As college football fans we cannot help but root for Iowa State; the program that always seems to beat the odds and play above their heads.  Likewise, it always seems ISU offers late round picks which usually find a way to stick around the league for a long time.

Offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele did not get a lot of press in the Big 12 last year yet the massive blocker is an NFL prospect to watch.

Osemele is a big, powerful lineman that attacks assignments and plays with a nasty attitude.  He drives opponents off the ball as a run blocker, completely annihilating them at the point.  He jolts defenders with tremendous hand punch, blocks with good lean as well as an exceptionally wide base.  Oseemle must improve his blocking balance and lacks the footwork to stay at the left tackle spot he presently mans at ISU.  We feel he could be the highest rank guard prospect moving towards the 2012 draft.

Austen Arnaud is a strong, pocket passer with a big time arm yet a signal caller that’s never developed as we thought possible.  He has a big wind-up, does not correctly read defenses and sprays passes all over the field.

Senior safety David Sims is a hard hitting defender yet a secondary prospect that struggles outside the numbers.

Iowa State Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
4th Kelechi Osemele T 72 4Jr
6th David Sims S 1 4Sr
6-7 Leonard Johnson CB 23 3Jr
FA Austen Arnaud QB 4 5Sr
FA Alexander Robinson RB 33 5Sr
FA Collin Franklin TE 88 5Sr

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