Here today, gone tomorrow; what’s going to happen to the Aggies? In the short term we feel they’ll be improved on the field and in war rooms around the league.  On the other hand it seems the post Mike Leach era will be a struggle for Texas Tech in both avenues.

Texas A&M

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
2-3 Jeff Fuller WR 8 4Sr Tall possession receiver with reliable hands. Offers the quarterback an imposing target. Solid on third-down or in the red zone. Overall game lacks speed and quickness. Solid yet not spectacular prospect.
3rd Ryan Tannehill QB 17 5Sr Durable intelligent signal caller with a great feel for the position. Sees the field, finds open wide outs and makes proper decisions. Lacks the big-time arm which will limit him at the next level.
3rd Cyrus Gray RB 32 4Sr Creative, elusive ball carrier that creates his own yardage and is also an effective receiver out of the backfield. Not a true feature runner.
5th Garrick Williams OLB 8 5Sr Disciplined hard-working linebacker best as a two down defender.
6th Eddie Brown DT 39 4Sr Quick, explosive interior lineman that plays with good pad level. Fluid moving about the field. Gets locked up at the point of attack yet offers potential as a three technique lineman.
7th Sean Porter OLB 10 3Jr Fast fluid sideline to sideline linebacker that makes plays in every direction of the field. Comes with an upside and a solid weak side prospect.
FA Steven Campbell S 2 3Jr Active safety that quickly comes up the field to make plays while also showing the skill to get outside the numbers in coverage.
FA Coryell Judie CB 5 5Sr Tough cover cornerback that fights hard to defend throws and shows a good head for the ball. Possesses just average physical skills.
FA Uzoma Nwachukwu WR 7 3Jr Reliable possession receiver with poor measurables.
FA Terrence Frederick CB 7 3Jr
FA Tony Jerod-Eddie DT 83 4Sr

Texas Tech

Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
Scott Smith DE 94 4Sr Competitive hard-working defensive end who plays intelligent football. Lacks bulk and strength but gets the most from his skill.
Lonnie Edwards G 78 5Sr Stout offensive lineman with a terrific build. Strong at the point. Easily controls defenders once engaged in a block. Better in a small area.
Mickey Okafor T 74 5Sr Large lineman who flashes athleticism yet needs a lot of work on his overall game.
Chris Olson G 70 5Sr College tackle that projects to guard. Shows solid footwork, makes terrific use of angles and offers potential as a position blocker.
Cody Davis S 16 4Jr Tough yet small, slowish safety with minimal upside.
Tramain Swindall WR 11 5Sr