It was a group of fast, athletic linebackers that performed for scouts on Monday.  In some cases the fastest linebackers the combine has ever seen.  Here’s the breakdown.


Pos Name School 40-1 40-2
OLBAkeem AyersUCLA4.754.85
ILBNick BelloreCentral Michigan4.814.84
OLBBruce CarterNorth CarolinaInjInj
ILBAkeem DentGeorgiaInjInj
OLBMason FosterWashington4.634.75
ILBMark HerzlichBoston College4.904.94
OLBDoug HogueSyracuse4.654.59
ILBRoss HomanOhio State4.564.64
OLBJustin HoustonGeorgia4.604.64
OLBJeremiha HunterIowa4.734.78
OLBNate IrvingNorth Carolina StateInjInj
ILBGreg JonesMichigan State4.774.73
ILBElijah JosephTempleInjInj
ILBJustin LemonOklahoma State4.914.87
ILBGreg LloydConnecticut4.844.84
OLBScott LutrusConnecticut4.624.64
ILBCasey MatthewsOregonInjInj
OLBColin McCarthyMiami-Fl4.584.57
OLBVon MillerTexas A&M4.504.50
ILBMichael MohamedCalifornia4.754.69
OLBAdrian MotenMaryland4.704.70
OLBJonas MoutonMichigan4.814.87
OLBBrian RolleOhio State4.484.50
ILBKelvin SheppardLSUInjInj
ILBDerrell SmithSyracuseInjInj
OLBDarryl SmithAppalachian State4.654.75
ILBQuan SturdivantNorth CarolinaInjInj
OLBJ.T. ThomasWest Virginia4.604.63
ILBChris WhiteMississippi State4.694.69
ILBMartez WilsonIllinois4.444.50
OLBLawrence WilsonConnecticut4.624.62
OLBK.J. WrightMississippi State4.714.72

Akeem Ayers/UCLA: Showed decent feet and nice hips.  Very effective in reverse.  Showed some explosion and played faster than he timed.

Nick Bellore/Central Michigan: Worked his butt off and showed better than expected movement skills.  Shows a minimal burst and can’t get out of his plant in coverage drills.

Mason Foster/Washington: Stiff, mechanical and slow in his hips.  Marginally quick.

Mark Herzlich/Boston College: Has one speed.  Showed some ability to pedal in reverse.

Doug Hogue/Syracuse: Solid on his feet.  Quick in reverse and showed fluid hips.  A bit off balance.

Ross Homan/Ohio State: Terrific performance.  Looked quick, fast and explosive.  Solid feet in reverse and showed a burst.

Justin Houston/Georgia: Really showed poor linebacker skills.  Slow moving side to side, did to much starting/stopping in change of direction drills and always off balance.  Often had to take direction as he was not getting the drill correct.

Jeremiha Hunter/Iowa: Fluid, quick and practiced much faster than he timed.

Greg Jones/Michigan State: Looked very quick in all aspects.  Good footwork in reverse, solid hip movement and quickly opens up in transition.

Justin Lemon/Oklahoma State: Fluid and quick up the field and a decent change of direction.  Off balance and slow in reverse.

Greg Lloyd/UConn: Stiff, slow and too much stop/go changing direction.

Scott Lutrus/UConn: Looked athletic.  Bends his knees, fluid changing direction and good footwork in every direction.

Colin McCarthy/Miami: Solid footwork in every direction but a lot of start/stop changing direction.

Michael Mohamed/Cal: Very slow in reverse.  Up the field linebacker.

Adrian Moten/Maryland: Disappointing.  Slow hips and pedal.  Off balance. Lots of stop/start changing direction.

Jonas Mouton/Michigan: Played significantly faster than his forty time.  Looked explosive.  Fluid hips, smooth feet and, despite his poor runs, looked athletic.

Brian Rolle/Ohio State: Quick, athletic and moved very well.  Showed a lot of explosion in his game.

Kelvin Sheppard/LSU: Struggled changing direction, not fluid and showed no quickness out of his plant in coverage drills.  Looked like a two down defender.

Darryl Smith/Appalachian State: Very fluid and quick up the field or changing direction.  Slow in reverse.

Quan Sturdivant/North Carolina: Not fluid and off balance.  Needed direction more than the other players.  Decent hips and feet.

J.T. Thomas/West Virginia: Good feet and change of direction.  Very quick.

Chris White/Mississippi State: Slow moving side-to-side, slow in his hips and reaches on his backpedal in coverage drills.

Lawrence Wilson/UConn: Super quick feet, shows a burst and breaks down well.

Martez Wilson/Illinois: Looked very athletic.  Quick.  Bends his knees.

KJ Wright/Mississippi State: Good in coverage.  Some start/stop in coverage.