Tony Pauline breaks down the top NFL prospects playing in the Cotton Bowl


Round Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
6th Quentin Davie OLB 41 5Sr Strong, tough blocker with above average athleticism and speed. Questionable instincts and late reacting.  Did not improve as we thought possible in 2010.
6-7 Brian Peters S 10 4Jr Solid zone safety constantly around the ball between the numbers.
7th Corbin Bryant DT 98 5Sr Explosive, one gap penetrator who plays with sensational quickness.
FA Al Netter T 75 4Jr Solid pass protecting left tackle who displays footwork and the ability to adjust to defenders.
FA Vince Browne DE 94 4Jr Thin but fast edge rusher that shows speed up the field.
FA Neal Deiters T 79 3So Strong, small area blocker best on the right side.
FA David Arnold S 32 4Jr
FA Ben Burkett C 65 4Jr
FA Doug Bartels G 64 4Jr
FA Josh Rooks TE 89 4Sr

Texas Tech

Round Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
4-5 Detron Lewis WR 17 4Sr Reliable pass catcher very effective running after the reception. Plays with balance, body control and a consistent hand catcher who makes the reception away from his frame. Potential 3rd/4th receiver.
5-6 Colby Whitlock DT 93 4Sr Hard working interior player with tremendous quickness and explosion. Lacks the great upside but makes a lot of plays on hustle and smarts.
5-6 Taylor Potts QB 12 5Sr One of the better quarterback prospects to come from the Texas Tech program in a long, long time. Has a lot of pizzazz in his game, competently leads the offense and shows both accuracy and speed throwing the ball.
5-6 Brian Duncan ILB 57 5Sr Stout run defender who stops ball carriers dead in their tracks. Stays with assignments, effectively uses his hands to keep blockers away and wraps up at the point. More of a two down defender.
5-6 Baron Batch RB 25 5Sr Smallish, elusive ball carrier also effective catching the ball out of the backfield.
6th Cody Davis S 16 3So
FA Tramain Swindall WR 11 4Jr
FA Bront Bird OLB 20 4Sr
FA Lyle Leong WR 19 4Sr
FA Franklin Mitchem S 26 5Sr
FA Chris Olson G 70 5Sr Small area lineman that really attacks assignments.