It’s been a solid run for Jim Grobe at Wake Forest, a coach that always seems to get his team to over achieve.  The program has had minimal impact on the NFL Draft and that won’t change in 2011.

Cyhl Quarles is a tall, good looking safety. He possesses a decent burst of closing and recovery speed, gets outside the numbers in coverage and wraps up tackling. He’s a good player now with a decent amount of upside.

Russell Nennon is a hard working, intelligent blocker with limited upside.  He does a terrific job quarterbacking the offensive line, blocks wide base and gets leverage on opponents.  Getting the most from his assets, Nennon uses effective body positioning to seal defenders from the action, keeps his head on a swivel and shows terrific awareness.  He lacks bulk, overall strength but could fit at the next level as an inexpensive utility blocker.

Marshall Williams is a solid possession receiver who lacks the deep speed and second gear. Williams displays terrific focus as well as concentration, looks the ball into his hands and could fit in as a fifth receiver.

Josh Adams is a nice back and a prospect we may be underrating.  Adams offers solid running vision and instincts, works hard on the inside and weaves his way through the traffic to pick up positive.  Showing quickness in his running, Adams sets up defenders, makes them miss and creates his own yardage.  He also a very good receiver out of the backfield.

Wake Forest Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
5-6 Cyhl Quarles S 5 4Jr
5-6 Tristan Dorty OLB 55 4Jr
6th Joe Looney G 78 3Jr
7th Josh Bush CB 4 4Jr
FA Kenny Okoro CB 6 3So
FA Russell Nennon G 72 5Sr
FA Marshall Williams WR 8 5Sr
FA Josh Adams RB 27 5Sr
FA Devon Brown WR 3 4Jr
FA Hunter Haynes OLB 56 5Sr

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