Looking for redemptionThe 2010 NFL Draft is in the books yet not all the stories have been told.  There were a number of surprising picks, trades which never happened and players who overcame red flags.  Here’s a look at some of the recent notes that have filtered in since Sunday concerning many of these issues.

– Once the Buffalo Bills selected CJ Spiller with the 9th pick of the draft most figured the career of Marshawn Lynch was finished with the organization.  In fact a number of franchises contacted Buffalo about the availability of Lynch but the Bills shot down every offer put in front of them.  While you should never say never, it looks at this point as though the Bills will keep Lynch and use him as part of a running back rotation this season.

– Most sources have Hawaii linebacker Brashton Satele signing a free agent contract with the Oakland Raiders.  And while Satele did sign the contract offered to him by the organization, Oakland reneged and did not execute the contract.  As a result Satele was a man with no roster spot as most teams around the league loaded up on undrafted free agents and maxed out their 80 man rosters.  Satele was invited for a try out with the New York Jets next week and could eventually find a way onto a roster.

– Prior to the draft we were told a knee injury was sending up red flags for linebacker Sean Lee.  Ironically the knee in question was not his surgically repaired right knee rather an injury to his left knee which put him on the sidelines for a number of games last season.  In the end everything turned out fine as the Dallas Cowboys, who have some of the strictest guidelines when it comes to the physical well being of draft picks, traded up in order to acquire Lee.

–  Speaking of trading up to acquire Lee, sources have told us the Jacksonville Jaguars thought they had a deal in place with the Philadelphia Eagles for the 23rd pick of round two.  Jacksonville was set to grab Lee, a player the team loved as we alerted readers back on April 22nd.  In the end Dallas offered the Eagles more in return for the selection.

– As far as the Jacksonville Jaguars are concerned, one of the gems of this years’ draft for the organization was coming away linebacker Kirk Morrison for what amounted to swapping their 4th round selection with the Oakland Raiders for a 5th rounder.  The team feels Morrison immediately bolsters a sagging linebacker core and feel this is one of the better trades the team has made in its’ history.

– Defensive tackle D’Anthony Smith got a wrap for taking plays off and it was a bit of a surprise when the Jacksonville Jaguars selected him in round three.  The team on the other hand is not concerned.  Considering the number of wild shootouts Louisiana Tech was involved in last season and the number of plays Smith was on the field, the Jaguars felt it was inevitable that he, or anyone else for that matter, would wear down.

– On April 23rd we alerted readers to the interest the Miami Dolphins were showing in safety Robert Johnson of Utah.  In fact the Dolphins were prepared to take Johnson in round five but were beaten to the punch as the Tennessee Titans selected the safety in the middle of the frame.  Miami responded quickly by trading up to the 32nd selection of round five then taking Georgia junior Reshad Jones.  Miami made the move as they were afraid of getting shut out from the top prospects at the position that were still available.