It was an eventful day for the signal callers on the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium today.  Several quarterbacks put in top-notch performances and really turned heads.  The good most certainly overshadowed the few poor performances.  Here’s the breakdown.


Pos Name School 40-1 40-2
QB Ryan Colburn Fresno State 5.24 5.19
QB Andy Dalton TCU 4.91 4.88
QB Patrick Devlin Delaware 4.92 4.88
QB Nathan Enderle Idaho 5.15 5.08
QB Blaine Gabbert Missouri 4.58 4.57
QB Jerrod Johnson Texas A&M 4.75 4.82
QB Colin Kaepernick Nevada 4.56 4.56
QB Jake Locker Washington 4.52 4.53
QB Ryan Mallett Arkansas DNR DNR
QB Greg McElroy Alabama 4.90 4.91
QB Cam Newton Auburn 4.57 4.50
QB Christian Ponder Florida State 4.68 4.69
QB Josh Portis California-PA. 4.68 4.58
QB Ricky Stanzi Iowa 4.94 4.90
QB Tyrod Taylor Virginia Tech 4.54 4.50
QB Scott Tolzien Wisconsin 4.97 4.85
QB Jeff Van Camp Florida Atlantic 4.81 4.81
QB TJ Yates North Carolina 5.05 4.98

Ryan Colburn/Fresno State – He showed a marginal arm, threw poor outs and the deep passes floated.

Andy Dalton/TCU – Displayed good timing and accuracy in short area throws and between the numbers. He struggled to throw the outs and deep throws were erratic.

Pat Devlin/Delaware – A short delivery contributed to a lack of velocity, and he overthrew a long ball.

Nathan Enderle/Idaho – He showed great speed on all of his throws. He was relatively accurate but struggled to hit receivers down the field.

Jerrod Johnson/Texas A&M – All over the place with his throws. Receivers were constantly waiting on the ball. Deep passes floated. Pass catchers were constantly waiting for his throws.

Colin Kaepernick/Nevada – Inconsistent. He threw some terrific deep outs yet was all over the place in the short and intermediate field as he sprayed his passes. He seemed to have a much slower delivery than was seen at the Senior Bowl.

Jake Locker/Washington – Significantly improved over his Senior Bowl performance. He was relatively accurate while hitting receivers in stride and rarely had pass catchers adjusting to the football.

Ryan Mallett/Arkansas – Tremendous performance. He showed speed and power with all of his passes and threw with pinpoint accuracy in all areas of the field.

Cam Newton/Auburn – An impressive looking athlete with a major league arm. He made a few nice throws yet showed poor timing for the most part. The majority of his passes sailed over his intended target.

Christian Ponder/Florida State – He showed good speed on his throws, terrific timing and was very accurate. He put zip on the outs and throw the deep out well.

Josh Portis/California (PA) – He displayed good speed on throws with a large degree of accuracy.

Ricky Stanzi/Iowa – He was inconsistent most of the day. He does have a nice delivery and threw some solid passes down the field.

Tyrod Taylor/Virginia Tech – He has a nice delivery. He was inaccurate and inconsistent with his throws for the most part.

Scott Tolzien/Wisconsin – He shows a quick release, his short throws had speed and he put air under deep passes.

Jeff Van Camp/Florida Atlantic – He appeared to be a timing and touch passes that accurate short and between the numbers. Does not show any type of strength in his arm.

T.J. Yates/North Carolina – A timing and touch passer. He doesn’t have a big arm, yet he was accurate down the field.