When breaking down Michigan film one thing is apparent; there’s a ton of talent on the team yet only a few prospects really play to their potential.  As a result its’ difficult to fully assess then grade them off of what one sees.  Moving toward the 2011 draft we think there’s just one prospect from UM that could break into the draft’s initial 75 selections yet there are more than one dozen players worth watching.

Fullback Mark Moundros is someone who caught our eye in 2007 yet a player that’s been unable to take his game to the next level.  He’s a large and athletic blocker that can open holes for the running game as well as handle the ball when necessary.

Offensive lineman Steve Schilling is another who’s not really progressed on the field.  Looking like a future star as a freshman at tackle, his play has been rather ordinary since moving into guard.  Schilling keeps his head on a swivel, is very aware of what’s happening on the field and helps out teammates.  Really better in a smaller area, he shows limited skill in space.

Junior tight end Kevin Koger flashes pass catching skills, getting vertical then adjusting to the errant throw.  He really does not run well and though Koger works blocks hard, he possesses marginal strength at the point of attack.

Outside linebacker Jonas Mouton is someone who grows on you watching Michigan film.  Showing skill in pursuit, he displays speed out to the flanks, collapses laterally to make plays down the line and covers a good amount of area on the field.  Very aggressive, Mouton is a hard hitter that also wraps up tackling. He possesses a thin build and gets caught up in the wash, yet is a three down linebacker with possibilities in a number of schemes.

Middle linebacker Obi Ezeh was someone who really stood out to us in 2008, yet he did not step up his game last season as we expected.  Ezeh does a solid job diagnosing the action and remaining disciplined with assignments.  Breaking down well, he’s strong at the point and clogs the running lanes.  His play against the pass is nothing more than adequate and looking a bit deeper, we feel he’s a player that should bring a lot more to the field.

Junior safety Michael Williams is agile, nimble and quick up the field.  Fluid pedaling in reverse, he’s also smooth flipping his hips in transition and shows some cover skills.  Inefficient, Williams does not take the best angles to the action and has just an average burst of closing speed.  He’s one to keep on the radar screen for the future.

Michigan Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Number Year
4th Jonas Mouton OLB 8 4Sr
5th Obi Ezeh ILB 45 5Sr
6-7 Mark Moundros FB 44 5Sr
6-7 Michael Williams S 40 4Jr
7th Steve Schilling T 52 5Sr
FA Kevin Koger TE 86 3Jr
FA Darryl Stonum WR 22 3Jr
FA Troy Woolfolk S 29 4Sr
FA Perry Dorrestein T 79 4Sr
FA Mark Huyge G 72 4Jr
FA Junior Hemingway WR 21 4Jr
FA J.T. Floyd CB 12 3So
FA Mike Martin DT 68 3Jr
FA Martell Webb TE 80 4Sr
FA James Rogers WR 18 4Sr
FA Adam Patterson DE 99 4Sr

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