V. Burfict, a star in the making?Issues, issues, and more issues.

Simply the best way to describe our host Brent Sobleski, his guest Mr. Rich Passan, and the numerous technical difficulties faced.

All in all, the podcast was still able to power through and produce a semi-coherent conversation.

Join us once again as we discuss a little local flavor with the forty plus year Cleveland Plain Dealer and radio veteran.   Topics include:

– Cleveland Browns’ rookie class.

– Arizona and Arizona State prospects.

– A few sidebars.

– And our regular segment, “Full of B.S.”

If any other lingering questions and comments are also present, they can be also directed to tfypodcast@hotmail.com as we will finish our “Conference Calls” just prior to the season starting with the Pac 10 still needing attention.

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