Two teams that will be contending for the Pac 12 South title can be found in the state of Arizona and both programs, especially the Sun Devils, are loaded with NFL prospects.  For ASU though, there has been some upheaval on their roster.  On the other hand Cal is likely to take a step back on the prospect front.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
4thNick FolesQB55SrStrong armed quarterback the can make all the passes. Needs to improve his reads and stop staring down receivers. Has potential but needs a big senior campaign.
4thJuron CrinerWR824SrNice sized possession wide out the consistently catches the ball with his hands and displays ability after the reception. Lacks a burst and cannot run to the deep throw. Off the field issues which stem from his home life have hampered him.
6thRobert GoldenCB14SrTough, aggressive cornerback with average physical skills. Potential dime back at the next level who must make his mark on special teams.
6-7Keola AntolinRB24SrQuick, explosive ball carrier that will make several defenders miss in the course of a single run then beat opponents into the open field. Situational runner/third-down back at the next level.
7-FAAdam HallS124SrNice sized strong safety prospect best making plays up the field. Forceful against the run and effective in coverage in the short field.
FAGreg NwokoRB284JrA running back we really liked off the 2009 film yet a prospect unable to take his game to the next level. Possesses a good combination of size and speed. Will have an opportunity to carry the ball more this season.
FADavid DouglasWR854SrReliable and dependable possession receiver best in the underneath coverage yet a prospect with no single outstanding physical skill to his game.
FAPaul VassalloOLB414SrSmart, competitive linebacker with limited speed and athleticism. Lines up on the outside get me be better at inside linebacker in a 34 alignment.

Arizona State

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
1stVontaze BurfictILB73JrDominant run defending linebacker that plays with a violent nature. Explosive, forceful and defeats blocks to get to the ball handler. Also plays with a good degree of instinct and intelligence, staying disciplined with assignments and quickly locating the ball in coverage.
5thOmar BoldenCB35SrExplosive shutdown cover man that opponents rarely challenge. Displays good footwork in every direction, can flip his hips and has an explosive burst to the ball. Not strong and loses out in battles. Could miss the entire ’11 season after suffering a knee injury in the spring, his second such in less than two year. Medical risk.
6-7Aderious SimmonsT505SrLarge athletic blocker with a good degree of upside. Moves well on his feet and nimble. Must polish his game and improve his playing strength yet someone to watch.
6thGerell RobinsonWR84SrKing sized target that uses his frame as an advantage to come away with the ball.
FAEddie ElderS24SrTough run defending safety best downhill.
FAJames BrooksDE345SrNice sized college defensive end with good movement skills. Strong at the point, consistently defeats blocks into the backfield. Disruptive force and alters plays. Left Arizona State for personal reasons in July and status for next season is still not known. Potential top 100 choice if he gets it together.
FATravis SimpsonWR865Sr
FAGarth GerhartC525SrSmall yet explosive center that moves well on his feet. Outstanding with the shotgun snap. Offers potential in a zone blocking system.
FABrandon MaGeeOLB84SrRelatively athletic weak side linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline and gets depth on pass drops.
FAMike MarciszG705SrHard-working position blocker best in a small area.
FAJamaar JarrettDE924SrHard-working college prospect with no single dominant aspect to his game.
FAMike WillieWR14Sr
FADan KnappT695Sr
Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
5thMarvin JonesWR14SrCompetitive receiver that fights to make the reception. Lacks great size and does not have downfield speed. Could be a solid fourth or fifth receiver on an NFL roster.
6thMatt Summers-GavinG754Jrversatile college blocker that lines up at tackle and guard. Explosive, moves well on his feet and shows skill blocking in motion. Developing cornerback prospect for a zone blocking system.
6-7Mychal KendricksOLB304SrUndersized college pass rusher that lines up in a three-point stance or stands up over tackle. Best making plays up the field as he struggles in reverse.
7thD.J. HoltILB35SrTwo down run defending linebacker best in the box. Looks suited to play the inside of a 34 alignment.
7-FAMitchell SchwartzT725SrStrong, well-built college left tackle better off on the right side in the NFL. Lacks the great upside yet polished in much of his game and considered by the coaching staff as the smartest lineman to ever wear the Cal uniform.
FABrian SchwenkeG573JrExplosive college guard that does a great job blocking with leverage and working hard until the whistle blows. Lacks great strength at the point of attack yet has an upside.
FAAnthony MillerTE804SrRelatively athletic tight end that displays the ability to get down the field. Adequate pass catcher yet lacks top blocking strength.
FASean CattouseS115SrTough, smart safety that lacks top size/speed for the next level.
FATrevor GuytonDE924SrExplosive college defensive lineman that fires off the snap with a good first step and gets leverage on opponents. Marginal pass rusher and can be handled at the point of attack.
FAD.J. CampbellS75SrCalifornia has a history of non-rated senior safeties coming out of nowhere. Campbell could be next on the list.
FAErnest OwusuDE955SrHard-working lineman with minimal upside.
FAMichael CalvinWR115SrAdequately sized pass catcher with no outstanding physical aspect to his game.