The past two drafts have come and gone with no player from Toledo being chosen during the seven rounds, something we don’t expect to change in 2012.  Western Michigan on the other hand has a number of prospects to keep a close eye on.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
FAEric PageWR123JrSolid underneath receiver that shows ability to running after the catch.
FAMike VenDerMeulenT744JrShowed flashes early in his Toledo career yet never took his game to another level.
FAPhillipkeith ManleyG784SrStrong, nasty blocker that shows some skill in motion. Must condition himself better but holds a degree of upside.
FADanny NobleTE864JrAthletic tight end with nice size coming off a disappointing junior campaign.

Western Michigan

Rnd Full NamePos#YrComments
5thPaul HazelDE993JrTerrific college pass rusher that makes plays in every angle of the field. Effective out of a three-point stance as well is standing up over tackle.
6-7Dex JonesOLB424JrSolid college linebacker explosive up the field defending the run or rushing the passer yet also efficient in coverage. Solid weak side prospect.
7thAnthony ParkerT725SrAdequate college left tackle likely to move inside at the next level. Shows skills but must condition himself properly and learn to do the little things well.
7thFreddie BishopDE974JrExplosive a nasty college defensive end likely to make the move to outside linebacker at the next level. Explosive up the field and can also get out to the flanks and make plays.
FADann O’NeillT613JrBig, stout run blocking right tackle best in confined quarters.
FAAlex CarderQB144JrTerrific game manager at the quarterback position. Possesses great wherewithal, a sense of timing and very accurate. Does not own a major league arm.
FAJordan WhiteWR835SrSolid pass catcher with a nice sense of timing and the ability gets separation from defenders running routes. Potentially a fifth receiver at the next level.
FADoug WigginsS225SrAdequate safety that flashes skill to has not shown a lot of consistency.
FARobert ArnheimWR125Sr