The buzz in Mobile is getting loud as more and more scouts as well as coaches arrive for this year’s edition of the Senior Bowl.  Tonight we got the entire story on Cameron Heyward, news on the injury that kept Drake Nevis away from the Senior and a few interesting tidbits on Owen Marecic.

We spoke at length with the agents for Cameron Heyward this evening and they were quite forthright with us.  Heyward suffered a hyper-extended elbow during the first half of the Sugar Bowl earlier this month yet continued to play with the injury throughout the entire contest.  Heyward’s surgery was performed by Dr James Andrews last week.  The recovery process means Heyward is unable to take part in any football related activities for 10-to-12 weeks.  He is expected to go to the combine and hopes to compete in some of the drills, except the bench press.  The expectations are Heyward will complete a full pro-day workout, minus the bench press, during the Ohio State event in mid-March.  He will be on hand tomorrow at the Senior Bowl to meet with scouts, coaches and many of his former Ohio State teammates.

Many were surprised when Drake Nevis failed to show up at the Senior Bowl.  Sources have told us he’s suffering from a painful case of plantar fasciitis, or in lay mans terms, a debilitating inflammation of the heel and/or arch.

Does Owen Marecic really want a career in the NFL?  Many are asking that question.  Evidently Marecic, who is a brilliant student, was not quite sure himself.  Sources told us Marecic was still wondering what career path he would follow just a few months ago.  Sources have told us he did not agree to participate in the Senior Bowl until the middle of last week.  Marecic has still no chosen an agent and is very uninterested in the process- all unusual for a Senior Bowl/combine invitee.