Pittsburgh kept up their tradition of putting quality receivers into the NFL Draft as another Panther underclassman wide out went in the first round last April.  Moving forward we don’t see much in the way of receivers or first rounders coming from the program any time soon.  Louisville offers a few underrated prospects including one of the best centers in the country.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rd Mario Benavides C 55 4Jr Quick, explosive blocker on the pivot that is very effective in motion. Has shown an improving game and will be highly rated moving forward.
6-7 Dexter Heyman OLB 46 4Sr Athletic linebacker that flashes skill making plays sideline to sideline.
FA Josh Chichester TE 11 5Sr Massive target learning to become a football player.  Former receiving that has transitioned to tight end.
FA Shenard Holton S 36 3Jr Smallish yet hard hitting safety best making plays up the field.
FA Greg Scruggs DE 6 4Sr Tall, athletic defensive end with upside potential. Must start making more plays on the football field.
FA Andrell Smith WR 14 3Jr Possession receiver that comes away with the difficult grab.
FA Victor Anderson RB 20 4Sr Resilient, straight line ball carrier that also excels as a pass catcher out of the backfield.
FA William Savoy OLB 91 5Sr Undersized college pass rusher that projects to outside linebacker in a 34 alignment.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
6th Mike Shanahan WR 87 4Jr Tough, sure handed possession receiver that does the little things well.
7th Max Gruder OLB 55 5Sr Active linebacker that best defending the run.
7-FA Tino Sunseri QB 12 4Jr Underrated signal caller with an above average arm, accuracy as well as awareness. Lacks classic pocket passer size.
7-FA Lucas Nix T 52 4Sr Underrated tackle prospect that’s used on the right side but seemingly has the athleticism necessary to protect the blind side. Did not improve in 2010 as we thought possible.
FA Jarred Holley S 18 4Jr Physical and aggressive safety best in a straight line.
FA Chris Jacobson G 54 5Sr Hard-working, competitive blocker relatively effective in motion. Must learn to do a better job blocking with his legs.
FA Mike Cruz TE 84 4Jr
FA Greg Williams OLB 35 5Sr Athletic weak side linebacker that can plays sideline to sideline.