A conference in flux as two teams have already fled and at least one more is walking out the door.  What will become of the Big 12?  Who knows- but this is for sure; Baylor, Iowa State and Kansas State are programs on the rise.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
3-4 Robert Griffin QB 10 4Jr Athletic quarterback with a developing game. Has the arm strength necessary to make all the passes, accurate on his throws and also dangerous carrying the ball. Has shown consistent improvement since his freshman season.
5th Robert Griffin G 79 4Sr Junior college transfer that really develop into a fine football player last season. Massive, powerful at the point he also moves well on his feet. Has a nice upside.
5th Kendall Wright WR 1 4Sr Quick, elusive and reliable receiver very effective running after the reception. Potential slot/third receiver at the next level.
5-6 Philip Blake T 74 4Sr Former offensive tackle that moved the center last season and had a productive campaign. Quick in all his actions, possesses good size and outstanding with the shotgun snaps. Could make a big rise up draft boards.
6th Ivory Wade T 78 3Jr Underrated offensive blocking prospect that lines up at right tackle and will also get looks at offensive guard.
6-7 Josh Gordon WR 12 3Jr Large, possession receiver with reliable hands. Recently suspended from the team.
FA Nicolas Jean-Baptiste DT 90 5Sr Big, surprisingly nimble defensive tackle that can be overpowering force in the middle of the line. Looks poorly conditioned, does not chase the action hard and plays below his level of ability. Has an upside yet must quickly kick into gear.

Iowa State

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
5th Kelechi Osemele G 72 5Sr College tackle we project to guard. Large, strong and easily controls defenders at the point. Moves well for a big man yet may be too large and never improved off the ’09, when he blew us away.
5-6 Leonard Johnson CB 23 4Sr Feisty, hard working cornerback with solid instincts. Lacks the great physical skills yet a good football player.
FA Hayworth Hicks G 75 5Sr Strong, nasty run blocker best in a small area. Worth watching moving forward.
FA Ter’ran Benton S 22 5Sr Versatile defensive back with no outstanding feature to his game.
FA Kurt Hammerschmidt TE 86 4Jr
FA Darius Darks WR 6 5Sr


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
6th Greg Brown CB 5 4Jr Exciting cornerback with an up and coming game. Does not back down to a challenge and played well against top competition last season. Needs to smooth out the rough edges of his game yet someone to keep an eye on.
6-7 Jeff Spikes T 74 5Sr A player we liked off the 2009 film, Spikes missed last season with a leg injury. Comes with and upside.
FA Steven Johnson OLB 52 4Sr Relatively athletic weak side prospect that makes plays sideline to sideline or fires up the field in run defense.
FA Tim Biere TE 86 4Sr Dependable tight end that gives effort in all aspects yet lacks the speed to be a downfield threat and strength at the point to be a dominant blocker.
FA Jeremiah Hatch C 77 5Sr Versatile lineman that gets the most out of his ability but has limited upside.
FA Isiah Barfield CB 19 4Sr Physical defensive back with nice size and strength at the point yet limited speed and poor instincts.

Kansas St

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
FA Manase Foketi G 73 4Sr Adequate college tackle we projects to guard. Plays with solid fundamentals, makes good use of angles and works hard yet lacks the footwork and a agility to protect the quarterbacks blind side.
FA Raphael Guidry DT 94 4Sr
FA Clyde Aufner T 75 4Sr Nice sized right tackle prospect that struggled with injury last year.
FA David Garrett CB 27 4Sr Feisty, small defensive back with solid cover skills and toughness against the run. Potential dime back at the next level.
FA Emmanual Lamur S 23 5Sr Disciplined safety effective against the pass and run. Average speed for the next level yet could be used in a zone system.
FA Tysyn Hartman S 2 5Sr Tall aggressive safety only effective playing downhill in a straight line.