UConn won the conference title, lost their coach then has a handful of players selected late in the draft.  We are high on several of the Husky defensive prospects, including a pair of juniors.  Cincinnati also has several prospects to watch out for on the defensive side of the ball.


Round Full Name Pos #
Yr Comments
3rd Walter Stewart OLB 54 5Sr Athletic and well rounded linebacker that could develop into one of the top 3-4 outside linebackers if he takes his game to the next level. Nice physical skills yet questionable instincts.  Top 60 potential if he pulls it together.
4th John Hughes DT 40 5Sr Tough, strong slug it out defender in the middle of the line. Strong, holds the points and does a great job occupying the gaps.
6th Derek Wolfe DT 95 4Sr Slug it out defensive tackle that flashes a lot of skill.
7-FA Maalik Bomar OLB 4 3Jr Slightly undersized yet athletic linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline.
FA Zach Collaros QB 12 5Sr Efective underneath signal caller with a great head for the position. Lacks size andtop NFL physical skills.
FA Camerron Cheattham CB 21 4Jr Developing corner with good size and skills.
FA Scott Johnson CB 5 3Jr Smallish defensive back that gives a lot of effort against the run or defending the pass. Potential nickel player in a zone system.
FA J.K. Schaffer OLB 37 4Sr Hard-working middle linebacker prospect with limited athleticism.
FA D.J. Woods WR 3 4Sr Slot receiver with reliable hands yet limited deep speed.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
2-3 Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB 5 3So Big, physical cornerback with a lot of upside potential. Displays just average quickness and speed on film but could develop into a top prospect if he improves his game.
4th Dwayne Gratz CB 24 4Jr Developing cornerback with enough physical and mental skills to be a nickel back and eventually starter in the NFL.
5th Twyon Martin DT 4 Srr Explosive one gap tackle that fires through gaps up the field and consistently makes plays on the ball.
5-6 Kendall Reyes DT 99 5Sr Potential three technique defensive tackle that fires off the snap to make plays behind the line of scrimmage or laterally. Highly thought of in scouting circles.
6th Ryan Griffin TE 94 4Jr Potential number two tight end prospect that does a solid job blocking and is also effective catching the ball.
6th Cody Endres QB 12 5Sr Strong arm quarterback that can make all the passes. Displays a nice sense of timing. Dismissed from the Connecticut program last season and will play at Slippery Rock this year.
6-7 Mike Ryan T 71 5Sr Big strong right tackle prospect that must improve his balance. Ccan dominate the opposition but best in a small area.
6-7 Adam Masters T 63 4Jr Solid left tackle prospect that shows a lot of ability in motion. Must improve his playing strength and add bulk to his frame.
7th Jerome Junior S 15 4Jr Solid safety prospect that flashes the ability to play sideline to sideline and also make the big hit defending the run.
FA Jesse Joseph DE 91 4Jr Explosive one gap defensive end that plays with good balance, body control and effectively uses his hands. Shows a lot of skill and potential.
FA Trevardo Williams DE 48 3Jr College defensive end that can get up the field. Likely to transition to outside linebacker in the NFL.
FA John Delahunt TE 89 4Jr Adequate tight and prospect that does the little things well. Nice size, strength and reliable hands but not a real playmaker.