More than forty receivers took to the field at Lucas Oil Stadium today and there were some outstanding performances, with a few that were not so good.  Here’s the breakdown.

Wide Recivers

Pos Name School 40-1 40-2
WR Darvin Adams Auburn 4.55 4.56
WR Jonathan Baldwin Pittsburgh 4.46 4.49
WR Armon Binns Cincinnati 4.50 4.53
WR Vincent Brown San Diego State 4.69 4.72
WR DeAndre Brown Southern Mississippi 4.59 4.59
WR Stephen Burton West Texas A&M 4.53 4.53
WR Randall Cobb Kentucky 4.47 4.50
WR Mark Dell Michigan State Inj
WR Tandon Doss Indiana Inj
WR Edmond Gates Abilene Christian 4.38 4.35
WR A.J. Green Georgia 4.45 4.50
WR Tori Gurley South Carolina 4.59 4.56
WR Jamel Hamler Fresno State 4.62 4.65
WR Leonard Hankerson Miami-Fl 4.47 4.47
WR Dwayne Harris East Carolina 4.56 4.56
WR Andre Holmes Hillsdale 4.54 4.48
WR Lestar Jean Florida Atlantic 4.68 4.66
WR Jerrel Jernigan Troy University 4.47 4.41
WR Ronald Johnson USC 4.48 4.48
WR Julio Jones Alabama 4.47 4.43
WR Jeremy Kerley TCU 4.57 4.62
WR Greg Little North Carolina 4.60 4.59
WR Ricardo Lockette Fort Valley State 4.35 4.29
WR Jeff Maehl Oregon 4.62 4.56
WR Denarius Moore Tennessee 4.50 4.47
WR Joseph Morgan Walsh 4.42 4.41
WR OJ Murdock Fort Hays State 4.53 4.53
WR Jamar Newsome Central Florida 4.50 4.45
WR Niles Paul Nebraska 4.56 4.50
WR Austin Pettis Boise State 4.63 4.58
WR Kealoha Pilares Hawaii Inj Inj
WR Aldrick Robinson SMU 4.38 4.38
WR Greg Salas Hawaii 4.49 4.55
WR DeMarco Sampson San Diego State Inj Inj
WR Jock Sanders West Virginia 4.47 4.50
WR Dane Sanzenbacher Ohio State 4.55 4.56
WR Cecil Shorts III Mount Union 4.53 4.50
WR Torrey Smith Maryland 4.35 4.37
WR Keith Smith Purdue DNR DNR
WR Owen Spencer North Carolina State 4.45 4.44
WR Terrance Toliver LSU 4.57 4.55
WR Terrance Turner Indiana 4.52 4.54
WR Ryan Whalen Stanford 4.55 4.58
WR Marshall Williams Wake Forest 4.57 4.57
WR Jimmy Young TCU 4.46 4.50
WR Titus Young Boise State 4.53 4.43

Darvin Adams/Auburn – He caught the deep ball well. He displayed reliable hands and good hand-eye coordination.  He also ran terrific routes.

Jonathan Baldwin/Pittsburgh – Displayed consistent hands while adjusting to the errant throw. He extends his hands to make the reception away from his frame. He struggled running to and catching the deep pass. He ran poor routes.

Armon Binns/Cincinnati – He did not play as fast as he timed. He ran poor routes. He caught the ball well for most of the day.

DeAndre Brown/Southern Mississippi – He caught the ball relatively well and showed better than expected quickness. He ran poor routes and does not have a burst.

Vincent Brown/San Diego State – Practice faster than he timed. He caught the ball well and showed the ability to pluck passes from the air while running solid routes.

Stephen Burton/West Texas A&M – He ran poor routes, looked slow and dropped a number of passes.

Randall Cobb/Kentucky – He caught the ball exceptionally well extending his hands and snatching passes from the air. He ran quick and sharp routes. He also showed a lot of explosion and burst.

Edmund Gates/Abilene Christian – He was much slower in practice than he timed in the 40-yard dash. He gathered into routes and rounded them off. He caught the ball reasonably well.

Tori Gurley/South Carolina – He caught the ball well but ran poor routes and showed no speed.

Jamel Hamler/Fresno State – He showed strong hands snatching the ball for the air. He looked like a natural pass catcher. He was slow releasing from the line and ran poor routes.

Leonard Hankerson/Miami – He struggled in the gauntlet and then picked it up. He plucks the ball from the air and displays good hand-eye coordination. A one speed receiver lacking burst.

Dwayne Harris/East Carolina – He displayed soft hands, good adjustment as well as good hand-eye coordination. He ran solid routes but could not run to the deep throw.

Andre Holmes/Hillsdale – He struggled all day. He dropped a number of potential catches. He is a long strider lacking burst.

Lestar Jean/Florida Atlantic – He double clutched a lot of throws and even dropped a few. He improved as the session progressed. He could not run to the deep ball and ran poor routes.

Jerrel Jernigan/Troy – He showed a terrific burst, ran nice routes and displayed consistent hands with the ability to make the catch away from his body.

Ronald Johnson/USC – He dropped a number of passes, even having several bounce off his hands. He did not finish the session.

Julio Jones/Alabama – A smooth gliding receiver who ran good routes and displayed solid hands with a natural style. His burst was adequate but nothing spectacular.

Jeremy Kerley/TCU – He showed no burst on the field. He is a smooth pass catcher that extends his hands and displays good high-eye coordination. He caught everything thrown his way.

Greg Little/North Carolina – He caught the ball well while adjusting to the errant pass and was very fluid.

Ricardo Lockette/Fort Valley State – He played to his timed speed and showed great burst on the field. He caught the deep ball well. He ran explosive routes and showed solid pass catching mechanics.

Jeff Maehl/Oregon – He caught the ball well showing strong hands. He showed a lack of burst, played off balance and ran poor routes.

Denarius Moore/Tennessee – He ran solid routes. He dropped a few passes early before picking up his play.

Joe Morgan/Walsh – He showed a nice burst. He caught the ball well for the most part, except for one bad drop. He has marginal quickness and route running skills.

O.J. Murdock/Fort Hays – He caught the ball well. He ran surprisingly poor routes.

Jamar Newsome/Central Florida – He caught the deep ball well. He looked the pass into his hands. He did struggle running routes.

Niles Paul/Nebraska – He displayed good hand-eye coordination and caught the ball well. He rounded off routes yet showed some quickness out of breaks.

Austin Pettis/Boise State – He showed no speed at all. He did run good routes and effectively adjusted to the errant throw.

Aldrick Robinson/SMU – He practiced to his timed speed and showed a terrific long burst. He effectively caught the ball in stride, easily made the deep reception and adjusted to all of the passes.

Greg Salas/Hawaii – He appeared to be a terrific underneath receiver. He ran great routes quickly getting into break and caught the ball well with strong hands. He does lack burst.

Jock Sanders/West Virginia – He has a terrific burst of speed and easily caught the deep pass. He ran good routes. He is a hand-catcher. A small target which may prove tough for the quarterback to find.

Dan Sanzenbacher/Ohio State – He ran good routes. He practiced with good speed and caught the ball well.

Cecil Shorts III/Mount Union – He ran good route, caught the ball well yet showed minimal quickness and burst.

Torrey Smith/Maryland – He played fast and caught the deep ball well. He did drip a number of passes and ran poor routes.

Owen Spencer/North Carolina State – He has a quick release off the line, a nice burst of speed and caught the ball well.

Terrence Toliver/LSU – He practiced slow displaying no quickness or burst. He did catch the ball well and made some terrific receptions during drills.

Terrance Turner/Indiana – He was inconsistent catching the ball throughout the day.

Ryan Whalen/Stanford – He practiced much faster than he timed. He caught the ball well with an ability to pluck the ball from the air.

Marshall Williams/Wake ForestAn agile receiver that ran great routes, easily adjusted to throws, and caught the ball very well.

Jimmy Young/TCU – He ran better than expected routes and displayed good hand-eye coordination.

Titus Young/Boise State – He extended his hands to catch the ball away from his frame. He ran good routes and adjusted nicely to passes. He played off balance and was on the field a lot.