Two teams from a conference struggling to keep the pieces together and a pair of programs that have had a major impact on the NFL Draft in recent years.  That won’t be the case next April as these two programs, which placed nine players into the first round since 2009, have only one potential top 32 player between them.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
1-2 Michael Egnew TE 82 5Sr Exceptional pass catching tight end that looks more like a big possession receiver on the field. Natural in all aspects catching the ball and very athletic. Rarely used or asked to block.
3-4 Zaviar Gooden OLB 25 4Jr Fierce, sideline to sideline linebacker that chases the action hard. Shows a lot of skill in his all-around game. Minimal size and struggles handling blocks.
4th Jerrell Jackson WR 29 4Sr Smooth, fluid receiver with nice size and strength which he uses to his advantage. Consistently comes away with the difficult reception. Lacks the deep speed and ability to run to the long throw.
4th Jacquies Smith DE 3 4Sr Relatively athletic college defensive end that occasionally stands up over tackle. Breaks down well, plays with terrific balance yet lacks blinding speed.
6th Austin Wuebbels G 66 5Sr Tough, small area blocker that plays with a nasty attitude. Strong at the point, easily controls defenders once engaged in a block and plays smart football.
6-7 T.J. Moe WR 28 3Jr Smart, competitive pass catcher that sacrifices his body to make the reception. Better than average speed. Not a big target.
6-7 Elvis Fisher T 72 5Sr Underrated pass blocking left tackle that plays with good mechanics, football smarts and competitiveness. Lacks the great upside yet could be a solid reserve lineman at the next level.
7-FA Will Ebner ILB 32 4Sr Hard working run defending, two-down linebacker with several off the field issues.
7-FA Dan Hoch T 77 4Sr Strong yet immobile tackle only good in a small area. May get consideration at guard due to his inability to move.
FA Terrell Resonno DT 93 5Sr Quick lineman that displays some strength in the middle of the field. Best in a straight line and ineffective in pursuit.
FA Wes Kemp WR 8 4Sr Tough, reliable receiver with minimal upside.
FA Kenji Jackson S 13 4Sr Tough, run defending-straight line safety with marginal ball skills.
FA Dom Hamilton DT 90 4Sr Quick, first step lineman best in a straight line.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rd Ryan Broyles WR 85 5Sr Quick, creative slot receiver with reliable hands. Effective running after the reception.
4th Landry Jones QB 12 4Jr Tough, intelligent signal caller that does a great job commanding and controlling the offense. Always on the same page as his receivers, displays great timing and competitive. Lacks great physical skills and a pocket passer that does not possess classic size or arm strength.
4-5 Ben Habern C 61 4Jr Explosive position blocker that plays with terrific fundamentals and intellect. Explosive in all his movements and solid with the shotgun snap. Needs to get stronger but offers a lot of skill.
5th Travis Lewis OLB 28 5Sr Potential week side linebacker that does a solid job reading and diagnosing the action. Gets depth on drops and covers a lot of area on the field. Lacks any dominant physical skill to his game.
5-6 Demontre Hurst CB 19 3Jr Developing cornerback plays an aggressive game. Must be monitored for the future.
6th Jarvis Jones T 76 5Sr Massive lineman that easily controls defenders once engaged at the point of attack. Has great length, long arms and the playing strength to match. Must really improved the details of his position.
7th Donald Stephenson T 59 5Sr Rotational tackle primarily used on the left side that plays with good strength and solid fundamentals. Really best as a strong side blocker.
7th Jamell Fleming CB 32 5Sr Feisty cornerback best facing the action. Struggles making plays with his back to the ball. Would be very effective in a zone system.
7-FA Frank Alexander DE 84 5Sr Relatively athletic college pass rusher that plays with good balance and body control. Struggles getting off blocks and must improve his playing strength.
FA James Hanna TE 82 4Sr Consistent pass catching tight end that lacks speed to make plays down the field and strength to be an effective in line blocker.