It was a good day for the tight ends and there were plenty of fast times and reliable hands on the field of Lucas Oil Stadium.  Here’s a breakdown of the players that worked out on Saturday afternoon.

Tight Ends

Pos Name School 40-1 40-2
TE Jordan Cameron USC 4.62 4.58
TE Charles Clay Tulsa 4.66 4.69
TE Charlie Gantt Michigan State 4.81 4.88
TE Cameron Graham Louisville 4.97 5.07
TE Virgil Green Nevada 4.58 4.56
TE Daniel Hardy Idaho Inj Inj
TE Rob Housler Florida Atlantic 4.53 4.53
TE Lance Kendricks Wisconsin 4.69 4.72
TE Schuylar Oordt Northern Iowa 4.68 4.66
TE Zach Pianalto North Carolina 4.78 4.75
TE Allen Reisner Iowa 4.88 4.94
TE Kyle Rudolph Notre Dame Inj Inj
TE Weslye Saunders South Carolina Inj Inj
TE Lee Smith Marshall 5.01 5.00
TE Luke Stocker Tennessee 4.72 4.72
TE Julius Thomas Portland State 4.63 4.62
TE D.J. Williams Arkansas 4.63 4.68

Jordan Cameron/USC: Ran well in the 40-yard dash then translated his speed into drills. He extended his hands and offered his quarterback a nice target. He displayed good hand-eye coordination. He ran decent routes and showed strong hands with the ability to pluck the ball from the air.  He also blocked with leverage in drills.

Charles Clay/Tulsa: Caught the ball well and displayed good hand-eye coordination. He slowed into pass routes. He displayed poor timing and marginal burst.

Charlie Gantt/Michigan State: Caught the ball well and showed good focus, yet displayed no speed and could not run to catch up with the long pass.

Cameron Graham/Louisville: Timed poorly in the 40-yard dash and then appeared slow in drills. He dropped a few passes and was off-balance for most of the session. He displayed minimal strength in blocking drills.

Virgil Green/Nevada: Ran sharp routes, showed strong hands and snatched the ball from the air. He displayed good pop at the point of attack during blocking drills. He appeared slow off the line, which was part of the reason he was slow during his 40-yard dash timing.

Daniel Hardy/Idaho: Caught the ball and showed himself to be a natural pass catcher. He needs to improve his route running and blocking strength.

Robert Housler/Florida Atlantic: Caught the ball very well displaying good high-eye coordination while snatching passes from the air. He ran adequate routes showing quickness into breaks. He was a bit stiff blocking but had a very good overall day.

Lance Kendricks/Wisconsin: A long strider with limited quickness and no burst. He displayed minimal strength blocking.

Schuylar Oorut/Northern Iowa: Showed a burst, caught the deep ball well and looked natural as a pass catcher. He bends his knees blocking. He is a bit of a long strider.

Zach Pianalto/North Carolina: A good technician while blocking but didn’t show any burst, quickness or speed.

Allen Reisner/Iowa: Caught the ball but looked limited athletically.

Lee Smith/Marshall: Showed a lot of power blocking and caught the ball well. He has no burst or quickness in his game.

Luke Stocker/Tennessee: Displays a good first step, solid hand-eye coordinator and pass catching hands. He blocked with leverage.

Julius Thomas/Portland State: Blocked with good technique and showed jolt at the point of attack. He showed strong hands snatching the ball from the air. He slows into routes and appears a bit tentative.

D.J. Williams/Arkansas: Showed good quickness in his overall game and caught the ball well. He needs a lot of work on his route running.