On the sidelines again?The Buckeyes, Wolverines, Wildcats and many more pro-day events are getting underway around the nation.  We’ve got some news on tight end Rob Gronkowski as well as a few details from yesterday to clear up.  Update:  Arizona/Michigan/Ohio State


As reported earlier, Arizona tight end Rob Gronkowski was a spectator at today’s pro-day workout which aggravated scouts.  Sources we spoke with think Gronkowski is hiding the fact he’s still injured.

His brother Chris Gronkowski, an H-back prospect for the next level, ran 4.81 in the forty and completed 23 reps on the bench.

Earl Mitchell improved his combine marks in the vertical jump, 33-inches, and three cone, 4.31.  Mitchell is moving up draft boards.


Brandon Graham stood on his combine numbers and did not run today.

Safety Stevie Brown was very impressive.  Brown measured just under 5116/212-pounds, ran 40 times which ranged in the mid-4.4 second area and an impressive three cone time of 6.61 seconds.  He also completed 23 reps on the bench and had a vertical jump of 35 inches.  Brown, who played linebacker last season, is someone we really liked off the 2008 film.  Evidently the New York Jets also like Brown as they spent a lot of time quizzing former UM coach Lloyd Carr about his recruit before spending significant time with Brown.  The Green Bay Packers have also expressed interest in Brown.

Cornerback Donovan Warren was clocked as fast as 4.55 seconds today, significantly better than his combine time.  Is it enough to move him into the draft’s top three rounds?  We don’t think so.

Receiver Greg Matthews measured 6020/205-pounds and ran times between 4.55-to-4.61 seconds.

Ohio State


Thaddeus Gibson keeps moving north.  After his fine forty time Gibson impressed scouts with another outstanding performance during linebacker drills.

Defensive end Robert Rose looked like the monster in the forty.  He measured 6-foot, 4-inches and 294-pounds then ran as fast as 4.75 seconds.  His other numbers included a 27.5-inch vertical jump, 9’2’’ broad and 24-reps on the bench.  Rose looks brilliant on the field at times but cannot remain healthy.  We’ll have a full scouting report on him later this month.

Lawrence Wilson, another oft-injured defensive lineman, also worked out well.  Wilson measured 6041/272-pounds, ran 4.84 in the forty, posted a 38-inch vertical jump, 10-foot broad and completed 26 reps on the bench.

Safety Anderson Russell posted forty times just under 4.50-seconds, had a three cone run of 6.79-seconds besides recording a vertical jump of 37-inches, 10’9’’ broad jump and 18 reps on the bench.

Linebacker Austin Spitler turned a few heads today.  He measured 6020/243lbs, posted a 4.73 forty, 6.70 three cone and completed 32 reps on the bench.

Offensive lineman Jim Cordle, whose been unable to train since suffering an injury at the East-West Game, ran 5.36 seconds in the forty and 7.69 in the three cone after measuring 6-feet, 4-inches and 305 pounds.

1:30 PM EST

Thaddeus Gibson improved his forty time from the combine, stopping watches in the low 4.6-second area.  A number of people have told us how impressed they were today with Gibson.

Doug Worthington has also turned some heads.  He posted a vertical jump of 35.5 inches in 10-feet even in the board jump.  Worthington also timed in the low 4.9’s during the forty.  Two weeks ago at the combine Worthington measured 6052/290lbs.

Safety Kurt Coleman ran an adequate 40 time of 4.52 seconds then posted a three cone time of 6.75 seconds and 4.21 in the short shuttle. Coleman’s vertical jump was 35-inches.

Small school cornerback Akwasi Owusa-Ansah of Indiana-Pa took part in thw workout.  He was under 4.4-seconds during the forty on a number of stopwatches.  His 20-yard shuttle also timed a solid 4.05 seconds.  Both marks significantly better than his combine times.

Notes: Sources told us last night that Rob Gronkowski, who went to great lengths to inform the media at the combine he was completely healthy and ready to go, will not participate in today’s Arizona pro-day.  Rather the tight end and his brother will workout later this month.

Tuesday we slightly mentioned that Tony Pike threw the ball better during his pro-day, and that seems to be an understatement.  Sources we spoke with said Pike had a terrific pass-throwing workout during the Cincinnati event on Wednesday.  We were hard on Pike during the Senior Bowl and combine so why the difference?  Sources told us Pike changed his grip on the ball while training for the Senior Bowl and combine but became frustrated with his throwing and went back to his original grip this week.  The Denver Broncos worked out Pike on Wednesday and he has a bunch more visits/workouts on his schedule we will let you know about next week.

Another Mike Singletary siting as sources have told us the San Francisco 49er head coach was at the Cincinnati pro-day specifically to watch Alex Daniels.

During yesterday’s Boston College pro-day players from UMass also worked out for scouts.  Two of the better performances were turned in by safety Jeromy Miles who posted a 40-time of 4.38 seconds and receiver Jeremy Horne who run in the low 4.4-second area and posted a 36” vertical jump.

Texas Tech cornerback Jamar Wall is still struggling with a hamstring injury and was unable to run for scouts yesterday.  He did turn in a vertical jump of 40.5-inches and broad jump of 10’4’’.