We start our summer scouting series and will break down every team from every D-IA/BCS conference from now through the beginning of the 2011 campaign.  We start with the MAC and four teams unlikely to impact the draft anytime soon; Akron, Ball State, Bowling Green & Buffalo.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
7-FA Jake Anderson T 73 5Sr Nice sized right tackle prospect that combines strength, agility and smarts. Looks like he has an upside.

Ball State

Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
6-7 Sean Baker S 25 5Sr Tough, slug it out safety best in a straight line.
7th Kelly Page QB 5 4Jr One time highly rated passer coming off a disappointing season.
FA Kitt O’Brien G 79 3Jr Strong, wide bodied blocker that easily controls one-on-one assignments.
FA Kreg Hunter C 66 4Jr

Bowling Green

Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
7th Dwayne Wood ILB 5 3Jr Active linebacker best defending the run yet also shows skill in zone coverage. Undersized and better in the box then getting out to the flanks.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
7th Marcus Rivers WR 2 5Sr Big, tall possession wide out that makes the difficult catch with regularity. Terrific red zone threat.
FA Alex Neutz WR 19 3So Well sized possession wide out with a developing game