2010 Senior BowlThe practice page for the South Squad of the Senior Bowl. Updates will be added after each practice. Update/Saturday, 2:45PM: Final Reports and Complete Analysis of every player by Tony Pauline and Brent Sobleski!

Player Pos School Height Weight Arm Hand
Jarrett Brown QB West Virginia 6026 219 33 ½ 9 7/8
Monday Practice Notes:Brown looked like an intriguing prospect.  He displayed terrific athleticism and a strong arm.  His accuracy can be all over the place yet he showed enough skill today to keep scouts interested.
Tuesday Practice Notes:Brown is the best quarterback on the field, which is not saying much.  He throws some terrific passes and has the arm necessary to play on the NFL level.  He’s also a play maker with his feet.  Brown needs a lot of work on his game and is far from NFL ready yet has the tools to work with.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Made a lot of nice passes all day, including several in the end zone for touchdowns.  Has the arm to play at the next level and all his passes show great zip.  Also effective on the move but Brown does spray his throws and the spirals are not tight.   Got better at the week went on.
Analysis: Brown showed a lot of underlying skill all week and could come out of the process as the highest rated of all three signal callers.  He has the arm strength and athleticism to play at the next level yet needs more time and development.  In the end he likely improved his stock at least one round.
Zac Robinson QB Oklahoma State 6023 210 31 9
Monday Practice Notes: Robinson showed no arm strength at all.  His passes have little speed and receivers were often slowing up in routes or reaching low to grab his errant throws.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Again, Robinson just does not have the arm to play on the NFL level.  He’s a good short range passer with accuracy but cannot zip his passes and really needs to put a lot of effort into throws in order to get speed on the ball.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Accurate in the short field but that is where it all ends.
Analysis: Robinson was accurate in the short field but has no arm strength for the next level.  That was known coming into the week.  He was a terrific signal caller on the college level but has limitations which will make him nothing more than a third passer for a timing offense at the next level.
Tim Tebow QB Florida 6026 236 30 ¾ 10
Monday Practice Notes:Tebow had an up and down day.  He’s throws the ball with nice zip yet is all over the place with his throws.  His release is inconsistent and the fundamentals are poor.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Tebow’s day was slightly better but he’s still inconsistent.  He made some solid deep throws but sprayed the outs all over the place.
Wednesday Practice Notes:We hate to run with the herd and beat a dead horse but Wednesday was the worst practice of the week for Tebow.  His deep passes floated, his accuracy was bad and worst of all, Tebow was never on the same page as his former target at Florida, Riley Cooper.
Analysis: Where to begin?  No one expected any miracles from Tebow this week and in the end we could all say he was disappointing on the field.  He deserves credit for showing up and it talks volumes to his character.  We will state now what we’ve said all year- Tebow needs a lot of work on his mechanics from the ground up and that was not going to change in three practices at the end of January.  He probably dropped a round in the draft but we won’t dismiss him at this point.
Joseph Webb QB/WR UAB 6030 223 33 ¾ 10 3/4
Monday Practice Notes:Webb exclusively lined up at receiver and improved as the day progressed.  He shows little quickness and ran poor routes.  He also has a minimal burst.  That said Webb caught the ball very well in the intermediate and long field.  On one instance he put a move on Patrick Robinson of Florida State, beat him deep then made a nice, over the shoulder catch.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Really stepped up his game today.  Webb made several nice receptions over quality opponents and more and more looks like he belongs at the receiver position.  He needs to learn how to run and must improve his quickness/route running but the arrow is pointing north.
Wednesday Practice Notes:Webb continues to impress.  He made another beautiful, over the shoulder deep reception for a score and caught just about everything thrown in his direction.  Does not show the soft hands at this point but another good practice.
Analysis:Webb was terrific at receiver all week; he started well and improved almost every day.  He has the size, ability and most important, wherewithal to succeed at the next level as a receiver.  Yes he must improve the details of his game but it was a terrific showing for the former UAB signal caller.
Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi State 6006 245 32 ¼ 10
Monday Practice Notes:Dixon looked a bit slow and lumbering.  He usually lined up at fullback and really did not do a good job attacking assignments.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Once again saw action at fullback and will continue to do so throughout the week, as the South has no true lead blockers on the roster.   His attempts were pedestrian, but he was able to pop some pads as a runner late in the practice.
Wednesday Practice Notes:Caught the ball very well but did not distinguish himself as a ball carrier.
Analysis: In many way Dixon performance this week was reminiscent of Michael Turner’s performance at the Senior Bowl years ago; people feel he’s to big to be a feature runner and have pegged him as a lead blocker.  Dixon does need to shed some weight and pick up the tempo of his game if he wants to be a ball carrier at the next level yet to his credit he did the little things well, just as Michale Turner did.
Stafon Johnson RB USC 5105 214 30 ¼ 8 5/8
Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes: As this runner continues to round back in shape, his burst seen earlier in the yet has yet to return.  Johnson looked relatively comfortable as a receiving option out of the backfield when called upon.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Ran well between the tackles when given a little space to work with.  Showed good vision and patience carrying the ball.  Also caught the ball well out of the backfield.
Analysis: Johnson’s mental skills carrying the ball were better than the physical attributes. Just being here was a feather in his cap.
Dexter McCluster RB Mississippi 5081 165 28 ¾ 8 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: McCluster was very explosive and fast.  He’s got a burst on the inside and can turn the corner.  To his credit he also ran hard on the inside.  McCluster did struggle blocking and was nearly run over by defenders.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Sticking purely as a running back, McCluster was asked to at least attempt running the ball between the tackles.   It certainly does not play to his strengths, but he stuck his nose into the mix and had some successes.  He was able to exploit some coverage out of the backfield, even deep on one particular wheel route.  He has been quick, hard to cover, and presents big play potential.
Wednesday Practice Notes: In a term- wow!  Showed amazing quickness and burst.  Got a rise from scouts after the hole was seemingly closing up then out of nowhere McCluster popped out of the pile.
Analysis: McCluster was one of a handful of players who leave the Senior Bowl as big winners.  He showed a complete game and played much bigger than his listed size.  All that’s left is for McCluster to bust one out as a punt and/or kick returner today.
Charles Scott RB LSU 5113 239 32 ¼ 9 7/8
Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes:
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Ben Tate RB Auburn 5107 214 31 ½ 9 1/8
Monday Practice Notes: Tate is an enigma.  At times he looks terrific and beat defenders around the corner.  Then he looks very ordinary and does not make plays he should.  Tate did line up at fullback a number of times today.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Overall Tate, along with most of his running back mates, had trouble finding lanes.   When this Auburn product was able to bounce it to the outside, he did show some speed to turn the corner and makes some plays.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Blocked very well in drills, and showed he could bounce runs outside and get to the corner to pick up yards.
Analysis: We were presently surprised by Tate, a prospect we loved in ’07 yet has fallen in our eyes since.  He flashed ability around the corner and picked his way on the inside.  Tate also did the little things well.  Now all he needs is to play with this consistency at the next level and he could work into a rotational system.
Roy Upchurch RB Alabama 5117 210 32 9 3/8
Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes: As a backup for Alabama most of his career, it was obvious at least today that Upchurch’s previous lack of playing time hurt his natural running abilities.   He had trouble finding lanes, pressing them, and making proper cuts.   His footwork is choppy and tentative when trying to find space to run.
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Analysis: Upchurch presented himself well but there were other backs more deserving of an invite to the Senior Bowl.
James Graham TE Miami-Fl 6063 259 34 3/4 10 5/6
Monday Practice Notes: Graham has great length and extension.  He was able to split the seam and made several nice catches.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Graham has been a bit of an enigma.  He looks like a man amongst boys in seven on seven and other one on one drills.  He’s smooth, fluid and very athletic.  He caught the ball very well and looks like a natural receiver.  Yet once the scrimmage starts Graham disapears and really makes no plays.  There’s no doubting his skill but we’d like to see him step up once he’s lined up against eleven guys.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Got pushed around some at the point of attack by linebackers and defensive ends in scrimmage work while run blocking.  He did have a better showing as a receiver, making some difficult catches in tight coverage downfield.
Analysis: Graham looks the part in every way and is impressive on the field.  He showed big time flashes of skill and just needs a little more time to pull the pieces of his game together.  Scouts had to like what they saw all week.
Anthony McCoy TE USC 6045 249 34 9 3/4
Monday Practice Notes: Showed the ability to get downfield and split the seam.  Let one very catchable pass slip through his hands but to his credit fights to make the reception and gets up in a crowd.
Tuesday Practice Notes: McCoy looked good in all aspects of the game.  He threw several crushing blocks and caught the ball very well.  He’s very eager on the field- possibly to eager.  He works to get into blocks but over extends and lacks balance.  Still, its’ been a good week for the senior.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Blocked very well in one on one pass rush drills vs. the linebackers.  Held his own while run blocking during scrimmage work.  As a receiver, he consistently got separation and displayed good hands.
Analysis: Except for a few dropped passes it was a very good week for McCoy.  He’s an impressive looking athlete who played fast, quick and tenacious on the field.  The arrow is definitely pointing north for him leaving the week.
Colin Peek TE Alabama 6054 250 33 ¾ 9 5/8
Monday Practice Notes:Had a solid practice.  Doesn’t look very athletic on the field but blocks well and effectively caught the ball.  Did a nice job finding the openings between the linebackers and safety.  Made several tough catches.
Tuesday Practice Notes:Peek continues to look real good and has been one of the few complete tight ends on the field.  He’s been a strong blocker who has controlled both linebackers and defensive linemen.  He’s also made a number of clutch catches.  Peek is really establishing himself here and building on a terrific senior season.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Did not practice.
Analysis: Peek may not be the biggest, fastest or strongest yet proved each day he stepped on the field he is a terrific football player.  We spoke with him at length on Thursday and he is also a respectful and intelligent young man.  He’s the kind of guy that’s easy to root for and scouts told us he’ll make an excellent number two tight end in the NFL.
Riley Cooper WR Florida 6034 214 32 ¼ 10 1/8
Monday Practice Notes:Caught the ball well but really struggles to get separation.  Slow off the line and has not burst whatsoever.    Cornerbacks easily ran step-for-step with him downfield.  Ran marginal routes.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Continues to show a lot of reliability catching the ball.  Made all the receptions.  Also ran some terrific routes but continues to present himself as a one-speed wide out.
Wednesday Practice Notes:Really looked terrific and had his best practice of the week.  Riley showed good hand technique getting off jams, sharpness running routes and consistently got separation from defenders.  He is also technically sound catching the pass, extending his hands and plucking the ball away from his frame.
Analysis: Cooper proved himself to be a tough, sure handed receiver who can go over the middle and make the difficult catch all week.  He definitely improved his standing in the eyes of NFL scouts.  His forty time at the combine will be critical.
Vareion Hodge WR Mississippi 6013 208 31 3/8 9
Monday Practice Notes:Caught the ball well and really does a nice job using his large frame to box-out defenders.  Ran better than expected routes.
Tuesday Practice Notes:Looked strong and solid all day.  He caught everything thrown his way and runs good routes for a large wide out.  Has done a good job the past two days.
Wednesday Practice: Hodge really did a nice job using his frame to box out defenders and make the catch.  His route running continued to impress.
Analysis: Like Cooper, Hodge was also impressive and gave the scouts more than they expected.  What really stood out was his solid route running and ability to get separation in the underneath coverage.  His forty time will also be critical though Hodge is not expected to run well.
Andre Roberts WR Citadel 5106 192 32 9 1/8
Monday Practice Notes:Looked solid all afternoon.  Ran the best routes of any receiver on the South, crisply getting into breaks then staying low on exit.  Caught the ball well most of the afternoon.  Took a crunching hit from Taylor Mays over the middle yet quickly picked himself off the ground.
Tuesday Practice Notes:Continued to impress.  Once against ran good routes, got separation and caught the ball very well.  Looks like a legit number three at the next level.   Has done a terrific job and stepped up his game.
Wednesday Practice Notes:After two very good days Roberts turned in a sensational practice.  He showed good hand technique, protecting himself and getting off jams from the likes of Patrick Robinson, ran sensational routes- sometimes double cutting in a single route and almost always got separation.  His pass catching technique is also very solid.
Analysis: Roberts was terrific from start-to-finish and really proved he belonged on the field with the nation’s top talent.  He was consistent and showed great hands all week.  He also ran some terrific routes and had defenders twisted like pretzels with his ability to double cut.  Roberts did what a small school prospect has to do at the Senior Bowl.
Jeremy Williams WR Tulane 6001 205 31 ¼ 9 7/8
Monday Practice Notes: Disappointing day for the most part.  Ran average routes, showed minimal burst and dropped some catchable throws.
Tuesday Practice Notes:Picked up the pace a bit today.  Ran better routes and caught the ball much better.  Shows soft hands and nicely extends to make the reception away from his frame.  Good day on Tuesday for Williams.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Williams showed flashes and made some nice receptions, including a deep one near the end zone.  He does not seem to fight hard in battles and showed little consistency.
Analysis: We were disappointed in Williams for the most part.  He flashed ability yet really showed little in the way of consistency or play making ability.  His less than desirable performance really stood out considering the way the other receivers on the South performed.
Ciron Black OL LSU 6045 331 33 ¼ 10/14
Monday Practice Notes: Black flashes skill but really shows little consistency.  He shows power and athleticism but is off balance and on the field a bit much.  He teased scouts today as he did much of the past three years.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Working back and forth between the strongside and the blindside tackle spots, Black has continued to struggle with inconsistency.  He was powerful at points in the running games.  As a pass blocker, his punch was often late.   Surprisingly, his base was quite narrow at points in pass blocking drills despite having started at left tackle the last three years.
Wednesday Practice Notes: The career tackle moved inside to guard today.  He was not explosive and did not drive through his blocks.   This became even more apparent when asked to pull in space simply slowed up trying to hit a moving target.
Analysis: After an impressive career at LSU, Black showed he is clearly not an NFL left tackle.   He may not even be a right tackle.   And it was good for this prospect to move around the offensive line during his trip to Mobile.   Black displayed multiple issues with his technique and athleticism.  He is big and powerful, has a great frame, certainly experienced, yet is not the type of lineman expected to win the one on one battles consistently.  His draft stock can be found all over the place, but this week certainly cemented something less than an early round selection.
Jeff Byers OL USC 6032 299 33 9
Monday Practice Notes: Byers is quick and explosive but really lacks any strength in his game and got ragdolled and pushed aside much of the day.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Saw some action at center, his natural position entering the collegiate game.   As a result of moving inside for part of the practice, his handplay was sloppy.   Often he gave up his chest after the snap because his hands were not quick enough to reestablish.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Once again at center, Byers had a solid effort even against some of the monster defensive tackles he faces on the South side.  He had some troubles holding off these bigger defenders, but he continued to work hard in reestablishing his hands.  His handplay was certainly much quicker today.   He showed some ability at the second level blocking.  And his pad level was very good.
Analysis: It was a week of adaptation for Byers.   Entering college he was the number one prospect in the nation as a center.   Most of his career was then spent as a guard at USC.   Moving back over the football was a slight transition.  And it took some time to get back to riding that bike.  As a result, Byers improved daily   Not a legit 300 pounder and obvious struggles with bigger defensive lineman, Byers did himself a favor by presenting his skills at the pivot.  His quickness off the snap and versatility could lend itself quite well to certain schemes at the NFL level.
Ted Larsen OL North Carolina State 6024 302 32 ¾ 9 5/8
Monday Practice Notes: Played both center and right guard.   Blocks with terrific fundamentals and worked hard but shows minimal power and strength at the point.
Tuesday Practice Notes: One area which became apparent with Larsen’s play today was how strong his hands are.  Larsen was able to latch on to both the quicker or bigger defensive tackles and held his ground quite well.    He also showed some ability to reach quicker defensive tackles which are not directly lined up over center as a 1 techniques.
Wednesday Practice Notes: One instance Larsen had some difficulties getting his snap up when asked to step laterally initially.  He did show himself well moving out in space.
Analysis: Slightly up and down week where Larsen flashed his potential in multiple areas and then labored in others.  The North Carolina State product is a solid football player and has the type of issues expected of most mid to late round center prospects.   He is not the strongest at the point nor the most athletic.   Larsen works hard each snap, he is intelligent, and possesses the attitude to make a roster and possibly even start down the road.
JD Walton OL Baylor 6023 300 33 9 1/4
Monday Practice Notes: Uneven day for Walton.  He explodes off the snap and plays with a nasty attitude but to our surprise, really struggled in anything other than a small area.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Early in individual drills, Walton showed tremendous lateral movement (easily the best of this particular group).   This obviously plays into the strengths coming out of Baylor and their predominant zone blocking scheme.  He was scolded by coaches for not shooting his off hand on the snap consistently.
Wednesday Practice Notes: After praising Walton just yesterday in his ability to move laterally, his angles were bad at points and certainly was not able to make the reach blocks required.
Analysis: In the whole scheme of things, Walton can have been easily overlooked while playing for Baylor.  His coming out party for some should have been this week.   Walton certainly has some faults, but he is a wide body in the middle with very good movement skills.  Clearly, he had some consistency issues this week as noted above.  But his natural skill set was apparent.  And scouts should love the attitude with which he plays.  J.D. has solidified himself as a top three center prospect for this particular draft class.
John Jerry OL Mississippi 6054 332 34 ¼ 9 3/4
Monday Practice Notes: Jerry lined up at right tackle most of the day even though many teams project him to guard.  Jerry has terrific strength at the point and controls opponents once he gets his hands on them.  He really struggled against nimble opponents with the ability to move laterally.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Up and down performance which had its high and low lights.   He got good extension and drive on blocking assignments.  He showed some ability to move in space.   He saw action at both right tackle and guard.  He mirrored defenders relatively well in pass blocking drills.   At times, Jerry could be caught playing over his toes and get caught leaning too far forward.
Wednesday Practice Notes: A somewhat surprising move was seeing Jerry at left tackle in this practice.  He was finishing some blocks but continued to lunge and reach for others.
Analysis: One can fall in love with Jerry’s size, versatility, and potential very quickly.  Until they notice he consistently bends at the waist and lunges to attack defenders.  He clearly is not a natural knee bender.  The Ole Miss product can engulf defenders at the point of attack with his size.   He had just enough athleticism to play some left tackle during the week.  But when all was said and done, this Jerry brother did not have the type of week his older sibling, Peria, had a year ago.   Thus, he will continue to be rated as a mid to late round prospect.
Mike Johnson OL Alabama 6053 306 32 1/4 9 5/8
Monday Practice Notes: Really stood out today.  Looks imposing on the field and plays that way.  Easily controlled opponents at the point and was a rock on the offensive line.  Never gave up an inch and fought hard.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Came down a bit from yesterday’s performance.  His difficulties came predominantly from not being able to get a good fit and and extension.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Played with  wide base and was caught leaning on defenders too often.   As a result he fell off numerous assignments.  He does have very strong hands once he latches on to an opponent.

Analysis: Started off very well but petered out slightly as the week progressed.  Johnson is not the typical squat shaped prospect often seen at guard.  He is tall and relatively lean for the position.  Even still, he fires off the ball well and loves to get into defenders body’s driving them off the football.  Like many this week under an NFL microscope, his technique was hardly up to snuff.  Surprisingly, he did not see any action at tackle like many of his linemates.  Johnson had good film from the season, had a solid albeit nondescript week of practice, and should still legitimately be one of the top guards taken in the first few rounds.
Mitch Petrus OL Arkansas 6031 304 33 9 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: Terrific day for Petrus.  Showed surprisingly good strength and showed the power to drive opponents off the line.  Also blocked down on defenders and removed them from the action.  Really blocked with a nasty attitude.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Worked extensively on his hand placement throughout this practice.  He continually struggled to keep his hands in tight and hit his aiming point.  Also overset on a few occasions even inside at guard.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Showed some ability to get to the second level, but also was caught leaning on defenders far too often.  His technique continues to be erratic but when he was sound, he does show himself well.
Analysis: Some openly wondered how much room for growth Petrus has at the position after playing some collegiate fullback.   His frame appears maxed out physically.  A feather in his cap this week was his continued improvement throughout in his technique and a willingness to take coaching.  Petrus is a limited prospect who will enter some NFL camp as a hard worker with some athletic ability.
Selvish Capers OL West Virginia 6045 304 34 10
Monday Practice Notes: Awful performance.  Was manhandled by the big guys and had circles run around him by the speed rushers.  All too often was on the field.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Saw some improvement on this day.  Capers flashed some legitimate potential to play left tackle.  He was beat on more than a few occasions, but most was due to technique…not natural ability.  He was quick with nimble feet.  He did overset on more than one occasion, so not to be beat by the speed rush.  He also got a little wide in his footwork as a result.  Capers certainly slide well in his set in general but has areas to improve upon as this week progresses.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Capers was found on the ground multiple times.   He was thrown around and could not recover.   At times he will show a nice set and will look the part.  Then, he oversets and gets beat with ease.
Analysis: Just awful from a technical standpoint.   It is honestly hard to blunt that particular piercing statement.  Capers had these same types of struggles while at West Virginia.  As an athlete, this tackle prospect can be tantalizing.  He looks the part physically and moves very well.  He slides naturally in pass protection.  He has the ability to mirror almost any end off the edge.  Yet, more often than not, Selvish Capers was often beat by those same defenders.   Certainly intriguing for a team with a patient offensive line coach and time to spend in his development, this former tight end has a ton of potential yet to be tapped.
Chris Scott OL Tennessee
Monday Practice Notes: Played well as a last minute fill in.  Easily controls opponents once he gets his hand on them.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Spending the day at right tackle, Scott continually lunged to engage defenders.  He would get a good pass set but not display the patience to set up his punch properly.   As a result, he was beat multiple times.   In the run game, Scott was certainly more powerful as a down blocker
Wednesday Practice Notes: Big and powerful, Scott has yet to use that to his advantage without leading with his head.  As a result he can be thrown off blocks by more active defensive linemen.
Analysis: After a solid effort at the Shrine Game, Scott came in as a late addition.  Watching him at tackle this particular week, he is clearly more suited to move inside to guard at the next level.  Scott struggled greatly with speed off the edge.   But he was very powerful at points in his run blocking, even caving down the side of the line at points.  Inside his issues with technique should become slightly less of an issue.  Like most powerful blockers, he needs to lead less with his head.  Chris Scott is a big, mauling offensive lineman with a strong base who served himself well just by coming in and competing.
Morgan Cox LS Tennessee 6026 248
Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes:
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Brandon Lang DL Troy State 6036 260 32 8 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: Looked fast off the edge and did a great job playing with leverage and keeping his pads low to the ground.  Showed some toughness and resiliency.  Kept coming but really lacks any strength.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Coached up to a degree for playing with too high of a pad level.   Lang really showed some burst off the line to turn the edge.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Early in practice Lang had his troubles sitting down and holding ground against double teams.   He did display that speed to turn the corner to get to the passer.
Analysis: It was a common theme with the South defensive ends…athletic and quick off the edge but had troubles holding ground against the run.  Lang certainly calls into this category.   Unlike his teammate, Cameron Sheffield, this particular defensive end was not given the opportunity to register even a play or two as a linebacker.   Lang was used only along the defensive line this week, and he displayed exactly what everyone was expecting.
George Selvie DL South Florida 6044 247 33 ¾ 9 1/4
Monday Practice Notes: Selvie was rather non-descript.  He’s got great edge speed but really cannot get off blocks and rarely made plays.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Simply cannot hold ground against some of the larger South offensive linemen.  Selvie got washed down the line of scrimmage against down blocks.   At times, he can be engulfed against the run.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Best effort to date for the collegiate sackmaster.   Selvie showed more strength against double teams.  He was quick off the snap.   He even threw a fantastic bullrush to plant an opposing blocker in pass rush rush drills.
Analysis: At 247 pounds, Selvie came in the lightest of any prospect who fully participated along the defensive line.  Even despite his obvious shortcomings, this end improved each day.   By Wednesday, the former South Florida Bull was even displaying some power off the edge by playing with good leverage.  He is very quick off the ball and can shorten the edge.  Selvie is what he is:  a situational pass rusher who may get a look as a 34 outside linebacker.   And he did nothing negative or positive to truly dispel those stereotypes.
Geno Atkins DL Georgia 6013 286 31 9 7/8
Monday Practice Notes: Atkins looked nothing less than spectacular today.  He fired off the snap and easily beat blockers off the line.  Atkins keeps his pads low and got leverage on opponents.  He showed better than average power in his lower body and decent leg drive.  Atkins really looked like a complete defensive lineman today.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Atkins was one of the best players on field once again.  One thing he was able to do naturally compared to his unit mates was an ability to get skinny, dip the shoulder, and split double teams.    He had a quick first step, really active, Reland worked the hands.  A slight issue may be his lower body strength as he lost his footing a few times with lineman draped on the defensive lineman.
Wednesday Practice Notes: The undersized interior defender came down slightly from his fantastic play over the past couple of days.  He was not quite as active, but he continued to work his hands effectively in tight areas.
Analysis: After a fantastic start to the week, Atkins came down to earth towards the end.  With that said, this Georgia product can easily be argued as one of the most impressive performers.  He was amazingly explosive off the snap.  He continually worked his hands effectively.   He split double teams consistently.  This was certainly needed for a one time very highly regarded prospect that was benched as a senior.  Geno Atkins once again enters the conversation as more than a late round pick and will be an ideal three technique for certain NFL schemes.
Terrence Cody DL Alabama 6040 370 33 11 1/4
Monday Practice Notes: Cody started strong then quickly faded.  He is powerful and easily pushed blockers off the line in drills but 15 minutes into practice he was clutching and holding onto opponents for dear life.  At one point he was tossed to the ground by Jeff Byers of USC.  Really a bad day after a bad weigh in.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Took his play up a notch and gave consistent effort.   He ate up double teams as per usual.  He threw some linemen around.  He even showed a quick little swim move to get past one particular offensive lineman.   He does need to display more flexibility in his lower body, thus playing with a lower pad level.
Wednesday Practice Notes: It is easy to know what to expect of Cody at this point.   He is tough to handle one on one by his size.  He can  reestablish the line of scrimmage when blocked by a single lineman.  He demands a double.  He is not much of a pass rusher, though he did attempt to throw a move or two in there during individual drills.
Analysis: hat can be said about this mammoth interior defender which has not already been said?  Cody is a prototypical two down zero technique.   This certainly holds its own special value.  It’s hard to find men as large as Terrence Cody who have just enough athleticism to really control the middle of an offensive line.   He has his issues with hand play and flexibility but is just impossible to move against fellow collegians.  His issues will become more apparent at the next level, but someone will finally take a chance on his talent (probably in round 2 or 3) despite all the concerns about weight and technique.
Lamarr Houston DL Texas 6026 302 33 9 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: Houston had an up and down day.  He’s very quick and gets leverage on opponents.  His strength is suspect as he is easily controlled at the point.  On one play Mitch Petrus just engulfed him from the action.  Houston did show good lateral movement skills.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Quick and continually worked the hands, but often to no avail.  He worked his way up field consistently but got overwhelmed against larger blockers.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Improved against the run.   Houston was dipping the shoulder and knee with some positive results.
Analysis: Much like many of his linemates on this roster, Houston’s skills appear to fit in a nicely wrapped box.    The former Texas defender is very quick off the snap, a constant penetrator, yet struggles to hold up against the run.   In that regard, Houston appeared to be a prototypical three technique at the next level with some explosive qualities.   His strength in his core and lower body seems questionable.  If he can learn to use his quickness and motor to consistently split double teams effectively, he will be a much more effective three down defender.   At this juncture, Lamarr Houston will hold certain value for specified schemes but is likely stuck in the late second/early third round range.
Jeff Owens DL Georgia 6012 304 32 9 1/8
Monday Practice Notes: Owens was very quick off the snap yet looked rather heavy legged moving about the field, which surprised us.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Relatively quiet day with a little burst off the snap, but also failed to recognize some down blocks that washed him out of the play.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Amped up the effort and had a fantastic outing.   He was continually beating interior blockers off the snap.   He was continually disruptive.   And he even had the ability to eat up and beat double teams.   Owens had the best day overall on the defensive side of the ball.
Analysis: Entering this season coming off of major reconstructive knee surgery, Owens did not appear as powerful or quick off the snap as he did in his junior campaign.  The Bulldog defender started slowly, as did most of his defensive unit for Georgia.  Owens improved as the season progressed.   And his learning curve while in Mobile took a similar path.   He improved as the week went on to the point where this defensive tackle was almost unblockable on the final full practice day.   Owens does not possess ideal size as a potential one technique, but he plays low to the ground and can beat double teams.   He uses his hands relatively well and is much stronger than his size would indicate.   Jeff Owens should have done enough with these efforts to see his draft stock start to resemble the point they would have been entering last year.
Dan Williams DL Tennessee 6022 329 33 10 1/8
Monday Practice Notes: Williams displayed great power and bulrushed opponents off the ball all day. He does need to develop more moves with his hands as at times he was rather easily locked up at the point.
Tuesday Practice Notes: This interior defender spent a lot of time today working on his ability to dip his shoulder and shed blocks consistently.  He was attempting to shed blocks consistently and continually attempted to swat hands and one arm some offensive linemen.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Very tough to handle in the middle.    He fires off the ball low and hard consistently.   He guts under offensive linemen’s pads and often overpowers.   He can eat up double teams successfully.
Analysis: Clearly one of the best defensive players on the field throughout the week.   Dan Williams established himself as a legit top twenty prospect and should have certain two gap based NFL teams very intrigued.  This prospect is very reminiscent of B.J. Raji of a year ago. Both are very thick in the backside and thighs.   As a result, they have the body structure perfectly designed to become future nose tackles in the 34.  Williams only exacerbated this assessment by continually engaging and defeating double teams throughout the week.   He was almost impossible to move off the line of scrimmage and generally reestablished said point one or two yards in the backfield each and every snap.  Of any prospect in Mobile, Dan Williams is the only to truly cement himself as a top prospect.
CJ Wilson DL East Carolina 6030 284 32 ¾ 9 5/8
Monday Practice Notes: Wilson showed a quick first step yet once a blocker got their hands on him it was all over.
Tuesday Practice Notes: In pass rush drills, Wilson had some quickness off the edge but was not entirely productive.  He is another that showed an inability to consistently get off blocks and often got entangled at the point of attack.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Had one play in particular when he beat the left tackle off the edge.  Otherwise his play has been terribly subpar.
Analysis: With an opportunity to establish himself as a solid edge rusher with good size and athleticism, Wilson was less than spectacular.   In fact, his performance was more along the lines of forgettable.  This end showed some ability in individual pass rush drills but more often than not was tangled up with offensive lineman without an ability to recover.  C.J. Wilson came in to compete, yet did nothing of note to really stand out through this entire process.
Cameron Sheffield DL Troy State 6025 256 32 ¾ 10
Monday Practice Notes: Sheffield was a pleasant surprise.  He was quick, ferocious and played with leverage as well as strength.  He really did not look over matched as most thought he would.
Tuesday Practice Notes: This practice differed from yesterday when Sheffield did have some troubles holding up at the point of attack.  As a pass rusher, the potential was once again apparent with a picture perfect swim move in team session which would have netted a sack.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Saw time at linebacker.   Showed some initial quickness in coverage but got beat in the end.
Analysis: For Sheffield, his most important plays of the week were the one or two when asked to play some linebacker in passing drills.  This is where he is most often projected to go, and he did nothing to change said thought process.   The collegiate defensive end is smooth off the edge.  He can dip the shoulder and shorten his aiming point.   But he gets completely washed out against the run.  His quickness and pad level help to a degree, but it is only a matter of time before becoming overwhelmed.  Cameron Sheffield may not have gotten the same recognition as teammate Brandon Lang this year, but his athleticism and potential ability to play linebacker may make him a better professional.
Jamar Chaney LB Mississippi State 6006 241 33 9 7/8
Monday Practice Notes: Chaney played smart, tough, football.  He was disciplined with assignments and showed a great head for the ball in run defense.  He fired up the field and willingly took on ball carriers.  Chaney did not make many plays in coverage but got depth on pass drops.
Tuesday Practice Notes:Another solid day for Chaney.  Once again he was effective in pass coverage and very tough against the run.  Played assignment football and really looked good on the field.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Read running plays well and as a result was rarely caught out of position.  Appeared a step slow in coverage at times, but did a good job of recovering as the play developed.  Overall, had a solid practice
Analysis: In our opinions Chaney improved his stock coming out of the week.  He displayed himself to be a legitimate three down linebacker with coverage skills besides his ability to stuff the run.  We have a feeling Chaney is going to run well at the combine and further move north up draft boards.
Darryl Sharpton LB Miami-Fl 5116 229 32 ½ 9 3/4
Monday Practice Notes: Sharpton also displayed a good head for the ball in run defense and nicely flows to the action laterally.  He was fast up the field and worked hard to make plays.
Tuesday Practice Notes:What a difference a day makes.  Sharpton was constantly torched in coverage drills and looked ragged trying to stop anyone over the middle.  He showed little to no instincts and was incredibly slow reacting.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Had trouble staying with tight ends in coverage work and struggled with play recognition.  He did show some good pass rush ability when matched up one on one with running backs.
Analysis: Sharpton was not good, to put it plainly.  He’s built for the weakside yet struggled just about every time he was put in coverage situations over backs or tight ends.  His play has really gone south since 2007 and there were no improvements this week.
Antonio Coleman LB Auburn 6015 255 32 ¼ 9 7/8
Monday Practice Notes: Coleman exclusively lined up at defensive end and did a solid job.  He was quick off the snap, fast up the field and moved relatively well laterally.  Coleman cannot get off blocks once engaged at the point.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Again, this college defensive end has stayed as such.  He showed some aggressiveness today against the run really standing up some bigger offensive linemen.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Saw limited action at linebacker for the the first time and did not embarrass himself.
Analysis: Coleman started to flash the skills which caught scouts eyes back in 2007 during his sophomore season.  He mainly lined up at defensive end and showed a lot of speed and athleticism off the edge.  The few times they lined him up at outside linebacker Coleman did not embarrass himself.
Eric Norwood LB South Carolina 6007 246 31 ¾ 9 3/4
Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes:Not a good day for Norwood.  He was asked to play a more traditional linebacker position and really struggled.  He showed no feel for coverage, constantly face guarded opponents and was beaten all day long.  Also got caught up in the wash and could not get off blocks.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Put forth a very solid effort in pass rush drills, consistently beating his man in 1 on 1 drills.  He didn’t fare as well in coverage however, where he was caught a step behind on more than one occasion.
Analysis: Norwood was terrific up the field and in the box but as we stated all week, he was terrible moving in reverse.  He showed no feel for coverage and was beaten like a drum consistently trying to guard backs or tight ends.  Considering his poor ht/wt numbers there’s no doubt scouts were disapointed this week.
Roddrick Muckelroy


Texas 6015 236 32 9
Monday Practice Notes:Muckelroy was very active today.  He plays with good knee bend and nicely flows to the action laterally.  He gets caught up in the trash but looked much better after being moved to outside linebacker.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Muckelroy was effective when given a free shot at the action but once again he was easily blocked from the action.  He was inconsistent in coverage and gave up a fair share of receptions.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Used his hands well to disengage from blockers.  Recognized and reacted to plays quickly.  Filled gaps and wrapped up on his tackles.  Looked to have a good grasp of what was going on and seemed comfortable throughout practice.
Analysis: Like many of the linebacker from the South, Muckelroy showed marginal skills in coverage.  He flashed ability and does the little things well but really does not have that wow factor to his game, the way he showed back in 2008.
Dekoda Watson LB Florida State 6014 232 32 ¼ 8 3/4
Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes: Watson struggled all day.  He was late reacting to plays, did a lot of trailing and got burnt in coverage.  He showed little instincts and looked out of place on the field.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Had to continuously be coached up throughout practice on his technique.  He had a rough day defending both the pass and the run.  His lone bright spot might be the quick bust he showed at times off the edge in pass rush drills.
Analysis: Watson was ineffective all week and looked out of place on several instances.  He looks a shell of himself compared to his play in 2007, when he was a force at FSU, and did nothing in the practices to show any glimmer of hope.
Javier Arenas DB Alabama 5085 195 30 1\2 9 3/8
Monday Practice Notes: Looked solid in drills and made a number of solid plays in practice.  Nice feet and smooth hips.  Also showed a nice burst out of his plant.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Arenas really had a solid day.  Once again he looked good in drills then transferred that into play making skills in the seven on sevens as well as in scrimmage.  Looked like a legit cornerback, though size will probably limit him to nickel/dime back.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Struggled in seven-on-sevens as well as scrimmage.  His size was a detriment as Arenas gave up a number of receptions to bigger wide outs.
Analysis: Little by little Arenas showed flashes all week and proved he has the underlying skills to play at the next level.  His height will be an issue as he was exploited by larger receivers rather easily.  Scouts are expecting him to produce returning punts in the NFL and a good showing in the game tonight is important.
Parrish Cox DB Oklahoma State 5112 189 30 8 ½
Monday Practice Notes:Hands down the best defensive back on the field.  Quick pedal, fluid hips and an explosive burst.  Shut down almost every opponent offering blanket coverage and really made a lot of nice plays on the ball.  Looked like an NFL starter.
Tuesday Practice Notes:Cox was not as effective on Tuesday but was still solid. He’s fundamentally sound and very explosive.  There is lots of talk about character issues surrounding this prospect.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Surprisingly Cox continues to watch his play slide.  Wednesday was the worst practice of the week as he gave up a lot of receptions.  Seemed to give up on plays occasionally as well.
Analysis: Cox started hot but fizzled at the end of the week.  At the top of his game he proved to be an excellent shut down corner yet he played rather lazily by Wednesday.  We keep hearing character questions will loom large in draft day decisions on Cox.
Trevard Lindley DB Kentucky 5111 178 32 ½ 10 3/8
Monday Practice Notes:Looked good in drills but once he lined up across from an opponent it was over.  Gave up a ton of receptions and really stopped no one.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Lindley again gave up a number of receptions on the day.  He was slightly better on Tuesday but there’s no doubt he’s dropping down draft boards.
Wednesday Practice Notes:Yuck- Lindley gave up reception after reception and lost out several times.  He was beaten badly by Joe Webb for a touchdown.

Jerome Murphy DB South Florida 6003 191 32 8 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: Quick footed and explosive but surprisingly played small for a bigger corner.  Lost out in  a lot of battles he should have won and gave up a lot of receptions.
Tuesday Practice Notes:Murphy continues to struggle.  He gets high in his backpedal and gave up a ton of underneath receptions.
Wednesday Practice Notes:Continued to struggle.  Loses out in battles when he should not and just did not show a good feel for coverage.
Analysis: Very disappointing week for Murphy.   He looked the part yet did not always play to it.  He gave up a lot of receptions backed off the line of scrimmage.  Surprisingly, Murphy also struggled in press coverage.
Patrick Robinson DB Florida State 5111 190 30 ½ 8 1/2
Monday Practice Notes:Physically, Robinson ranks as one of the best corners here.  He’s fast, physical and very strong.   Once he locates the ball he’s very good, but….He is super slow to react, very hesitant and shows little in the way of instincts which results in big plays being given up.
Tuesday Practice Notes:Robinson struggled all day and was beaten like a drum by Andre Roberts.  He cannot make a play with his back to the ball and was constantly twisted like a pretzel trying to stay with opponents out of breaks.
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Analysis: Robinson proved he is strictly a bump and run cover corner.  If he can jam opponents at the line and be physical throughout the route he’s got a good chance to defend the throw.  Others, if opponents are given any free space the result is usually a reception.
Nate Allen DB South Florida 6005 205 30 ½ 9 3/5
Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes:Allen had a solid practice.  He flashes man cover skills and looks the part on the field.  He stood out today and was one of the better DB’s for the South.
Wednesday Practice Notes:Looked solid in coverage drills and made plays facing the action.  Struggled in one-on-ones but looks like a solid free safety prospect.

Analysis: For the most part Murphy leaves the week better than he entered it.  He had his ups and downs in man coverage situations, but its’ nothing that can’t be fixed.
Harry Coleman DB LSU 6014 206 32 ¼ 9 7/8
Monday Practice Notes: Coleman is good in the box but looked very stiff whenever he was required to move in reverse and make plays.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Coleman still looks best up the field or in the box.  Has done nothing to make anyone think he’s nothing other than a zone or strong safety.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Improved- did a solid job running down field with opponents and was more than adequate.
Analysis: Coleman improved as the week went on and showed flashes of being something other than just a box safety.
Taylor Mays DB USC 6030 231 33 ¾ 10 1/8
Monday Practice Notes:Taylor was good between the numbers but is slow in reverse, stiff in his hips and really shows little range in center field.  He’s big- maybe too big, and will fit only certain schemes and has limitations.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Mays really struggled and there will be questions if he can play safety at the next level or would he be better off at linebacker. His pedal is slow and he cannot drive to the ball out of his plant.  He gave up a ton of receptions in the underneath coverage today.
Wednesday Practice Notes:Once again struggled.  Looked terrible in coverage drills.  Really struggled pedaling in reverse and cannot drive out of his plant.  He rarely made any plays on the action if the pass catcher was just a few feet in front of him.
Analysis: We hate to keep slamming Mays but his play all week was poor.  He hits like a ton of bricks but never displayed himself to be a rangy center fielder who can play sideline-to-sideline and almost never made a play on the ball during man coverage drills all three days.  Some have contacted us saying we’ve been unfair but we disagree.  Remember- Mays was someone most thought would be a top six pick before the season began, so it was fair to have high expectations for him.
Matt Dodge P East Carolina 6014 223
Monday Practice Notes: Started slow then slowly pulled it together.  Got nice hang time on punts but really did not drive the ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Dodge really showed a strong leg today, driving punts and getting terrific hang time.  He looks as though he has the ability to flip the field if necessary.
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Analysis: Really had a terrific week of practice.  Drove his punts showing a strong leg with the ability to hang the ball in the air or flip the field.
Myron Rolle DB Florida Sate 6014 217 33 9 1/4
Monday Practice Notes:Looked smooth and fluid in practice and did not look like he’s been away from football for more than a year.  Did not make many plays in scrimmage.  Always lined up in the box.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Improving.  Made some solid plays in scrimmage and not getting beat.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Solid day.  Got beat once in coverage but for the most part played disciplined, assignment football.  Not great but looks very solid.
Analysis: There’s no denying it was a terrific week for Rolle considering he’s been away from football for more than a year.  He really looked like he belonged on the field and played like he did early in his FSU career.
Leah Tiffin PK Alabama 6001 198
Monday Practice Notes: They did not kick off or kick for distance but Tiffin showed he could drive his field goal attempts.
Tuesday Practice Notes:
Wednesday Practice Notes: Likely established himself as the top kicker in the draft.  Consistently put his kick-offs inside the five from the pro-mark.
Analysis: Tiffin showed on Wednesday, when he was driving his kick-offs the length of the field from the pro mark, he heads towards April as one of the highest rated players at his position.