MLB or NFL? Gerhart's deciding

On this third day of the New Year we bring you an update on Akwa Owusa-Ansah as well as some breaking news out in Columbus, Ohio.  Which juniors will announce their intentions to enter the draft this week?  And who are the new underclassmen that are likely to throw themselves into the mix?  Today we bring you the answers to these questions as well as more updates from past stories!

– In our notes from December 11th we alerted readers that Indiana-Pennsylvania cornerback Akwa Owusa-Ansah has a shoulder injury which some have described to us as serious.  In the past few days we’ve spoken with other sources that have confirmed it is a labrum injury that will require surgery.  From what we hear Owusa-Ansah will wait until after the combine to have the injury surgically repaired and will not play in this month’s East-West Game.  Separate sources have again classified this injury as serious.

– Though there have been public denials that he’s turning pro, sources have told us Oklahoma cornerback Dominique Franks could announce as early as tomorrow, January 4th, that he will enter the NFL Draft.  Several teams have told us they rank Franks as the number two cornerback in this nation behind Florida junior Joe Haden. Haden will also publicly announce his decision to opt for the draft in the coming days.

– Another junior defensive back close to entering the draft is Clemson safety DeAndre McDaniel.  The hard hitting junior comes off a solid season and presently grades out as a third round pick.

– National Scouting released their post season grades and there has been some movement.  For instance, the number one rated cornerback is Devin McCourty of Rutgers, who was ranked number six on the list of seniors coming into the season.  We will have more on National’s post-season rankings later this week.

–  There is a ton of news coming out of Columbus since the Buckeyes season ended with a victory in the Rose Bowl over Oregon.  To update a story we originally brought to readers back on November 12th, Sources have told us defensive end/outside linebacker prospect Thaddeus Gibson will announce this week he intends to enter the draft.   Defensive lineman Cameron Heyward is still thinking about what he’ll do and most associated with the team say the big junior is up in the air on his final decision.  The feeling is Heyward would really like to stay for his senior season yet when the information from the advisory committee comes in and shows he’s a first round pick Heyward will have no choice but to leave.  After the Rose Bowl, for the first time all season, Heyward would not commit to returning to Ohio State in 2010.Talented cornerback Chimdi Chekwa has been voicing his interest in making the NFL Draft his next stop.  If he gets information indicating he’ll be a top 60 pick Chekwa will opt for the draft.  Buckeye insiders have likened Chekwa’s situation to Donald Washington, an early entry in the 2009 draft.  The feeling is Chekwa will ultimately opt for the draft.

– There have been some rumblings that the Rogers twins of Oregon State, receiver James Rogers and running back Jacquizz Rogers, will opt for the draft.  Someone close to the situation says at this point it is unlikely, though the situation bears watching.

-To update an earlier report, LSU safety Chad Jones is close to making a decision on his draft options and it looks like he will declare.  Scouts we spoke with feel Jones best lose ten pounds and show up at the combine in good shape if holds any hopes of being selected in the draft’s initial 75 picks.

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