Listen up.

Listen up.

Right back in the saddle to augment previous articles on National Scouting’s preseason offensive grades.

This exclusive content can only be brought to you by Draft Insider, as discussed by Head Scout Brent Sobleski and site founder Tony Pauline.

The format stays the same for one more week as each offensive position is broken down by the top five in their respective class, while surprises in the rankings are also debated (particularly the exclusion of one large and talented lineman).

Enjoy another controlled back-and-forth dissecting the year long event which the NFL Draft has become.

Also make sure to listen to Episode Three of this podcast to obtain full rankings from National’s list!

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If any questions and comments are present, they can be directed to as we return to our regular format in the next installment. Those inquiries will resume in the next edition which is less than two weeks away!