Tony Pauline breaks down the top NFL prospects in the Rose Bowl


Round Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1stJ.J. WattDE994JrDeveloping defensive end coming off a tremendous season. Athletic, strong and very nasty. Has terrific size and lots of growth potential.  Can effectively play a variety of defensive line positions. Top 20 pick in the draft. About 90% he enters.
1-2Gabe CarimiT685SrSolid pass protecting left tackle that needs to improve his overall body strength but offers a good amount of upside. Offers starting potential on the NFL level.
2-3John MoffittG755SrStrong blocker with nice size. Has a lot of next level potential at guard or center.
3rdLance KendricksTE845SrUnderrated tight end and one of the better pass catchers at the position. Nice speed and a downfield threat.
3-4Nick ToonWR14JrReliable pass catcher with a fundamentally sound game. Not a burner but a tremendous underneath threat.
4thJohn ClayRB75SrBig, powerful ball carrier that is often injured or out of shape.
5-6Jay ValaiFS125SrUndersized yet productive safety with a solid game. Potential nickel on the NFL level.
5-6David OglsbyT674JrLarge blocker with a good degree of upside. Sets quickly in pass protection and fluid sliding off the edge. Must improve his blocking balance and strength.
7-FABill NagyG755SrTough interior blocker that gives an honest days work. Could start at the next level in the right circumstance.
FACulmer St. JeanILB155Sr
FABlake SorensonS94SrHard hitting and intimidating safety that’s a leader on the defense.
FAKevin ZeitlerG703Jr
FADevin SmithCB103Jr
FANiles BrinkleyCB295Sr
FAPatrick ButrymDT954Jr
FALouis NzegwuDE934Jr
FAScott TolzienQB165Sr
FAIsaac AndersonWR65Sr
FAZach BrownRB304Sr


Round Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
2-3Marcus CannonG615SrWide bodied, athletic blocker that’s highly considered in NFL scouting circles. Moves well on his feet well and strong at the point. Needs to properly condition himself 24/7. College tackle that projects to guard.
5-6Jeremy KerleyWR854SrReliable underneath receiver that also produces returning punts. Potential 4th/5th receiver on the NFL level.
7-FAWayne DanielsDE965SrSolid college pass rusher that projects as a 4-3 end or linebacker in a 3-4 alignment. May have a place at the next level as a pass rush specialist.
FAJimmy YoungWR885SrOne time highly rated prospect that has struggled the past two seasons.
FATejay JohnsonS34Sr
FACory GrantDT575Sr
FAAndy DaltonQB145Sr
FAEvan FroschTE845SrWell sized tight end who can catch the ball and also block.
FAAlex IbiloyeS95Sr