The contrast could not be any greater; North Carolina, a program that will again put a tremendous amount of talent into the NFL Draft, is a team in upheaval for a second straight season.  Down the road in Raleigh the Wolfpack have stability at the top, which they’ve been searching for.  And though a good college team, the next level outlook for NCSU is limited.

North Carolina

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
1st Quinton Coples DE 90 4Sr Tremendous athlete that with size, strength and growth potential. Fluid moving about the field. Constantly doubled the by opponents yet gets penetration behind the line of scrimmage. Has a little Julius Peppers in style and substance.
1st Zach Brown OLB 47 4Sr Athletic and explosive three down linebacker that makes plays in coverage or against the run. Fluid, covers a lot of area on the field and fast sideline to sideline. Good head for the ball in the box and works hard to stop ball carriers.
2-3 Jonathan Cooper G 64 4Jr Terrific guard prospect with a high upside. Athletic, moves well on his feet and very effective blocking in motion. Needs to improve his strength yet an outstanding prospect for the future.
2-3 Charles Brown CB 12 5Sr Athletic cover corner that keeps the action in front of him. Does a nice job recognizing routes, has a great break to the ball out of his plant and closing speed to the action. Constantly making plays on the ball. Suspended during the 2010 season but returns this fall.
5th Donte Paige-Moss DE N 3Jr Solid college defensive end that is used in a three-point stance or stands up over tackle. Lacks elite athleticism yet has enough skill to play in the NFL.
5th Jordan Nix DT 78 5Sr Quick, explosive interior tackle that fires off the snap, displays a good change of direction and shows a good degree of suddenness in his game. Undersized yet plays with leverage and tough to stop.
5th Dwight Jones WR 83 4Sr Nice sized receiver that plays strong and big. Consistently comes away with the reception in the middle of a crowd, sure handed and wins out in battles. Minimal quickness and speed in his game.
5-6 Tydreke Powell DT 91 5Sr Explosive interior first step lineman that struggles getting off blocks. Plays with good lean and fires through the gaps of the offensive line.
6th Cam Holland C 65 5Sr Powerful small area blocker that opens up the middle the field. Lacks agility, struggles to adjust and ineffective in motion.
6th Ryan Houston RB 32 5Sr Underrated power runner on the inside that’s been miscast as a fullback. Returns this fall after sitting on the sidelines with suspension last season.
6-7 Erik Highsmith WR 88 3Jr Quick, dependable receiver best running underneath routes. Gets separation and makes the catch with his hands.
7th Kevin Reddick ILB 48 3Jr
FA Devon Ramsay FB 45 5Sr Strong, fundamentally sound lead blocker that does enough to chip opponents from the action. Slows into blocks which affects his ability to finish off defenders.
7-FA Jared McAdoo DE 94 3So One time up and coming prospect that did not play in 2010 and has been dismissed from the program.
FA Matt Merletti S 25 5Sr

North Carolina State

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
4-5 Zach Allen G 72 4Jr Strong, small area blocker that rides defenders off the line of scrimmage. Must improve his footwork and ability in space but a big bodied blocker with next level ability.
4-5 Russell Wilson QB 16 5Sr Athletic passer that also has a future in professional baseball. Athletic, easily gets outside the pocket or picks up yardage with his legs. Effortlessly gets the ball downfield. Makes good choices under the rush but must improve his overall game. Transferred from North Carolina State and will play at Wisconsin this season.
5th Camden Wentz C 53 4Jr Explosive blocker on the interior that shows strength and ability run blocking as well as in pass protection.
6th Terrell Manning OLB 35 4Jr Explosive weak side linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline and gets tremendous depth on pass drops.
6-7 Audie Cole OLB 42 5Sr Instinctive, tough outside linebacker that’s always puts himself in a position to make plays on the ball. Minimal playing speed, which is prevalent on film, limits his next level upside.
7th George Bryan TE 84 5Sr Reliable pass catching tight end that gives effort as a blocker. Overall game lacks quickness as well as speed.
FA Brandan Bishop S 30 3Jr Fiery, fierce safety that sells out defending the run yet also shows skill in coverage.
FA Markus Kuhn DT 91 4Sr Hard-working interior lineman that has nice length and some growth potential.
FA J.R. Sweezy DT 52 5Sr Competitive defensive tackle that plays hard yet has a limited upside.
FA Jay Smith WR 86 5Sr
FA Taylor Gentry FB 47