Since 2009 LSU, Mississippi and Mississippi State placed four players into the draft’s first round; a streak that will end next year and may take some time before it renews again.  All three schools offer a few players that we may be underrating but we see limited top 100 potential.


Rnd Full Name Pos # YrComments
2-3Russell ShepardWR103JrReliable pass catcher with homerun hitting speed and a threat to break games open anytime the ball is in his hands. Offers a tremendous amount of upside and could be an early pick if he continues to improve his game.
3rdLavar EdwardsDE894JrGood future prospect with nice size, athleticism and growth potential. Makes plays in every direction of the field. Should only get better in time.
6thJordan JeffersonQB94SrBig armed quarterback that’s also a threat carrying the ball. Powers the ball through the tight spots and easily drives passes downfield. Must significantly improved his reads and overall pass placement.
6thKarnell HatcherS374SrDisciplined run defending safety that shows the ability to get outside the numbers and make plays to the flanks.
6-7Rueben RandleWR23JrTall, smooth fluid receiver that shows a lot of natural skill. More of a possession wide out and is prone to bouts of lost focus.
7thRyan BakerOLB224SrQuick, weak side linebacker prospect that easily makes plays sideline to sideline. Shows a good degree of suddenness in his game. Really struggles taking on blocks and gets caught up in the wash to easily.
FADeangelo PetersonTE194SrTall, thin college tight end that looks like a possession receiver. Easily moves about the field, gets into the secondary and a solid pass catcher that effortlessly makes the deep reception. Gives effort blocking yet lacks functional football strength.
FAKen AdamsOLB945SrTall, good-looking athlete that lines up at defensive end for LSU but projects to outside linebacker at the next level. Makes athletic plays on the field but has questionable instincts.
FABrandon TaylorCB154SrTough, intelligent defensive back with solid ball skills. Possesses marginal speed which will limit him at the next level.
FAMitch JosephTE834SrAdequate tight end prospect that can be the third man on the depth chart. Solid job as a pass catcher and blocker.
FAStefoin FrancoisS235Sr


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
5-6Bradley SowellT785SrTechnically sound pass blocking collegiate tackle that is slightly overrated in the scouting community. Does not possess great upside.
6-7Brandon BoldenRB344SrQuick ball carrier that shows the ability to beat defenders into the open field. Finds the cutback lanes and immediately gets through them.
7thGerald RiversDE904JrAthletic underclassmen that flashes a lot of skill as a pass rusher.
7thWayne DorseyDE74SrTall defensive end that looks like a power forward on the football field. Flashes athleticism but very rough around the edges.
FAAlex WashingtonG735SrMassive blocker that moves incredibly well for such a large man. Strong at the point and big enough to engulf defenders. Really needs to polish his game and lose weight but has a large upside.
FADamien JacksonS14SrStraight-line safety that stands out in run defense. Marginal sideline to sideline range.
FAWesley PendletonCB63JrPhysical, well sized cornerback with a solid game.
FAMarcus TempleCB44SrNice sized cornerback with a physical game. Flying under the radar.
FAEnrique DavisRB274SrRotational back that displays the ability to make defenders miss and create his own yardage.

Mississippi State

Rnd Full Name Pos#YrComments
5thAddison LawrenceG625SrQuick footed, mobile zone blocking prospect that plays right tackle for Mississippi State but projects to guard on our boards. Fundamentally sound, plays with a large degree of intelligence and works hard. Effective in motion. Lacks the dominant strength. Solid zone blocking prospect.
5-6Quentin SaulsberryG555SrQuick, explosive and hard-working blocker that shows ability in motion. Played guard last season yet projected to center by some. Potential zone blocking lineman.
6-7Vick BallardRB284SrQuick, creative runner that shows good vision, finds the cutback lanes and quickly hits the hole. Shows a burst and runs hard on the inside. Terrific third-down back/complementary runner for the next level.
FAChris RelfQB145SrAthletic college quarterback expected to find a new position in the NFL.
FACharles MitchellS44SrAggressive run defending safety that displays limited playing speed.
FABrandon MayeOLB95SrClemson transfer that looked like a potential star as a sophomore but watched his game slide off in 2010.
FAWade BonnerS75Sr
FAJames CarmonT774SrJunior college transfer and that was used on the defensive line last season and is slated to move to offensive tackle this year. Developmental project with outstanding size.