Impressive Knight

More head coaches and general managers lined the field in Orlando today for the most important sessions of Shrine week as the East took to the field for a full pads session.  Here’s the final breakdown.

John Skelton/QB/Fordham: Skelton very much looks the part but had an erratic day.  For every terrific pass he tosses Skleton would follow it up with two or three head scratchers.  He has NFL physical skills but needs a lot of work developing his game.

Mike Kakka/QB/Northwestern: Like Skelton, Kafka had a very uneven day throwing beautiful passes then some miserable ones.  One thing is for sure- Kafka does have terrific pocket sense and awareness.

Andre Anderson/RB/Tulane: Anderson showed a lot of power running on the inside and caught the ball well out of the backfield.

Alric Arnett/WR/West Virginia: Arnett ran some terrific routes, caught the ball well and showed a lot of run after the catch ability.  He lacks a burst but was very reliable.

Freddie Barnes/WR/Bowling Green: Green caught absolutely everything thrown his way.  The ability to find a way to get open was also impressive.

Blair White/WR/Michigan State: White also showed reliable hands, made some acrobatic receptions and ran good routes.  He lacks speed yet looks like a solid number four wide out on the NFL level.

Patrick Simmons/WR/Colgate: We were not impressed by Simmons this morning, though that is nothing new.   He looks good dressed in pads and even runs some nice routes.  Yet for such a large receiver he shows marginal toughness, lost out battling for receptions against smaller DB’s and dropped some catchable throws.  Simmons shows nothing in the way of speed and quickness to his game.

Chris DeGeare/G/Wake Forest: Early in the day DeGeare threw a crushing block on Mike McLaughlin, doing a great job pulling from the back side then getting out in front to knock the BC linebacker on his butt.  Later in the day DeGeare struggled- he cannot bend his knees and struggles to adjust.

Kyle Calloway/T/Iowa: Calloway was unimpressive.  He just seems to catch the defender and show little fire or nastiness in his blocking.

Thomas Austin/G/Clemson: Austin blocks with terrific fundamentals yet played like a limited athlete and is not effective far off the line of scrimmage.

Sergio Render/G/Virginia Tech: Render looked solid.  He’s fundamentally sound, strong and controlled defenders all day.  He also shows the ability to adjust.

Rodger Saffold/T/Indiana: Saffold was the best lineman on the field today.  He blocked with great fundamentals, showed solid footwork in pass protection drills and really controlled whomever he went up against.

Kevin Haslam/T/Rutgers: Haslam was the biggest surprise of the morning and really stood out.  He played right tackle exclusively and showed terrific power all day.  On a number of occasions he easily handled Lindsay Witten of Connecticut and his play showed a lot of athleticism.  Haslam, who did not receive a combine invite, weighed in at 304lbs.  We spoke with him afterwards and he looks good in pads.  35-inch arms with room to grow.

Chris Scott/T/Tennessee: Scott did a solid job at left tackle.  He displayed above average footwork and a lot of strength.

Greg Hary/DE/Mississippi: Hardy was unimpressive for most of the morning.  He’s easily blocked at the point and cannot get off blocks.  He looks athletic but really made no plays.

Torell Troup/DT/Central Florida: Troop showed outstanding quickness and explosion most of the morning.  He easily beats opponents off the snap then quickly adjusts or redirects to the action.

Nate Collins/DT/Virginia: Collins is another who shows outstanding explosion and quickness off the snap.  He played with a great motor.  Collins did struggle getting off blocks once engaged at the point.

Rahim Allen/DE/LSU: Allen looked like a solid edge rusher; quick off the snap, fast up the field with the ability to pursue from behind.  Like Collins he can’t get off blocks once engaged at the point.

Doug Worthington/DT/Ohio State: Worthington flashed skill and power.  Nothing special yet solid.

Kion Wilson/OLB/South Florida: Wilson made several nice plays in coverage.  Good looking weak side candidate.

Chris McCoy/OLB/Middle Tennessee: McCoy warmed up with the linebackers, did drills with the defensive linemen then moved back to OLB in the scrimmage where he was non-descript.

O’Brien Schofield/OLB/Wisconsin: Schofield followed the same pattern as McCoy.  He was significantly better at defensive end, getting a lot of pressure up the field and showing terrific edge speed.

Aaron Berry/CB/Pittsburgh: Berry was a late fill in and looked solid in his first practice.  He was aggressive and made several nice plays on the ball.

Note- the consensus here is the defensive backs are tough to gauge because the quarterback play has been poor.