The state of Miami football should be interesting to watch after the loss of their head coach, now looking for a job since his dismissal from Pittsburgh.  Both the Redhawks and NIU have offensive linemen that are rated by NFL scouts who must be monitored.  Talented skill player LaVon Brazill returns to Ohio after missing most of the ’10 with a knee injury.


Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
6-7 Brandon Brooks T 56 5Sr Athletic lineman that has successfully held down the left tackle and guard spots for Miami. A well sized blocker with enough footwork to play on the blind side at the next level and also offers possibilities on the strong side as he physically matures. Must turn up the intensity and play to his level of ability each down.
7-FA Zac Dysert QB 4 4Jr Strong armed passer on the sidelines with injury much of last season. Has the physical skills to be a prospect.
FA Austin Brown DT 90 3Jr Hard working, competitive, one-gap lineman with limited size.
FA D.J. Brown CB 6 4Jr Physically gifted cornerback that struggles making plays with his back to the ball.
FA Brad Bednar C 72 3Jr Explosive, zone-blocking prospect.
FA Steve Marck TE 87 3Jr

Northern Illinois

Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
7-FA Trevor Olson T 62 4Sr Nice sized tackle prospect with a good upside. Did not improve the way we though possible in 2010. Better on the strong side.
FA Sean Progar DE 95 4Jr Explosive and athletic college defensive end with good movement skills. Undersized and may be best and outside linebacker in a 34.
FA Scott Wedige C 71 5Sr Fiery center that blocks with good leverage and shows solid movement skills. Zone blocking prospect.
FA Chandler Harnish QB 12 5Sr Underrated quarterback that makes terrific decisions in the pocket and effectively leads the offense. Lacks classic size but has an arm. The pass/run option offense of NIU has hurt his development.
FA Jason Schepler TE 87 4Sr Strong blocking tight end with good size. Marginal explosion and athleticism.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
6th LaVon Brazill WR 9 5Sr Speedy pass catcher who flashes big time ability. Game breaker as a wide out or return specialist and a good receiver as well. Suffered a season ending injury in the middle of the ’10 campaign and returns for another season.
FA Eric Herman G 77 4Jr Nice sized, strong interior guard best in confined quarters.
FA Joe Flading T 78 5Sr Quick, explosive college tackle that moves very well on his feet. Likely better off inside at guard at the next level.
FA Skyler Allen C 65 3Jr Explosive blocker that may be best in a zone blocking scheme.
FA Jordan Thompson TE 88 4Jr well-rounded tight end that catches the ball well and gives effort blocking. Does not possess the top upside yet will get looks as a free agent.
FA Noah Keller OLB 47 5Sr Smallish but fierce linebacker who makes plays sideline-to-sideline. Plays big but size is a limiting factor.