It was a tremendous day in Lucas Oil Stadium as just 17 of the defensive linemen who ran the forty failed to get under the five second barrier.  Better than that, just about all the prospects showed themselves to be terrific athletes.  Here’s the breakdown.

Defensive Line

Pos Name School 40-1 40-2
DE Sam Acho Texas 4.63 4.64
DT Ladi Ajiboye South Carolina 5.33 5.28
DE Pierre Allen Nebraska Inj Inj
DT Marvin Austin North Carolina 4.83 4.89
DE Allen Bailey Miami-Fl 4.83 4.81
DE Brandon Bair Oregon 4.99 4.99
DT Christian Ballard Iowa 4.77 4.83
DE Jeremy Beal Oklahoma 5.17 5.17
DE Da’Quan Bowers Clemson Inj Inj
DE Chris Carter Fresno State 4.65 4.67
DT Jurrell Casey USC 5.11 5.18
DE Ugo Chinasa Oklahoma State 4.74 4.69
DE Adrian Clayborn Iowa 4.83 4.77
DE Wayne Daniels TCU 5.12 5.09
DT Marcell Dareus Alabama 5.02 4.91
DE Demarcus Dobbs Georgia 4.95 4.95
DT Kendrick Ellis Hampton 5.29 5.35
DE Ricky Elmore Arizona 4.89 4.97
DE Nick Fairley Auburn 4.90 4.81
DT Sione Fua Stanford 5.34 5.33
DT John Graves Virginia Tech 5.13 5.14
DT Lawrence Guy Arizona State 4.92 5.04
DE Cameron Heyward Ohio State Inj Inj
DE Justin Houston Georgia
DT Jarvis Jenkins Clemson 5.05 5.13
DE Cameron Jordan California 4.75 4.77
DE Ryan Kerrigan Purdue 4.76 4.72
DE Karl Klug Iowa Inj Inj
DE Lazarius Levingston LSU 5.05 5.00
DE Corey Liuget Illinois 5.01 5.00
DE Kentrell Lockett Mississippi Inj Inj
DE Cliff Matthews South Carolina 4.81 4.75
DT Terrell McClain South Florida 4.98 4.98
DE Pernell McPhee Mississippi State 4.99 4.91
DE Bruce Miller Central Florida 4.76 4.79
DE Dontay Moch Nevada 4.47 4.47
DT Chris Neild West Virginia 5.09 5.13
DT Drake Nevis LSU 4.99 5.02
DT Stephen Paea Oregon State Inj Inj
DT Martin Parker Richmond 4.95 4.92
DT Jerrell Powe Mississippi 5.28 5.34
DE Robert Quinn North Carolina 4.68 4.59
DE Brooks Reed Arizona 4.64 4.62
DE D’Aundre Reed Arizona 4.85 4.75
DE Greg Romeus Pittsburgh Inj Inj
DE Jabaal Sheard Pittsburgh 4.62 4.62
DT Sealver Siliga Utah Inj Inj
DE Aldon Smith Missouri 4.73 4.70
DT Adrian Taylor Oklahoma Inj Inj
DT Phil Taylor Baylor 5.13 5.04
DT Cedric Thornton Southern Arkansas 5.16 5.15
DE J.J. Watt Wisconsin 4.84 4.78
DE Markus White Florida State 4.84 4.87
DT Colby Whitlock Texas Tech 5.19 5.22
DT Muhammad Wilkerson Temple 4.94 4.92
DT Ian Williams Notre Dame 5.13 5.22
DE Ryan Winterswyk Boise State 4.94 4.88


Sam Acho/Texas: Looked incredibly athletic, moving well around the field and showing a large degree of quickness.  Very effective in reverse.

Ladi Ajiboye/South Carolina: Moved exceptionally well for a big man.  Showed a burst and good change of direction.  No punch with his hands.

Marvin Austin/North Carolina: Looked athletic and powerful.  Terrific punch in the bag drills.  Was off balance part of the time.

Allen Bailey/Miami: Showed good footwork, moved well and powerful hand punch.

Brandon Bair/Oregon: Looked slow, lacked overall quickness and struggled changing direction.

Christian Ballard/Iowa: Quick footed, displayed a good change of direction and decent hand punch.

Jeremy Beal/Oklahoma: Practiced faster than he timed and showed a small burst.  Looked good in linebacker drills.

Chris Carter/Fresno State: Looked very athletic, fast and quick.  Showed an explosive burst.  No punch with his hands in bag drills.

Jurrell Casey/USC: Looked sluggish, was slow changing direction and gathered himself into his movements.

Ugo Chinasa/Oklahoma State: Quick footed, showed nice punch and looked athletic.  Does have a tendency to get tall as the drill continues.

Adrian Clayborn/Iowa: A bit off balance but looked much quicker and faster in drills compared to his forty time.  Showed punch in the bag drills.  Another that needs to bend his knees better.

Wayne Daniels/TCU: Moved well but was off balance and looked very average.

Marcell Dareus/Alabama: Exceptional.  Looked athletic, quick and powerful.  Knocked the guys holding the bags off their feet with his violent punch.  A lot to like.

DeMarcus Dobbs/Georgia: Surprisingly good.  Moved well about the field, showed a solid change of direction and quick.

Ricky Elmore/Arizona: Worked hard and fluid.  No punch at all in the bag drills.

Nick Fairley: Looked quick, explosive and very athletic.  Did the bag drills despite his shoulder and looked solid.  Terrific movement skills.

Sione Fua/Stanford: Looked good in all aspects.  Moved well around the field, showed a solid change of direction and terrific power in the bag drills.

John Graves/Virginia Tech: Moved well but overall a marginal session.

Lawrence Guy/Arizona State: Looked heavy, struggled moving around the field and was nothing more than average.

Cameron Jordan/California: Surprisingly unimpressive in drills.  Seemed tentative, gathered himself and non-explosive.

Ryan Kerrigan/Purdue: Looked athletic in all aspects.  Quick and fluid changing direction, showed a nice pedal in reverse and covered a lot of area on the field.  Really good in defensive line drills and good in linebacker drills.

Corey Liguet/Illinois: Moved well and fluid.  Had a burst.  Solid but not spectacular and not first round material.

Cliff Matthews/South Carolina: Practiced faster than he timed.  Showed quick feet, good overall explosion and movement skills.  Struggled in linebacker drills.

Terrell McClain/South Florida: Worked hard but struggled changing direction.  Lots of stop and go.

Pernell McPhee/Mississippi State: Off balance much of the session, played very tall and seemed tentative.  Average change of direction.  Struggled at linebacker.

Bruce Miller/Central Florida: Looked ordinary.  Lacks a quick change of direction, showed average foot quickness and slow in linebacker drills.

Dontay Moch/Nevada: Fluid, was light on his feet and explosive in every direction.  Tremendous change of direction and a great burst.  Slow to react and take direction in linebacker drills.

Chris Neild/West Virginia: Moved relatively well and worked very hard.

Drake Nevis/LSU: Surprisingly uninspired.  Had average movement skills, change of direction and no punch in bag drills.

Cheta Ozougwu/Rice: Very athletic, quick and explosive.  Looked terrific in linebacker drills.  Fluid in his hips, backpedal and had a burst.

Martin Parker/Richmond: Worked hard but struggled changing direction and showed slow footwork.

Jerrell Powe/Mississippi: Moved relatively well but straight-linish and can’t change direction without almost coming to a complete halt.

Robert Quinn/North Carolina: In a word- magnificent.  Looks like he has not been away.  Fluid, smooth and athletic.  Moved with speed in every direction and very explosive.

Brooks Reed/Arizona: Reed was sharp yet not spectacular in drills.  He looked very athletic showing quick feet, an explosive nature and good hand punch.  He did struggle in linebacker drills showing poor hips and balance.  One thing about this guy, he plays like his hair is on fire.

Sealver Siliga/Utah: Did not run the forty but took part in the drills.  Moved relatively well and showed good hand punch yet is a straight line defender that struggles changing direction without losing a ton of momentum.

Aldon Smith/Missouri: Smith practiced faster than his forty time, was dynamic moving around the field and looked terrific in linebacker drills.

Phil Taylor/Baylor: Showed solid athleticism in drills, fluid movement skills and terrific hand punch.  Did struggle changing direction.

JJ Watt/Wisconsin: Watt looked incredibly athletic and moved about the field well, all the time bending his knees and playing low to the ground.  He was quick changing direction and showed big hand punch.  His closing burst was rather ordinary.

Cedric Thornton/Southern Arkansas: Showed some quickness and agility yet for the most part had an average change of direction and was constantly off balance.

Markus White/Florida State: Looked very average in all aspects.  Was off balance, not especially quick changing direction and showed average foot quickness.

Colby Whitlock/Texas Tech: Moved better than expected yet still showed himself to be a limited athlete.

Muhammad Wilkerson/Temple: Very athletic and quick.  Agile, moved well in all directions and a solid change of direction.  Poor hand punch, which was surprising.

Ian Williams/Notre Dame: Small area prospect that lacks the ability to quickly change direction and had no burst.

Ryan Winterswyk/Boise State: Quick footed lineman.  Worked hard and displayed solid hand punch.