Chip off the 'ol blockDuring the past decade Penn State has put a player in the first round 60% of the time.  It’s touch and go as to whether they’ll have a top 32 choice during the first draft of the new decade.  The top pro-prospects are on the offensive line.

Third year starter Stefen Wisniewski is the Lions top pro-prospect and likely the only candidate who could broach the first round next April. Wisniewski consistently bends his knees, blocks with leverage and easily rides opponents from their angle of attack. Explosive at the point he uses effective body positioning to turn defenders off the ball yet is not a dominant drive blocker to this point.  There’s a lot to like about his game as Wisniewski offers a great deal of versatility.

Junior DeOn’tae Pannell does possess the power necessary to finish off defenders.  Explosive, Pannell sets quickly in pass protection and immediately gets his hands into opponents.  He must do a better job bending his knees as Pannell tends to get a little tall as the play proceeds.  He offers solid size, growth potential and upside.

Running back Evan Royster has been a solid north-south runner on the college level.  He runs low to the ground, finds the openings in the defense and keeps his feet moving on contact.  Royster is also a productive receiver out of the backfield.  He’s more of a one-cut ball carrier and loses momentum when he must immediately cut back against the grain.  He’s also not a strong back that picks up much yardage off initial contact but could be a very useful rotational/change of pace ball carrier.

Junior receiver Derek Moye shows a nice sense of timing, lays out for the difficult reception and is a nice sized target/possession receiver.

Defensively we’ve always like lineman Ollie Ogbu.  Explosive off the snap, he possesses terrific first step quickness, easily changes direction and makes plays all over the field.  Hampered with size limitations, the 6-foot, 1-inch, Ogbu will only fit in a one-gap scheme, possibly as a three technique lineman.

Junior Jack Crawford is a fast edge rusher with ability in backside pursuit.  He keeps his feet moving on contact but lacks bulk and is easily turned from the action by opponents.  He comes with an upside.

Linebacker Bani Gbadyu is well liked in the scouting community.  The senior is swift and effective in coverage.  Built more like a strong safety than linebacker, he’ll only fit certain schemes.

Penn State Pro-Prospects

RoundFull NamePosNumberYear
2-3Stefen WisniewskiC615Sr
2-3Evan RoysterRB225Sr
5thDeOn’tae PannellG503Jr
6-7Ollie OgbuDT855Sr
6-7Derek MoyeWR64Jr
7thJack CrawfordDE813Jr
FAGraham ZugWR55Sr
FABani GbadyuOLB155Sr
FAJohnnie TroutmanG744Jr
FAElias EliadesG775Sr

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