Next up the Big Ten.  Illinois put quality talent into last April’s draft and we think that trend will continue as there is a lot of potential on the roster.  Indiana offers one of the best nose tackle prospects in the nation while Iowa is once again stacked on the lines of scrimmage.


Rnd Full Name Pos #Yr Comments
2-3Akeem SpenceDT943Sopotentially dominant defensive lineman that showed immense skill as a freshman.
4thA.J. JenkinsWR84SrNice sized receiver with solid hands. Potential third wide out on the NFL level.
4-5Jeff AllenT714SrTerrific pass blocking left tackle with a nice upside. May be pushed inside to guard. Underrated and not given his due in the scouting community.
4-5Trulon HenryS94SrImposing looking safety that forces his way up the field yet also shows skills and center field. Good range and can get outside the numbers to make plays on the flanks.
5thGraham PocicC764JrTough, strong and intelligent center with good size and strength. Bends well and adjusts nicely for such a large blocker.
FAMichael BuchananDE994SrSmall college pass rushing defensive end likely to move to outside linebacker in the NFL.
FAIan ThomasOLB384Srundersized yet explosive weak side linebacker prospect that displays a complete game. Terrific in coverage, covering a lot of area on the field and sifts his way through the traffic to make plays against the run.
FATerry HawthorneCB13JrDeveloping cornerbackthat’s shown flashes yet must pull his game together.
FAJason FordRB214SrNice sized interior back with solid measurables that must step up his game this season.
FATavon WilsonS34SrUndersized safety prospect with a solid game.
FAJohn CornellG735Sr


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rdLarry Black JrDT974JrDominant gap eater in the middle of the line that continually commands double and sometimes triple teams. Slowly turning into one of the best nose tackle prospects in the nation.
6thDamarlo BelcherWR885SrTall, strong possession receiver whose game went backwards last season. Possesses the skill to develop into a number three receiver at the next level yet must quickly take his game to the next level.
FADarius WillisRB284JrPowerful, downhill runner with limited speed and quickness. Better than average receiver out of the backfield.
FAAndrew McDonaldT725Sr
FAWill MatteC604JrExplosive and intelligent center with limited physical skills.
FAMax DedmondTE835SrAdequate pass catching tight end with no outstanding single aspect to his game.
FAJeff ThomasILB535SrHard charging run defending linebacker best in a straight line, playing downhill.


Rnd Full Name Pos#YrComments
2-3Riley ReiffT774JrThe next top tackle prospect to come from Iowa. Not in the class of Bryan Bulaga yet legitimate starting material.
3-4Mike DanielsDT935SrSmall but explosive defensive tackle that makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage or in pursuit. Potential three technique lineman. Highly rated by many in the scouting community.
4thMarvin McNuttWR75SrBig, tall wide out who looks like a power forward on the field. Starting to develop a fine game.
5thMarkus ZusevicsT565SrUnderrated strong side prospect that does the little things well. Graded as a guard by many in the scouting community but we feel he has the style and body type to stay at right tackle.
5thAdam RobinsonRB324JrStrong interior ball carrier that is rarely brought down by the first defender and shows the ability to make opponents miss in a small area. Dismissed from the program at the end of last season.
6thAdam GettisG735SrUnderrated guard that’s very explosive, quick and shows a variety of skill.
6-7Shaun PraterCB284SrFiery cover corner best facing the action.
7thBroderick BinnsDE915SrUndersized but incredibly quick lineman who plays with great hustle. Game dropped off in 2010.
FABrad HermanTE394Sr
FATyler NielsenOLB455Sr