The next level talent available in April from Conference USA is about to take a quantum leap in 2012 and looks solid for the foreseeable future.  Position players from both sides of the ball will fill the boards around league war rooms in the coming years.


Round Full Name School Pos Yr # Comments
2ndVinny CurryMarshallDE5Sr99Explosive college defensive end that displays outstanding pass rushing skills and ability in pursuit. Quick and very sudden. Likely to transition to a3-4 outside linebacker at the next level. Very good football player.
2ndKyle PadronSMUQB3Jr2Accurate, quarterback with a big-time arm. Needs to fine-tune the details of his position yet could be a big-time prospect moving forward.
2-3Kelvin Beachum Jr.SMUG4Sr70Terrific pass blocking college left tackle that projects the guard in the NFL. Must improve his run blocking strength yet offers a lot of potential for the next level.
3rdEmanuel DavisEast CarolinaCB5Sr38Nice sized cornerback with solid ball skills.
4-5Kendrick PresleySouthern MississippiS4Sr26terrific safety prospect with a complete game flying under radar screens. Physical and aggressive against the run while also displaying solid ball skills and the ability to get outside the numbers to make plays. Lacks classic size. Surprisingly has not registered in the scouting community.
4-5Matt McCantsUABT5Sr71Terrific pass blocking left tackle that offers size, footwork and the ability to slide out off the edge. Strong at the point and offers a lot of skills yet must develop a nasty attitude and work harder to finish blocks. Comes with and upside.
5thCordarro LawSouthern MississippiOLB5Sr49Undersized yet effective college defensive end that consistently and continually makes plays behind the line of scrimmage. Disruptive force also very effective in pursuit. Possesses poor measurable’s yet is a very good football player that can be a pass rush specialist in a 34 at the next level.
5thJamie CollinsSouthern MississippiOLB3Jr22Outstanding athlete that looks imposing on the field and is developing a complete game. Comes with a large upside.
5-6Austin DavisSouthern MississippiQB5Sr12Solid college passer with a live arm. Offers potential as a second quarterback in the NFL.
6thJa’Gared DavisSMUOLB3Jr56Smallish 34 linebacker that displays a lot of speed, athleticism and ability to make plays behind the line of scrimmage or in pass coverage.
6thDarius NallUCFDE5Sr53Small but explosive college defensive end that will likely transition to outside linebacker in the NFL. Explosive, fast up the field and tough to knock off his feet.
7thCase KeenumHoustonQB6Sr7Highly rated percentage passer that returns for his sixth year of college eligibility. Good prospect that must show no bumps on the road after missing the 2010 season.
7thMargus HuntSMUDE4Jr92Champion shot put and discus thrower with outstanding size as well as growth potential. Good athlete but must get stronger and learn the position yet a next level prospect that must be monitored.
7thKorey WilliamsSouthern MississippiOLB5Sr42Underrated linebacker that can be used in a variety of positions and makes plays sideline to sideline. Displays good physical skills on tape yet shows questionable instincts at times.
7-FADamaris JohnsonTulsaWR4Sr3Highly rated prospect that’s coming off a disappointing campaign.
FATerence EdgeUABG4Sr55Versatile lineman that can be used at tackle or guard. Fundamentally sound, strong at the point and gives effort. Some ability to block in motion.
FAQuentin PierceSouthern MississippiWR4Jr85Sure handed and reliable underneath receiver that comes away with the difficult reception.
FATaylor ReedSMUILB3Jr44Fiery run defender that makes a lot of plays in the box and up the field.
FAPhillip StewardHoustonOLB3Jr42Athletic three down linebacker that shows ability against the run and also effectively makes plays in space. Solid future prospect.
FADominique DavisEast CarolinaQB5Sr4Athletic passer with the ability to make all the throws. Puts zip on the outs and can get the ball through the tight spots yet needs to improve the details of his game and show better pass placement.
FAAdam NissleyUCFTE5Sr88One dimensional blocking tight end that looks and plays like an offensive lineman. Moves towards the April draft as one of the premier blocking tight ends available.
FAKelvin BoldenSouthern MississippiWR4Sr17Speedy wideout that runs solid routes and shows the ability to make plays downfield. Must be more consistent in his game and start to do the little things well but has an upside.
FATroy DavisUCFOLB3Jr58Smallish college defensive end that will make the move to outside linebacker at the next level.
FARonnie WeaverUCFRB5Sr35Hard charging ballcarrier that displays good vision, quickness and the ability to turn the corner. Lacks the size and strength to grind it out on the inside.
FAPatrick EdwardsHoustonWR5Sr83Reliable pass catcher that runs terrific routes, consistently gets separation from defenders then immediately transitions from making the catch to running after the reception. Outstanding on underneath routes and could be a good slot/fifth receiver at the next level.
FARonnie ThorntonSouthern MississippiOLB5Sr56athletic linebacker that flashes skill yet needs to pick up at tempo of his game.
FAD’Angelo McCrayMemphisDT5Sr
FADarryl FreeneyEast CarolinaWR5Sr81A receiver we loved off the 2009 film, Freeney sat on the sidelines with suspension last year but will return to the roster in 2011. Offers a lot of skill and next level potential.
FALatavius MurrayUCFRB4Jr28Change of pace runner best on the inside.
FAElliott HeniganUABDT4Sr51Hard-working defensive lineman that’s been used at both tackle and end. Not a great athlete yet competitive and intense.
FAA.J. GuytonUCFWR5Sr3
FARyan TillmanMarshallT5Sr73Big bodied college left tackle with solid movement skills. Strong at the point and controls defenders once engaged in a block. Needs to improve the details of his position and get stronger in his lower body.
FATyron CarrierHoustonWR5Sr35Smallish yet quick pass catcher that does a nice job finding the clearing in the defense then making himself an available target for the quarterback.
FAMarcus McGrawHoustonOLB4Sr55Undersized linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline and shows ability in pursuit. Lack of size is a limiting factor but could make it as a backup one gap linebacker that helps out on special teams.
FAPatrick ShedUABRB4Sr26Small yet slippery and elusive ball handler that creates yardage. Terrific pass catcher out of the backfield. Third-down back/situational ball handler for the next level.
FALance LewisEast CarolinaWR4Sr88Adequately sized receiver that lacks speed and consistency.
FATerrance BallouUABCB4Sr2Speedy cornerback with marginal ball skills. Blows too many assignments.
FAJoe BanyardUTEPRB5Sr21Well-built ball carrier who began his college career at TCU. Best in a straight line and really struggles when he must change direction.
FAJosh LinamUCFILB4Sr50Hard-working middle linebacker with limitations.
FATaylor ThompsonSMUDE4Sr8Nice sized defensive end that gives effort yet has a lot of limitations.
FAAntwon BlakeUTEPCB4Sr9Aggressive cornerback best facing the action. Marginal ball skills and instincts. Possible zone cornerback.
FAC.J. WoodMarshallT4Sr75
FANick PieschelUCFG5Sr77Nice sized lineman that lacks strength and blocking balance.
FAJ.T. BrooksSMUT5Sr79Terrific pass protector effective blocking in motion.