Mike Stoops has restored the Arizona program to some semblance of competitiveness as the team has played in a few minor bowl games recently.  While most of the NFL talent presently on the roster is of the late round variety there’s plenty of possibility for upward movement.

There are several players on offense to watch starting with quarterback Nick Foles.  Sized well with the arm strength to match, Foles sells the ball fakes, displays a  nice sense of knowing where his receivers are on the field besides terrific overall awareness. He has the ability to power the ball into receivers and easily gets passes downfield.  Foles is not an elusive signal caller that can avoid the rush and he lacks classic pocket passer height yet possesses an upside.

Juron Criner is a developing receiver with a solid game.  He displays good timing and anticipation, gets vertical over defenders and fights to make the reception.   Criner shows a lot of quickness in his overall game and is a consistent hand catcher that easily makes the reception downfield running full speed.

Greg Nwoko is a dynamite young back that shows terrific power and strength on the inside as well as a degree of quickness and agility in his game.  He runs with good lean, picks up the tough yardage and is a solid receiver out of the backfield.  Nwoko is definitely someone to watch.

Nic Grigsby is an adequate prospect who displays good running vision, quickly finds the cutback lanes and immediately gets through them.   He’s a solid receiver out of the backfield yet really has no wow factor to his game.

At one point Delashaun Dean was a receiver on our radar as he is a big bodied pass catcher that uses his size and strength as an advantage.  Dean has never developed as we thought possible, in fact his game regressed.  He was dismissed from the Arizona program over the summer and will play at Texas A&M Kingsville this season.

The Wildcats have two prospects to watch on defense and both reside on the line.

Brooks Reed is an intense defender that goes hard until the whistle blows.  He plays with terrific pad level, displays solid first step quickness and is rarely off his feet.  Reed shows better than average strength at the point and gets push up the field.  He lacks natural bulk and struggles battling bigger blocker.  Reed suffered with an ankle injury last season but offers a nice upside.

Ricky Elmore is not nearly the prospect of Reed yet a possible back-up for the next level. He possesses good first step quickness, uses his hands well and plays with good pad level.  Elmore struggles getting off blocks at the point of attack and does not come with a great upside.

Arizona Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
4th Juron Criner WR 82 3Jr
5th Nick Foles QB 5 4Jr
5-6 Greg Nwoko RB 28 3So
5-6 Brooks Reed DE 42 5Sr
6-7 Nic Grigsby RB 5 4Sr
FA Delashaun Dean WR 18 5Sr
FA Ricky Elmore DE 44 5Sr
FA Adam Grant T 78 6Sr
FA Colin Baxter C 30 5Sr

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