Numerous sources including, ESPN, the Associated Press and the Raleigh News & Observer have been reporting on an NCAA investigation which could ensnare several major football programs. found out this afternoon the investigation could also entangle a few top NFL prospects. Update: Names Being Revealed

Update: July 21st:

Since our initial article from this Monday two more names have been added to the list of those being probed by the NCAA: North Carolina receiver Greg Little and Marcell Dareus the junior defensive lineman from Alabama.  Dareus has been declared ineligible by the NCAA for his part in attending a Miami-based party which was hosted by an agent.

Both Dareus and Little were on the list of six players identified to us on Monday whom we spoke about. According to our sources the final two players on the list are both underclassmen from the SEC and prospects that presently project as top 35 picks in the draft.

We will have more as it breaks.

Monday, 7/19- 2:3o PM

The schools in question are being investigated for a variety of reasons, including the involvement of student athletes with player agents, according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

Numerous sources have told us throughout the day the investigation is far reaching and includes both underclassman and senior prospects from a variety of schools.  These same sources expect the NCAA to hand down punishment to many of these players, which could be as severe as a total suspension for the upcoming season.  The names of six players were identified to us this afternoon as players who could be part of the probe.  Defensive tackle Marvin Austin of North Carolina and tight end Weslye Saunders of South Carolina were identified earlier today in an article by Aaron Wilson of National Football Post.

Part of the investigation centers around players inappropriately receiving gifts from agents and/or advisors.  Sources have told us this is part of a crackdown following the Reggie Bush incident, which saw the USC Trojans receive harsh penalties from the NCAA.