We start the ACC off by looking at Boston College and Clemson; two teams that can’t seem to get over the hump in the conference yet always put quality talent into the draft.  That is likely to be the story line through April ’12.  Duke’s top prospect comes from the ranks of underclassmen.

Boston College

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
2-3 Kaleb Ramsey DT 96 4Sr Strong, interior lineman that plays big. Displays good first step quickness, consistently commands double teams and tough to handle in the middle of the line.
3rd Luke Kuechly ILB 40 3Jr tackling machine with a tremendous head for the game. Instinctive, diagnoses the action as it unfolds and constantly around the ball. Lacks classic size and even elite speed for an undersized linebacker.
4-5 Chris Pantale TE 81 4Jr Developing tight end that has shown flashes.
6-7 Montel Harris RB 2 4Sr Smallish yet creative ball carrier that could play at the next level as a situational runner/third-down back.
7th Donnie Fletcher CB 4 4Sr Solid cover cornerback with an aggressive style. Maybe best suited to play in a zone system.
FA Ifeanyi Momah WR 3 5Sr King sized pass catching threat that makes a lot of athletic plays yet must improve his consistency and take his game to another level. Has an upside.
FA Nathan Richman G 75 5Sr Versatile lineman that can be used at guard or center. Strong at the point, easily controls defenders once engaged in a block and a terrific run blocking lineman.
FA Mark Spinney C 69 5Sr Versatile lineman that can be a utility blocker for any of the three interior offensive line positions.
FA Emmett Cleary G 77 4Jr Backup offensive lineman who did not develop the way we thought possible in 2010 after a solid ’09 campaign.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
2nd Brandon Thompson DT 98 4Sr Quick, explosive one gap tackle that fires through the gaps up the field and can make plays laterally. Will get consideration as a three technique lineman. Top 60 prospect as of now.
2-3 Andre Ellington RB 23 4Jr Quick elusive ball carrier that created yardage. Very similar in style and substance to C.J. Spiller.
3rd Andre Branch DE 40 5Sr Possibly the next big-time pass rusher to come from the Clemson program. Athletic, explosive and constantly in the backfield making plays. Will get consideration at outside linebacker in a 34 alignment.
4th Dwayne Allen TE 83 4Jr Athletic pass catching tight end that also does an admirable job blocking. Must improve the details of his position yet someone that can be a top 100 prospect moving forward.
7th Brandon Maye OLB 20 5Sr Quick, explosive linebacker really best in the box. Transferred to Southern Miss for the ’11 campaign.
7th Landon Walker T 72 5Sr Powerful right tackle prospect with nice size. Best as a run blocker and struggles protecting the edge in pass protection.
FA Antoine McClain G 74 4Sr Strong, small area blocker that can dominate the opposition on running downs.
FA David Smith G 73 5Sr Nimble lineman that shows ability blocking in motion. Must improve his playing strength and learn to block with his legs.
FA Rashard Hall S 31 4Jr Skilled defensive back that flashes ability yet must put it all together and produce on a consistent basis.
FA Rennie Moore DE 94 5Sr Solid defensive line prospect that can be used at a variety of positions up front.
FA Kyle Parker QB 11 4Jr Baseball prospect that comes with a big-league arm yet minor-league accuracy.
FA Mason Cloy G 62 5Sr Solid backup lineman that can be used at several positions.
FA Chad Diehl FB 30 5Sr Hard-working lead blocker with physical limitations.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
7-FA Sean Renfree QB 19 4Jr Tall, strong armed pocket passer who plays a smart game. Comes with an upside must be monitored.
FA Matt Daniels S 40 4Sr Adequate safety with a well-rounded game but mostly effective in the box or playing downhill.
FA Kyle Hill T 79 4Sr Big, strong college left tackle better suited to play on the right side. Solid run blocker yet not agile, nimble and lacks the footwork to protect the quarterbacks blind side.
FA Lee Butler CB 20 4Sr
FA Charlie Hatcher DT 93 5Sr