensive tackle prospect that’s had recent issues with injury and off the field problems. Possesses next level size and skill but must quickly get his game back on track.
Rodney Stewart RB 5 5Sr Small yet elusive, ball carrier that easily makes defenders miss. Situational runner the next level.
Ryan Deehan TE 34 4Sr Underrated pass catching tight end that shows the ability to get into the secondary and create mismatches. Gives effort blocking yet lacks functional football strength.
Tyler Hansen QB 9 5Sr Solid college quarterback with adequate size but poor passing fundamentals. Marginal next level potential.
Toney Clemons WR 17 5Sr Michigan transfer and a nice sized possession receiver that physically beats down opponents to come away with the ball. Has an upside yet must completes his game.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rd Carson York G 77 4Jr Terrific guard prospect that stands out in pass protection playing with good fundamentals. Also shows skill as a zone blocker.
3rd LaMichael James RB 21 4Jr Quick, elusive ball carrier that creates yardage and makes defenders miss all over the field. Shows the ability to be an effective receiver out of the backfield and down the field. Not an every down back and must improve his ball security.
4th Cliff Harris CB 13 3Jr Opportunistic cornerback that consistently makes plays on the ball. Quickly locates the pass in the air and has a nice move to the throw. Lacks underlying fundamentals and speed may be a question.
6th Josh Kaddu OLB 56 4Sr Hard-working yet undersized linebacker that lacks true pursuit skills.
6-7 Eddie Pleasant S 11 5Sr Solid zone safety that does an adequate job stopping the run or covering the pass.
FA Terrell Turner DE 45 5Sr Fluid college defensive end with good movement skills. Will get consideration at outside linebacker in a 34 alignment.
FA Mark Asper T 79 4Sr Large, right tackle prospect that lacks agility and is only effective in a very small area.
FA John Boyett S 21 4Jr Aggressive safety that sells out to make plays. Fast up the field and attacks ball handlers. Marginal cover skills.
FA Lavasier Tuinei WR 80 4Sr King sized target that goes over the middle of the field for the tough reception. Overall game lacks quickness and he does not possess naturally soft hands.
FA David Paulson TE 42 5Sr Tough tight end that gives a lot of effort yet possesses marginal athleticism and upside.

Oregon State

Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
5th Joe Halahuni TE 87 5Sr Athletically gifted tight end that looks like a receiver moving about the field. Gets into the secondary, creates mismatches and a terrific pass catcher. Blocks with solid fundamentals yet possesses poor football strength. Limited measurables which will push him down draft boards.
5-6 Lance Mitchell S 10 5Sr Tough, instinctive football player best between the numbers. Effectively diagnoses the action and always willing to get involved in plays. Possesses limited speed and upside.
6-7 Grant Johnson G 70 5Sr Former starting guard that will move to center this season. Blocks with good lean, keeps defenders in front of him and works hard. Adequate all-around game and possesses and upside.
7-FA Mike Remmers T 50 5Sr College tackle we project to guard. Blocks with good mechanics, shows footwork in space and effective in motion. Marginal strength at the point and struggles to finish blocks.
FA Brandon Hardin S 17 5Sr Large, tough college cornerback we project safety. Possesses a physical nature to his game and always willing to throw his pads into the pile. Struggles making plays with his back to the ball and better facing the action.
FA James Rodgers WR 8 5Sr Game breaking receiver/return specialist who displays a lot of toughness to his game. Must prove he is healthy after suffering a devastating knee injury last season.
FA Cameron Collins S 5 4Sr Relatively athletic linebacker that displays adequate sideline to sideline range. A bit stiff and must start making more plays on the ball.