Fifty five offensive linemen were slated to workout for scouts in Indianapolis at the combine.  All but seven did, showing a variety of skill.  Here’s the skinny on how the offensive linemen looked.

Offensive Line

Pos Name School 40-1 40-2
OL David Arkin Missouri State 5.35 5.38
OL Joseph Barksdale LSU 5.28 5.21
OL Ryan Bartholomew Syracuse 5.14 5.21
OL Clint Boling Georgia 5.25 5.34
OL Justin Boren Ohio State 5.43 5.25
OL James Brewer Indiana 5.12 5.25
OL Marcus Cannon TCU 5.27 5.25
OL Gabe Carimi Wisconsin 5.21 5.11
OL James Carpenter Alabama 5.27 5.21
OL Anthony Castonzo Boston College 5.18 5.16
OL Garrett Chisolm South Carolina inj Inj
OL Josh Davis Georgia 5.45 5.40
OL Ray Dominguez Arkansas 5.45 5.39
OL Orlando Franklin Miami-Fl 5.15 DNR
OL Brandon Fusco Slippery Rock 5.13 5.08
OL Marcus Gilbert Florida 5.29 5.35
OL Adam Grant Arizona 5.52 5.47
OL Chris Hairston Clemson 5.28 5.34
OL Richard Henry Nebraska 5.65 5.62
OL Kyle Hix Texas 5.35 5.34
OL Rodney Hudson Florida State 5.19 5.15
OL Kevin Hughes Southeastern Louisiana 5.28 5.19
OL Zach Hurd Connecticut 5.31 5.22
OL Maurice Hurt Florida Inj Inj
OL Ben Ijalana Villanova Inj Inj
OL Andrew Jackson Fresno State 5.28 5.22
OL Carl Johnson Florida 5.34 5.25
OL Jason Kelce Cincinnati 4.88 4.84
OL Daniel Kilgore Appalachian State 5.29 5.27
OL Jarriel King South Carolina 5.06 4.95
OL Rich Lapham Boston College Inj Inj
OL Alex Linnenkohl Oregon State 5.34 5.29
OL DeMarcus Love Arkansas 5.25 5.21
OL John Moffitt Wisconsin 5.38 5.43
OL Derek Newton Arkansas State 4.98 4.95
OL Kristofer O’Dowd USC 5.04 5.03
OL Michael Person Montana State 5.12 5.10
OL Jason Pinkston Pittsburgh 5.34 5.38
OL Michael Pouncey Florida 5.15 5.14
OL Will Rackley Lehigh Inj Inj
OL Jah Reid UCF 5.29 5.44
OL Steve Schilling Michigan 5.12 5.25
OL Caleb Schlauderaff Utah Inj Inj
OL Derek Sherrod Mississippi State 5.25 5.25
OL Tyron Smith USC Inj Inj
OL Willie Smith East Carolina 5.35 5.34
OL Nate Solder Colorado 4.94 4.91
OL Zane Taylor Utah 5.50 5.59
OL Isaiah Thompson Houston 5.75 5.85
OL Julian Vandervelde Iowa 5.10 5.13
OL Danny Watkins Baylor 5.25 5.31
OL Keith Williams Nebraska 5.28 5.28
OL Zach Williams Washington State 5.15 5.16
OL Stefen Wisniewski Penn State 5.25 5.25
OL Lee Ziemba Auburn 5.53 5.43

Daniel Arkin/Missouri State – Moved well displaying good explosion and quickness throughout the session. Terrific footwork and slide off the left side, where he was accustomed.

Joseph Barksdale/LSU – Fluid and smooth throughout the session, displayed good pop at the point of attack, and above average footwork is pass protection drills.

Ryan Bartholomew/Syracuse – Looked relatively athletic, stronger than expected, and good footwork off both the left and right side.

Justin Boren/Ohio State – Worked hard but showed a slow change of direction, poor footwork, and for the most part looked unathletic.

Clint Boling/Georgia – Efficient, patient and smart but looked unathletic and slow.

James Brewer/Indiana – Picked up his performance at the end of the session, yet for most of the morning he struggled with his footwork and lumbered around the field.

Marcus Cannon/TCU – Was fluid, balanced, and easily moved about the field. For the most part, looked good yet doesn’t seem to possess a killer instinct.

Gabe Carimi/Wisconsin – Displayed good power, hand punch and footwork in pass protection.  He pressed slightly, yet worked to finish drills.

James Carpenter/Alabama – Displayed some leg drive and effective footwork in pass protection drills.

Anthony Castonzo/Boston College – Explosive and moved well, yet appeared mechanical and off-balance most of the day.

Josh Davis/Georgia – Looked stiff, slow and labored throughout the session.

Ray Dominguez/Arkansas – Moved well and was very quick, plus displayed better than expected footwork in pass protection. He bends his knees and practiced with leverage. All things considered he was one of the top three offensive linemen at the combine.

Orlando Franklin/Miami – Fluid, strong and showed a burst; yet no ability to slide in pass protection.

Brandon Fusco/Slippery Rock – Worked hard and showed decent feet in pass protection plus the ability to smoothly slide out.

Marcus Gilbert/Florida – Adequate movement skills and displayed good pop in his punch, yet looked stiff and slow changing direction.

Adam Grant/Arizona – He gave effort but was slow and showed no ability to change direction or slide his feet.

Chris Hairston/Clemson – Moved his feet well with a good punch, yet looked sloppy moving around and was constantly overextending into blocks.

Richard Henry/Nebraska – Struggled in pass protection and was unable to slide his feet. He, instead, stepped out to knock out defenders.

Kyle Hix/Texas – Displayed good punch and jolt with hands, poor footwork, and could not cut of opponents from the edge. He also showed a lack of burst.

Rodney Hudson/Florida State – Asked to simulate the center position throughout session. He displayed a quick burst, good footwork in pass protection and even some leg drive.

Kevin Hughes/SE Louisiana – Displayed limited quickness, marginal power and no footwork at all.

Zach Hurd/Connecticut – Adequate footwork in pass protection, yet showed average quickness and hand punch for a big man.

Andrew Jackson/Fresno State – Looked explosive, showed a burst and above average footwork.

Carl Johnson/Florida – Moved incredibly well for a 361-pound man, showed good footwork in pass protection and worked his hands well.

Jason Kelce/Cincinnati – Bends his knees well and displayed solid footwork in pass protection drills. Marginally explosive and did not practice as fast as he ran.

Daniel Kilgore/Appalachian State – Practiced with great knee bend, moved well about the field and showed great punch.  He did struggle sliding his feet in pass protection.

Jurriel King/South Carolina – Displayed good movement skills, good punch with his hands yet marginal footwork.

Alex Linnenkohl/Oregon State – Was slow, lacked quickness and struggled with his footwork.

DeMarcus Love/Arkansas – Marginal pop with his hands and poor footwork in pass protection drills.

John Moffitt/Wisconsin – Simulated the center position, moved well, looked strong and displayed surprisingly good footwork.

Derek Newton/Arkansas State – Looked strong yet also slightly stiff and was not smooth in pass protection drills.

Kristofer O’Dowd/USC – Displayed good movement skills, a solid change in direction and nice feet in pass protection.

Mike Person/Montana State – Fluid sliding his feet, yet was not quick and gathered into blocks.

Jason Pinkston/Pittsburgh – Showed some strength at the point of attack, yet looked heavy footed, was not smooth, and rose out of his stance as play proceeded.

Mike Pouncey/Florida – Moved well, looked very quick, and showed both punch and power in his hands.

William Rackly/Lehigh – Moved well yet not explosive or aggressive and gathered into blocks.

Jah Reid/Central Florida – Moved well for a big man, yet showed limited quickness.

Steven Schilling/Michigan – Gave effort and used his angles well in pass protection, yet for the most part appeared unathletic, lacked power and displayed poor footwork.

Derek Sherrod/Mississippi State – Looked surprisingly unathletic, lacked quickness, was not fluid and lumbered about the field. He did display good footwork in pass protection.

Willie Smith/East Carolina – Was quick and showed good movement skills.

Nate Solder/Colorado – Looked very athletic, was smooth, fluid on his feet and displayed a good punch.

Zane Taylor/Utah – Practiced much faster than he timed and displayed good footwork.

Isaiah Thompson/Houston – Gave a lot of effort and showed some small area quickness, yet struggled to move about the field and displayed awful footwork in pass protection.

Justin Vandervelde/Iowa – He was quick, played with good lean, and showed some strength; yet was a bit stiff.

Danny Watkins/Baylor – Smooth moving about the field, quick change of direction and attacked assignments. He was technically sound and showed good footwork in pass protection.

Keith Williams/Nebraska – Fluid movement skills and showed strength yet struggled sliding his feet in pass protection.

Zack Williams/Washington State – Displayed solid footwork and good punch with his hands, yet struggled to move about the field and gathered into blocks.

Stefen Wisniewski/Penn State – Showed no explosion, not fluid and displayed poor footwork.

Lee Ziemba/Auburn – Looked unathletic, lumbered about the field, and can’t slide his field. He worked hard and did display some leg drive.