There were numerous terrific performances as the final position took to the field at Lucas Oil Stadium to close out the 2011 combine.  Several defensive back prospects answered the questions surrounding their skills while some exceeded expectations.  There were also a few disappointments.  Here’s the breakdown.

Defensive Backs

Pos Full Name School 40yd-1 40yd-2
CB Cortez Allen Citadel 4.49 4.51
CB Prince Amukamara Nebraska 4.39 4.42
S Ahmad Black Florida 4.73 4.75
CB Niles Brinkley Wisconsin 4.57 4.49
CB Chykie Brown Texas 4.57 4.48
CB Curtis Brown Texas 4.47 4.52
CB Jalil Brown Colorado 4.55 4.55
CB Kendric Burney North Carolina 4.75 4.71
CB Brandon Burton Utah 4.44 4.42
CB Mario Butler Georgia Tech 4.64 4.58
CB Rashad Carmichael Virginia Tech 4.51 4.50
S Quinton Carter Oklahoma 4.64 4.63
CB Chimdi Chekwa Ohio State 4.39 4.35
S Chris Conte California 4.60 4.65
CB Vance Cuff Georgia 4.47 4.50
S Chris Culliver South Carolina 4.33 4.30
CB Ras-I Dowling Virginia 4.43 Inj
S Marcus Gilchrist Clemson 4.48 4.44
CB Dejon Gomes Nebraska 4.42 4.50
S Eric Hagg Nebraska 4.75 4.64
CB Brandon Harris Miami-Fl 4.52 4.50
S Will Hill Florida 4.65 4.55
S Jermale Hines Ohio State 4.57 4.55
CB Brandon Hogan West Virginia Inj Inj
CB Davon House New Mexico State 4.45 4.48
S Jaiquawn Jarrett Temple 4.58 4.60
S Jeron Johnson Boise State 4.55 4.59
S Shiloh Keo Idaho 4.79 4.75
S Joseph Lefeged Rutgers 4.43 4.46
S Mark LeGree Appalachian State 4.49 4.49
CB Curtis Marsh Utah State 4.40 4.44
CB Byron Maxwell Clemson 4.53 4.44
S DeAndre McDaniel Clemson 4.62 4.69
CB Andrew McGee Oklahoma State 4.75 4.71
S Rahim Moore UCLA 4.56 4.60
CB Johnny Patrick Louisville 4.54 4.57
CB Patrick Peterson LSU 4.31 4.35
CB Justin Rogers Richmond 4.45 4.46
CB Chris L. Rucker Michigan State Inj Inj
CB Kevin Rutland Missouri 4.52 4.55
S Robert Sands West Virginia 4.60 4.55
S Tyler Sash Iowa 4.61 4.61
S Da’Norris Searcy North Carolina 4.52 4.62
CB Richard Sherman Stanford 4.49 4.49
S David Sims Iowa State 4.52 4.54
CB Darryl Skrine Tenn-Chattanooga 4.27 4.34
CB Jimmy Smith Colorado 4.35 4.35
S Jerrard Tarrant Georgia Tech 4.55 4.59
CB Josh Thomas Buffalo 4.48 4.44
CB Brandyn Thompson Boise State 4.49 4.52
CB Devon Torrence Ohio State 4.68 4.64
CB DeMarcus Van Dyke Miami-Fl 4.30 4.29
CB Aaron Williams Texas 4.49 4.53
S Deunta Williams North Carolina Inj Inj
S Nate Williams Washington 4.53 4.63
CB Shareece Wright USC 4.39 4.41

Cortez Allen/The Citadel: Fundamentally sound.  Quick in reverse, shows nice hips and very agile.  Solid skills,

Prince Amukamara/Nebraska: Terrific in all aspects.  Quick pedal, fast in reverse and can easily turn and run.

Ahmad Black/Florida: Awful.  Off balance, hunches over on his pedal and slow in reverse. Looked very stiff.

Niles Brinkley/Wisconsin: Smooth pedal, fluid hips and fast out of his pedal.  Nice burst.  A bit slow out of his plant.

Chykie Brown/Texas: Adequate is the best way to describe him.  Slow pedal and hesitates before he drives to the ball out of his plant yet solid movement skills.

Curtis Brown/Texas: Quick in all aspects and looked very athletic.  Fluid pedal, can flip his hips and terrific drive out of his plant.

Jalil Brown/Colorado: Slow, mechanical backpedal.  Seemed tentative.  Nice drive to the ball.

Kendric Burney/North Carolina: Fundamentally terrific in all aspects.  Quick feet, smooth hips and nice drive out of his plant.  Forty time is going to kill him.

Brandon Burton/Utah: Gets a bit high in his pedal but overall very good in a number of aspects.

Mario Butler/Georgia Tech: Stiff, struggles with his pedal and poor drive out of his plant.

Rashad Carmichael/Virginia Tech: Solid pedal though he gets a bit high at times.  Smooth hips and relatively quick in most aspects.

Quinton Carter/Oklahoma: Surprisingly good and much better than what he showed in Mobile or on film.  Significantly improved his pedal and a decent drive out of his plant.

Chimdi Chekwa/Ohio State: Mechanical, stiff and gathers himself before driving out of his plant.  Does show a terrific burst.

Chris Conte/California: Solid in all aspects.  Decent pedal, smooth hips and can drive out of his plant.

Vance Cuff/Georgia: Quick in all aspects.  Fluid pedal and can flip his hips without losing momentum.

Chris Culliver/South Carolina: Reaches a bit on his pedal but overall a terrific day.  Quick in reverse, flips his hips and a tremendous burst.  Nice drive out of his plant.  Tough- pulled up with a leg cramp on one drill, massaged it out then continued and finished the day.

Ras-I Dowling/Virginia: Pulled his hammy on his first forty and his day was done.

Marcus Gilchrist/Clemson: Real good in all aspects.  Quick in reverse, flips his hips and drives out of his plant with speed.

Dejuan Gomes/Nebraska: Agile but does too much bouncing in his backpedal.  Losses a lot of quickness because of it.

Eric Hagg/Nebraska: Fundamentally sound in all aspects yet shows no quickness in his game.

Brandon Harris/Miami: Sits on his pedal yet fluid in reverse and can flip his hips.  Marginal burst and drive.

Will Hill/Florida: Solid and shows some quickness.  A little stiff and not quick in his pedal, yet not terrible.

Jermale Hines/Ohio State: Nice footwork.  Smooth hips yet a bit slow.

Devon House/New Mexico State: Impressive in a number of areas.  Smooth, quick pedal, can flips his hips and quick in all aspects.

Jaiquawn Jarrett/Temple: Looked much improved over his Senior Bowl showing.  Nice quick pedal, nice hips and has a burst.  Off balance a bit.

Jeron Johnson/Boise State: Hamstring issues knocked him out of the position drills.

Shiloh Keo/Idaho: Shows solid quickness in a small area.  Decent feet.  Must get his forty time below 4.7.

Joseph Lefeged/Rutgers: Displayed solid footwork, fluid in his hips and has a decent drive out of his plant.

Mark LeGree/Appalachian St: Quick pedal in reverse, fluid and smooth in all his actions. Displayed the ability to get vertical and adjust to catch the ball.

Curtis Marsh/Utah State: Tight his pedal and mechanical moving in reverse. Gathers before he drives out of his plant. Looked off balance. Improve as a session went on.

Byron Maxwell/Clemson: Somewhat stiff and off-balance pedaling in reverse. Quick turning his hips. Good overall quickness.

DeAndre McDaniel/Clemson: High in his pedal, displays poor hip movement and shows no burst. Gathers before he drives. A lot of stop and go.

Andrew McGee/Oklahoma State: Quick pedal, smooth hips and good overall mechanics.

Rahim Moore/UCLA: Slow in reverse and reaches on his pedal. Not smooth. Marginal burst. Stop and go changing direction. Displays the ability to drive out of his plant.

Johnny Patrick/Louisville: Quick in reverse, displays the ability to drive out of his plant. Slow turning his hips.

Patrick Peterson/LSU: A bit tight in his pedal. Can flip his hips, practiced with balance and has an explosive drive out of his plant.

Justin Rogers/Richmond: Smooth and quick pedaling in reverse, can flip his hips and show good balance. Very quick in all aspects.

Kevin Rutland/Missouri: Stiff, gets high in his pedal. Fluid turning and some quickness out of his rotation.

Robert Sands/West Virginia: Has a slow, mechanical backpedal. Bad hips. Off balance. Minimal quickness, no burst and a lot of stop and go changing direction.

Tyler Sands/Iowa: Adequate backpedal. Good hips. Fluid in most of his movements.

Da’Norris Searcy/North Carolina: Quick in reverse and can flip his hips. Gathers before he drives out of his plant.

Richard Sherman/Stanford: Sits on his backpedal, off balance and slow in reverse. Nice drive out of his plant. Looks athletic.

David Sims/Iowa State: Solid overall practice. Fast in reverse with good footwork. Does gather before he drives out of his plant. Overall a surprisingly solid performance which we were not expecting.

Darryl Skrine/UTC: Stays low, can turn his hips and shows terrific quickness and explosion. Very fast out of his turn. Solid drive out of his plant. Gets a little high in his backpedal and a bit slow.

Jimmy Smith/Colorado: Stiff, slow pedaling in reverse and gathers into his drive. Does display the ability to flip his hips.

Jerrard Tarrant/Georgia Tech: Adequate backpedal but does take a while to get going. Poor drive out of his plant.

Josh Thomas/Buffalo: Quick pedal and turn. Gathers before he drives.

Brandyn Thompson/Boise State: Fundamentally very sound. Can flip his hips, fast out of his turn and explosive. Nice drive out of his plant. A little tight in his backpedal yet quick.

Devon Torrence/Ohio State: Mechanical backpedal and slow. Stop and go changing direction. Solid hips.

DeMarcus Van Dyke/Miami: Good balance, quick turning his hips and explosive. Tremendous drive out of his plant.

Aaron Williams/Texas: Quick in reverse, can flip his hips and quickly gets out of his turn. Decent drive. Does get tall. At times a little stiff backpedaling.

Nate Williams/Washington: Gets upright. Smooth turning his hips.

Shareece Wright/USC: Slow, reaching backpedal and poor balance. Solid hip turn. Shows athleticism.