The first of two big pre-draft scouting All Star events begin this week in Orlando as players gather for the traditional East-West Shrine Game.  As TFY did last year, here are the results of the East practice with additional draft impacting news which follows.  Updated:  Wednesday East Practice…more on Szczur…JJ Watt highly praised…more!

David Arkin            OL Missouri State

Tues: Had his moments.  Held up Marvin Austin when he got leverage but also got rag-dolled at times.


Marvin Austin DL North Carolina

Tues: Started slow but really picked it up.  Showed a lot of power, quickness and explosion.  Rarely got held up off the line.

Wed: Again, started off dominant and was unstoppable.  Beat opponents with power, quickness and speed.  They resorted to double teaming and holding him in scrimmage.  Did wear down a bit late but definitely on the rise.

Ryan Bartholomew OL Syracuse

Tues: Moves well yet got smoked on a number of plays and on the ground too much.

Wed: Played slightly better and looked effective in motion yet showed limited strength at the point.

Bryant Browning OL Ohio State

Tues: Awful technician; narrow base and does not sink his butt which adversely effected his run blocking ability.  Moved well and solid in pass protection.

Wed: Struggled again.  Did a fine job in pass protection but was beaten numerous times in drills and ineffective run blocking.

Mario Butler        DB Georgia Tech

Tues: Looked good in drills.  Fluid and smooth.  Also made some nice plays facing the action.

Wed: Went backwards today.  Often beaten drills and a non-factor in scrimmage.

Wes Byrum K Auburn

Tues: Kick-offs were not good.

Wed: Much better today.  Got his kick-offs into the opposing end-zone on a number of occasions.

Delone Carter RB Syracuse

Tues: Some shiftiness and a nice burst.  Willingly took it up the middle.


Graig Cooper RB Miami

Tues: Looked good.  Quick footed and very shifty.  Nice creativity on the inside.  Not wearing a knee brace.

Wed: Solid day.  Showed a lot of shiftiness and displayed a terrific burst through the hole.  Beat defenders to the point before they could get a hand on him.

Akem Dent LB Georgia


Wed: Rather non-descript.  Showed ability in the box but struggles getting outside tackle.

Patrick Devlin QB Delaware

Tues: Really struggled to throw the ball.  Passes float and wobble.  Did not look good.

Wed: Another poor result.  Rarely throws tight spirals.  Accuracy downfield is not good.  

Ricky Dobbs QB Navy


Wed: Made several nice throws throughout the day.

Charles Gantt TE Michigan State

Tues: Really looked dominant as a blocker.  Jumped offside part of the day but still looked


Wed: Another solid day as a blocker and made a terrific catch in traffic during scrimmage.

Eric Gordon DB Michigan State

Tues: Listed at strong safety.

Wed: Played weak-side linebacker and stood out in coverage.  Made numerous nice plays out to the flanks and never lost his assigned pass catcher.

Christian Hairston OL Clemson

Tues: Average day.  Big guy but not as dominant as you’d think.

Wed: Bends his knees and blocks with leverage.  Did well in pass protection.  Average run blocker.  Really lacks the nasty attitude and does not work to finish.

Jermale Hines DB Ohio State

Tues: Looked best moving up the field.  Slow and mechanical in his peddle.

Wed:Lack of quickness compared to the other DB’s was obvious.  Struggled in man coverage drills, rarely getting his head around to locate the ball and constantly face-guarding.

Douglas Hogue LB Syracuse


Wed: Disappointing.  Very athletic yet displayed marginal instincts and too easily caught up in the wash.

Randall Hunt OL Illinois

Tues: Violent blocker that controls opponents once he gets his hands on them.  Then again got beaten bad on a number of occasions when opponents got the first step on him and he had to adjust.  Slightly stiff.

Wed: Very powerful and easily controlled defenders once he got his hands on them.  At one point annihilated Olong Ogbu but struggles if any lineman gets a step on him.

Lestar Jean WR Florida Atlantic

Tues: Tall target.  Gets off the line quickly.  Lost out battling Justin Rogers of Richmond.

Wed: Again, very quick and shows a mild burst.  Goes up and fights for the ball, extending to make the reception away from his frame.  All too often lost out in battles he should win or drops some catchable throws.

Brian Lainhart DB Kent State

Tues: Just looks slow and as though he’s forcing the issue in drills.  Nothing to make us not believe he’s just a straight line safety.

Wed: Struggled all day in coverage situations.  Nothing to make us rethink our opinion that he’s a one-dimensional, straight line defender.

Scott Lutrus LB Connecticut

Tues: Showed a lot of athleticism on the field.

Wed: Looked good.  Played smart, tough football.  Made several nice plays in scrimmage and displayed solid instincts.

Gregory Lloyd II LB Connecticut

Tues: Mentally gets it but lacks quickness and agility.

Wed: Tough and effective inside the box.  Strong against the run but shows no skills scraping laterally or playing outside the tackles.

Terrell McClain DL USF

Tues: Really had a solid day.  Explosive off the snap and great all around quickness.  Not the strongest yet held his own.

Wed: Another good day.  His first step quickness/lower body power combination gave blockers fits all morning.  Slightly short, which makes it easy for big linemen to block down on him.

Josh McNary LB Army

Tues: Looked athletic and forceful.  Made a number of nice plays.

Wed: Did not make many plays yet breaks down well and shows good fundamentals.

Bruce Miller DL UCF

Tues: Solely played defensive end.  Fast off the edge and showed some quickness yet cannot get off blocks.  Really goes hard.

Wed: Took a step back from yesterday.

Jonathan Nelson DB Oklahoma

Tues: Made a nice pick then came back and got beaten badly trying to defend the run (DeLone Carter?).

Wed: Physical and fights hard but looks stiff and lacks quickness.  Displayed marginal ball skills in coverage drills.

Olong Ogbu DL Penn State

Tues: Fires off the snap with a tremendous first step which gave him an advantage over the poor o-linemen of the East.  Fought hard and was not dominated.

Wed: Again- first step defender that struggles getting off blocks.  Went hard all day.

Martin Parker DL Richmond

Tues: Impressive.  Looked quick, athletic and better than average strength. Won out a number of times in one-on-one drills and more than held his own.

Wed: Not as impressive as yesterday but still solid.  Shows a lot of athleticism and went hard all day.  Well spoken young man.

Jah Reid OL UCF

Tues: Big, monstrous right tackle that flashed.  Struggled to adjust but showed some skills.

Wed: Slightly better than yesterday.  Good job bending his knees for such a tall lineman.  Works hands well.  Strictly a strong-side blocker.

Justin Rogers DB Richmond

Tues: Looked good all the way around.  Quick feet, nice burst and fast.  Made a nice break-up against Cecil Shorts in scrimmage.

Wed: Sensational day.  Showed great foot quickness, smooth hips and a burst out of his plant.  Broke up a number of passes all day and really battled hard, coming out victorious more times than not. 

Brian Rolle LB Ohio State

Tues: Made a few nice plays but constantly swallowed by blocks.

Wed: Displayed a lot of athleticism, instincts and skill in coverage.

Evan Royster RB Penn State

Tues: Just a one cut runner yet a very good one-cut runner.

Wed: Solid but not great day.  Caught the ball well.

Anthony Sherman FB Connecticut

Tues: Displayed deceptive speed and on a number of occasions was able to turn the corner carrying the ball.  Blue collar blocker.

Wed: Threw a number of devastating blocks today.  Worked hard and a tough football player.

Cecil Shorts WR Mt. Union

Tues: Ran decent routes.  Made a nice grab on an out with a defender draped on him.  Still leaves his feet unnecessarily at times.

Wed: Did not look good.  Battled but dropped several passes or lost out in battles.

David Sims DB Iowa State


Wed: Looks the part and gives effort but stiff.  Really best facing the action.

Greg Smith TE Texas

Tues: Slightly disappointed.  Looked off balance and struggled finishing blocks.

Wed: Better day overall.

Mike Smith OL Nebraska

Tues: Played left tackle and wasn’t awful  Controlled opponents once he gets his hands on them.

Wed: We keep questioning his ability at left tackle, and he keeps proving us wrong.  Not incredibly athletic yet uses all his assets to their maximum.

Tyrod Taylor QB Virginia Tech

Tues: Threw the ball reasonably well but he’s short.  Strains to see over the offensive linemen.

Wed: Had a few nice passes but has has done nothing to make anyone believe he is anything other than a late rounder.

Josh Thomas DB Buffalo

Tues: Slightly disappointing in that we thought his foot quickness and backpedal would be better.

Wed: Another bad day.  Shows minimal quickness and was beaten downfield by Terrence Turner.

Terrence Toliver WR LSU

Tues: Did a good job blocking.

Wed: Had one bad drop, yet  overall looked terrific.  Caught the ball well with his hands.  Physical and beat down defenders.  Stood out compared to all the East receivers.

Justin Trattou DL Florida

Tues: Gave more than we thought; better athlete, pass rusher, etc.

Wed: Showed some speed as a pass rusher but little in the way of moves or ability to shed blocks.

Terrence Turner WR Indiana


Wed: Lacks any quickness or speed.   Can’t get off the line and shows no burst.  To his credit, he continues to work hard.

Demarcus Van Dyke DB Miami

Tues: Looked great mechanically in drills.  Flamingo thin legs.

Wed: Again- looked sensational in drills.  Also, physically beat down receivers in drills and scrimmage.  Played heads up football as well, though he does a bit of face guarding.

Kyle Adams TE Purdue

Tues: Worked his blocks.  Technically sound.

Wed: Made several nice catches throughout the session.  Well spoken young man.  Wants to succeed.

Beau Warren OL Virginia Tech

Tues: Quick and got leverage on opponents yet also manhandled by Austin and McClain at times.


William Rackley OL Lehigh

Tues: Played right tackle and struggled.  Looked very passive and did too much catching defenders.  Better off at guard.

Wed: Much better day.  Fundamentally superior to any lineman on the East.  Really bends his knees well.  Showed skill in motion.  Still feel he won’t be a right tackle.

Kenny Rowe DL Oregon

Tues: Flashed playmaking skill.  Tall, angular lineman.

Wed: Threw one of the best moves of the day when he spun off Hairston and got into the backfield.  Drew a rise from scouts.  Looks relatively athletic.



– More on Matt Szczur.  Evidently the $1.5million figure was the magic number for Szczur to choose the Chicago Cubs over the NFL and he let it be known.  Chicago was not so quick to bump its original offer up to that number.  The clincher came Tuesday when the Cubs sent a contingent of people to Florida Atlantic University, where Szczur was training under the guidance of TEST Football Academy in preparation for the Senior Bowl and combine.  After being wowed by Szczur’s workout, the team finally relented to the $1.5million figure.  Sources have told us Szczur is now headed back to Villanova and will work with the school’s baseball team.

– We spoke at length with Michigan State tight end Charlie Gannt.  Considering the depth of talent on the defensive line position available in April’s draft and how much of it is coming from the Big Ten, one of the question i asked him was, “who was the toughest guy to block in the Big Ten?” Without hesitation Gannt replied JJ Watt of Wisconsin.  We spoke about his athleticism, explosion and motor.

Marvin Austin said he’s not been invited to play in the Senior Bowl as of yet.

– Troy State receiver Jernel Jernigan allegedly suffered an injury in training and sources have told us he’s pulled out of the Senior Bowl.  His replacement is Terrence Tolliver of LSU.

– While the New York Jets continue to prepare for the AFC title game they are also preparing for the future.  The plan for next season is to use second round choice Vladimir Ducasse at the right tackle position.  The Jets brought in former All Pro lineman Will Shields to work with the rookie.

– A lead scout from the Cleveland Browns told us last night he expects the team to revert to a 4-3 alignment on defense next season.  The scout was also confident nose tackle Ahtyba Rubin would have no issues moving to a traditional tackle position and Cleveland would have no issues re-signing the soon to be free agent.


Dontay Moch is listed at outside linebacker for the West and weighed in under 230-pounds yesterday.

– Word is Patrick Peterson is going to lay down a huge workout at the combine with Chris Johnson type speed.  Peterson is in Florida working with Sam Madison on his defensive back skills.

Greg Romeus of Pittsburgh is continuing to rehab his surgically repaired knee and is on schedule to workout/run before the draft.  Romeus is expected to go to the combine for the medical test and will workout somewhere around April 15th.  People here in Orlando speak highly of the defensive end’s character.