Monster Workout!Alabama, Cal, Cincinnati, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, Washington and Wisconsin; just a few of the pro-days we will be providing live coverage from throughout the day.  It’ll be a busy Wednesday so check back throughout the afternoon for pro-day updates.   Update:  Official Numbers from Cincinnati



Twenty six teams are on hand in Berkley, California today for the Bears’ pro-day.  The players are finishing up position drills and here is what TFY has been informed.

Defensive lineman Tyson Aluala improved his bench press mark from the combine by three, pushing up 24 reps. His short shuttle of 4.25 seconds was also two-tenths faster than his time from Indianapolis.

Cornerback Syd’Quan Thompson injured a hamstring on his first forty but completed both runs.  His times ranged from 4.68-to-4.72 seconds.  Thompson did not participate in position drills.

Safety Marcus Ezeff ran fast in the forty.  He was timed in 4.40 seconds, short shuttle 4.2-seconds and three cone 6.8-seconds.  Ezeff posted a vertical jump of 36.5-inches.

The team’s other safety, Brett Johnson, was slightly slower in the forty at 4.5 seconds yet posted a vertical jump of 42.5-inches.

Oklahoma State


There were more than two dozen teams on hand at the Oklahoma State pro-day, despite the fact neither Dez Bryant nor Perrish Cox took part in the workout.

By all accounts Russell Okung has not disappointed anyone.  He took part in the shuttles and three cone then looked outstanding during position drills.

Running back Keith Toston weighed in at 207-pounds, six less than his combine weight, and ran his forty in the low 4.5-second area, significantly better than his mark in Indianapolis.

Safety Lucien Antoine was two pounds heavier, at 217lbs, then improved many of his combine marks.  His 33.5-inch vertical jump and 4.61 forty were better than his numbers last Tuesday.

Linebacker Patrick Levine was slightly disappointing as he weighed in at 217-pounds and ran 4.85 seconds.  Recent personal issues has robber Levine of workout time.



News has been slow coming out of Tuscaloosa but we’ve received confirmation that Rolando McClain has run very well today.  Sources have told us many scouts had him as fast as 4.66-seconds though his official time is likely to be closer to 4.69/4.70 seconds.

More as it comes in.


Update 3:10PM

Sources have told us that Anthony Davis is not working out and is claiming a stomach virus is the reason.  Scouts are not pleased about the events that have taken place.  Also, offensive lineman Kevin Haslam has been disappointing thus far.


There is a massive crowd of 300 people at Rutgers for pro-day as nearly 28 teams are in attendance.

The big news out thus far is tackle Anthony Davis, who ran poorly at the combine, decided not to run again today.  This will certainly be a big issue of conversation as we’ve alerted readers many scouts question the football passion and work ethic of the big tackle.

So far Defensive end/outside linebacker George Johnson completed 29-reps on the bench, posted a 31-inch vertical jump and ran forty times in the upper 4.6/lower 4.7 area.  Johnson had measured 6036/268 earlier this week.

Offensive tackle Kevin Haslam posted a forty time of 5.40-seconds, while center Ryan Blaszczyk clocked 5.22 seconds after completing 31 reps on the bench.

Fullback Jack Corcoran timed a 4.68 forty and surprisingly so did linebacker Ryan D’Imperio.



We have he official results for the Bearcats pro-day.

Somehow they don’t list an official time for Alex Daniels, which is a shame.  Sources have told us he was as fast as 4.49 seconds in the forty, though his official times was expected to be about 4.56.  Daniels measured 6021/265lbs, ran the three cone in 7.08 seconds and long shuttle in 11.59 seconds.  He also completed 31 reps on the bench.  His vertical was 36.5 inches, not 39 as we reported earlier.  He’s being compared to the player he replaced at UC, Connor Barwin.  Daniels worked out at defensive line, linebacker and tight end today, as Barwin did a year ago.  Daniels has moved into the 5th/6th round area.

Mardy Gilyard’s official forty time was listed at 4.47 seconds.  His vertical was 39-inches while his three cone was 6.71 seconds.

Defensive lineman Ricardo Mathews timed at 4.80 seconds after measuring 6020/290lbs.  He completed 26 reps on the bench, posted a vertical jump of 31.5-inches and broad of 9’6’’.

Safety Aaron Webster, one of our in-season risers and a defensive back we felt should have been invited to the combine, has done very well thus far.  Webster ran 4.48 in the forty, completed 21 reps on the bench, posted a 33.5-inch vertical jump and 10’3’’ broad jump. Webster measured 6-feet, 1 1/4 inches and 207 pounds.

Marshawn Gilyard significantly improved his forty time, stopping watches in the mid 4.4’s to low 4.5 area.  Gilyard’s other numbers included a 38.5 vertical jump, 6.71 three cone and short shuttle time of 4.03 seconds.  After the “official” workout was completed the Cleveland Browns kept Gilyard on the field for extra work.

Tony Pike has been throwing the ball relatively well from what we’ve been told.

Defensive end/outside linebacker Alex Daniels has wowed scouts today.  He’s been described as being a “monster athlete”.  Thus far we can tell you Daniels posted a 39-inch vertical jump and 10’9’’ broad.

Offensive lineman Jeffrey Linkenbach has also turned some heads.  Linkenbach, who recently weighed in at 311-pounds, posted forty times which got under 5.10 seconds.



Brandon Deaderick is still recovering from shoulder surgery and will not participate in today’s workout.  He expects to take part in the Tides second pro-day in late March.

Notes: Sources have told us most of the watches on Ray Fischer during yesterday’s pro-day in Indiana read between 4.32 and 4.34.  We think this definitely puts him into the late rounds.

During our combine coverage we broke the news on Sunday, February 28th, that Arizona State receiver Chris McGaha was diagnosed with 20-60 vision during a combine exam in Indianapolis.  Sources have confirmed McGaha underwent successful lasix surgery last week and his vision has already improved to 20-15.  Said McGaha, “it will finally be nice to actually see the ball I’m catching and not that brown blur he has been so accustomed to over the past couple seasons.”  His vision is expected to reach 20-20 in the coming weeks.  Arizona State’s pro-day is March 26th.

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